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“Im only getting started!” Soochin smiled.

She seemed to be enjoying how Firey ran around in a fluster.

She was only getting started!

Soochin grinned, which gave her an eerie look.

Only Firey saw her expression though.

From their positions, the audience could only see Soochin smile.

They didnt think much of it and found her smile rather pretty.

Himmel Soan watched the battle calmly.

Her combat prowess has increased significantly after absorbing the energy of the volcano.

Shes as capable as Soochin in terms of her strength.

But shes far less experienced.

I guess Ill let her fight whenever theres an opportunity. Himmel Soan thought to himself.

He soon reached a conclusion.

Firey was definitely going to win this battle.

Why Because her power was beyond the comprehension of this world!

She just hadnt realized her potential yet.

Once she unlocked it, this battle would come to an end.

Himmel Soan stopped musing and closed his eyes.

When Soochin plucked the strings, she had revealed a little bit of the general cultivation law of this world.

He caught a glimpse just then and was trying to use this opportunity to study it further.

This was such a rare chance.

He thought he would have to slowly figure it out on his own.

To his surprise, he was given a lucky chance, and he wasnt going to let it pass.

Moreover, since Soochin was Emperor Baihs pupil, maybe he could find the emperor through her.

His questions would most likely finally have an answer.

“Why did he close his eyes Does he know the result already”

“Isnt that obvious Even I know the answer, let alone him!

“Its a one-sided battle.

Look at that girl.

She cant even touch Lady Soochin.

Shes already riddled with wounds.

Isnt that proof enough”

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“If thats the case, why did she make this bet She should have accepted Lady Soochins offer! It would only do her good!”

“Shes too proud, I guess.

Or maybe shes naive enough to think she can defeat Lady Soochin!”

“Well, shes just a little girl.

Thats understandable!”

“Shell learn it the hard way.

It pains me to see her injuries though!”

After seeing Himmel Soan close his eyes, the crowd started discussing the battle.

No one thought Firey could win.

They all believed Soochin was going to crush Firey without breaking a sweat.

However, they seemed to have forgotten about the scorching heat and the loud bangs earlier.

They only made the judgment based on what they saw now, convinced that Firey wasnt Soochins match.

Soochin put her hands on the zither and started plucking the strings.

Her fingers moved swiftly, more than ten times faster than before.

This time, the sound seemed to tear the air open.

The invisible strike suddenly became visible.

It moved so fast that the air was stirred, leaving behind a lingering afterimage.

The crowd was startled.

“The attack is coming from every direction.

Can the girl dodge it”

“Theres nowhere she can go.

Does Lady Soochin want to kill her”

“Of course not! I think Lady Soochin only wants to scare her.

She wont hurt the girl because she wants to accept her as her disciple.”

“I see! I agree! It looks scary, but thats all!”

“Do you think the girl will give in first, or will Lady Soochin stop attacking”

“I think the surrender will come first.

Those attacks can scare everyone out of their minds.

Given the option, anyone would surrender!”

While they were still talking, things had changed on the battlefield.

Firey turned into a ball of flame and was unaffected by the attacks.

It was as if an egg had landed on a sponge.


When an egg landed on a sponge, it would still be there.

In this case, the energy of the attack disappeared as soon as it touched the flame.

It seemed as if it had been absorbed.

Firey reverted to her human form and said indifferently, “Thats more like it.

My stomach is only half-empty now!”

She said such stunning words in such a calm tone!

It only made her words more astonishing.

Damn it!

Soochin bit her lower lip in frustration.

She didnt understand why Firey could turn into fire and absorb all her attacks.

She had never read about such a transformation in books!

If she had known this was going to happen, she would have ended the battle sooner.

But it was too late now.

She had learned her lesson the hard way.

Things were quite tricky.

When Firey turned into fire, Soochins attacks would be rendered useless.

She didnt know if her next move would work on Firey.

If the girl turned into the fire again, she could absorb the attacks one more time.

The tables seemed to have been turned around.

Soochin didnt want to become a monkey in the circus.

“No matter what skill she uses, it must have its shortcomings.

Even when you become a ball of fire!

“You cant absorb my attacks forever!”


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