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Meanwhile, Himmel Soan and Firey reached the center of the city.

It was an arena, and they had arrived just in time.

A battle was taking place at the moment.

The cheers of the audience sounded from afar.

It seemed to be an important event because the area around the arena was packed.

“That looks so interesting!” Firey rubbed her hands eagerly.

Himmel Soan tapped her on the head.

They didnt know what was going on, yet Firey already wanted to get involved.

She would get herself in trouble!

He knew if he didnt remind her, she would jump into the arena the next moment.

Luckily, he stopped her in time.

Firey looked like a deflated balloon.

“Youre such a lovely girl!

“Do you find that interesting Call me sister, and Ill take you up there!” Just then, they heard a melodious voice.

The voice alone suggested how pretty the person was.

The crowd immediately parted and made way for the woman.

“No, thanks.

I need to obey my master,” said Firey, holding Himmel Soans hand.

“Master” Soochin Baih frowned.

Even with that facial expression, she still looked graceful.

No matter how she contorted her face, she would always seem so natural.

She spotted the lovely girl in the crowd and walked toward her, even thinking about adopting her.

What Firey said took her by surprise.

Only then did Soochin look at the man next to the girl.

She never thought much of any man.

As a result, she hadnt noticed Himmel Soan until now.

Finally, she gazed at him.

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“Whats your relationship with the girl” Soochin asked indifferently.

She realized that the man and the girl looked quite alike as if they came out of the same mold.

The discovery confused her.

“Im a father figure to her.

Shes been with me since she was born,” Himmel Soan said quietly.

He wasnt affected by Soochins tone at all.

“A father figure Are you her foster father Why does she call you master”

It was puzzling to Soochin.

The man and the girl looked so alike that she would believe him if he said he was her father.

To her bewilderment, the girl didnt address the man as such.

If the man hadnt said those words, Soochin might accept that the man was the girls master.

“She likes calling me her master, so I let her.

Its just a way she addresses me.

Technically, I guess Im kind of her master.”

Soochin said coldly, “If youre her father, she shouldnt call you her master.

You might have good looks, but youre an animal deep down!”

She switched to a gentle voice when she turned to Firey.

“Sweetheart, tell me.

Whos this man Has he done something bad to you If you dont like him, I can make him disappear!”

The other people around them also found Himmel Soan suspicious.

The term “master” was so misleading.

Many of them started talking among themselves.

Even if Himmel Soan hadnt been here, Soochin alone would attract much attention.

After all, she was Emperor Baihs pupil, who was one of the eight emperors.

Soochin might succeed the throne and become the next Emperor Baih.

Her status earned her a lot of respect.

She was here to hold the battle taking place in this arena.

“I knew they werent father and daughter, but you insisted they were brother and sister.

They arent siblings either! Didnt you hear him Hes just a foster father!”

“I think hes lying.

He has to be her father because they look so alike!”

“Even if thats the case, hes such an irresponsible father.

Why would he let his daughter call him master Is he that kind of a person”

“He looks so civilized.

How can he be such an animal”

“But that girl called him master just then! Everybody heard her! We cant all be dreaming!”

“Yes! I agree! With Lady Soochin here.

The girl wont be abused by this animal anymore!”

Most people took Soochins side.

Some remained silent and never spoke.

Himmel Soan looked like an innocent young man, and they didnt believe he could do such terrible things.

Firey heard every word.

She trembled with rage, but she tried to control herself.

This was the first time she understood what fury was.

If Himmel Soan hadnt been here, she would have lost her temper.

She finally calmed down enough to speak, “I wont allow you to disrespect my master! Hes my master, and he doesnt need your definition!

“If anyone insults my master again, theyre dead!”

She was trying her best to keep her temper at bay.

She had to clench her fists to finish her speech.

While speaking, she almost thought she would punch those people in the face.

Soochin frowned.

“Honey, is he threatening you”


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