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Soochin didnt care about the girls name because it wouldnt make any difference.

She could always change it later.

The essence of nature wouldnt have any name.

The girls name was probably given by the young man.

If that was the case, it mattered even less.

It amazed Soochin that the essence of nature would obey this ordinary man when she could obviously sense her own power.

She could have used it freely, but she chose to follow a nobody.

What a waste!

Soochin was glad she had found the girl.

She thought she was going to recruit the essence of nature and mold her into a great figure.

She started picturing that beautiful future even before the battle started.

However, the scorching heat woke her up from her reverie.

Firey was wrapped in flames.

No, the flame came from inside her.

Seeing this, Soochin became serious.

If she didnt focus, she might get burned in a moment.

“Its so hot! Why is it so hot I cant take it anymore!”

“Dont state the obvious! Look at that fire! I feel like Im inside a volcano.

I need to get far away, or Im going to be cooked!”

“Yeah, me too.

No one can survive in this temperature!”

“This feels just like the heatwave earlier.

Did that come from the girl, too”

“Thats true! Shes notthe girl. Shes a young master! Choose your words carefully!”

“Lets fall back further.

I think the temperature is still rising!”

“I think heres fine.

Its only a little bit hot.”

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People with higher cultivation levels only need to take a few steps back before they could endure the heat.

Those that werent as capable couldnt withstand the heat and kept retreating.

The crowd was soon separated into different groups.

The distance from the battlefield represented a persons capability.

Some strong people might deliberately stay at the back, but there was only a handful of them.

Some people kept falling back because they didnt want to reveal their cultivation level.

Gradually, the crowd stopped, and only then did they notice a person that hadnt moved an inch.

How was that possible It was so hot that the air contorted.

How could anyone stay where they were

They finally realized who the bystander was.

“Its him! I thought he was just an ordinary young man! How can he endure the heat”

“Hes the girls master.

How ordinary can he be He cant be weaker than the girl.”

“I cant sense any spiritual essence in him.

He feels so ordinary.

How can he hold his ground”

“I told you already.

Hes not normal! He must be so capable that we cant sense it.

Otherwise, why would the girl turn Lady Soochin down”

“You have a point.

Hes so young, though.

How strong can he really be”

“Lady Soochin is a junior Virtualization cultivator, but she can even take down senior Virtualization cultivators.

Her master is Emperor Baih… The girl and Lady Soochin are equal in power.

Is it possible that her master is also at Emperor Baihs level”

“Of course not! If he is, well have nine emperors instead of eight! Dont be ridiculous!”

All eyes were on Himmel Soan.

So far, he was the only one who hadnt moved a step.

The others didnt believe he was an ordinary man.

Otherwise, he would have been cooked by now.

They all tried to guess his cultivation level.

He had to be above the Nascent or Virtualization stages.

The battle was between two Virtualization cultivators, and the residual energy would affect a fellow Virtualization cultivator.

Therefore, he had to be more advanced than that.

Was he at the Contemplation stage

Probably even higher.

Then he was either at the Hinayana or the Mahayana stage.

The others didnt think he was stronger than that because moving further up was the eight emperors cultivation stage.

They decided Himmel Soan was at most a Mahayana cultivator.

Still, it was a shocking piece of news.

It would put him right below the eight emperors and make him almost invincible.

That was probably why the girl wouldnt want to become Soochins pupil.

She seemed to be equal in strength to Soochin.

It would be an insult if she became her master.

Even if Emperor Baih came here in person, the girl might have to weigh her options.

After all, her master was a Mahayana cultivator.

By now, everybody was convinced that Himmel Soan was a Hinayana or Mahayana master.

No one thought of him as an ordinary guy anymore and even showed him some respect.


There was a loud noise.

The crowd turned their eyes back to the battlefield, wondering what that loud noise was.

The air was filled with dust, blocking their view.

“Whats going on Has the battle ended”

“So soon Shouldnt they feel each other out before exchanging blows”

“The real masters only need a second to end a battle!”

“Im curious who the winner is.”

“Who knows Well see when the air clears up.

I hope its the girl!”


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