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However, the “fireworks” had stopped by now.

The fireballs were still flying back and forth, but the energy they contained was much different.

They had shrunk in size.

At first, they were the size of an adult head, but they were only as big as a fist now.

Yet, the smaller fireballs contained even more energy.

“What…” Soochin sensed the change better than anyone else, and even she was amazed.

She had thought the essence of nature was no different from talented people like her.

Only now did she know how wrong she had been.

“I didnt know the essences of nature could learn so fast.

No wonder when an essence of nature shows up, everybody wants to take it! That learning ability is beyond imagination!

“No one I know can do that!” Soochin was amazed.

The fight was still on, and she shouldnt be distracted.

As Emperor Baihs pupil, she was aware of this basic concept.

But Fireys actions were so astonishing that her thoughts derailed.

She also had a sense of crisis that if the battle went on like this, she might lose.

The girl was already gaining ground.

It was only a matter of time before she lost the upper hand.

Soochin made up her mind.

Even if she lost, she would still bring the girl to the Baih family.

Her master would be pleased to see the girl, who might elevate the status of the entire family.

The Baih family was ranked fifth among the eight royal families.

The ranking wasnt permanent.

It would depend on a familys relative strength over a period of time.

If she brought the girl home, this little genius was definitely going to shine.

Maybe in less than a year, the Baih family would rise to the fourth or even the third rank!

She knew they would never be the top two.

The first two places belonged to the Tzi family and the Oogh family.

No matter how talented the girl was, the Baih family would never surpass them.

It was said that Emperor Tzi and Emperor Oogh were at the doorstep of that stage!

Soochin stopped her wandering thoughts and smiled at the constantly changing fireballs.

The result of this battle didnt matter to her anymore.

She was going to stall and see where the girls limit was.

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With a strum of the strings, the zither gave off a streak of energy.

“Thats Emperor Baihs most powerful work, the Night Soul!”

“I thought Emperor Baih was the only one who could play it!”

“Lady Soochin is incredible! She has even mastered Emperor Baihs Night Soul! Shes a genius!”

“Be careful with that.

We normally use the word genius on someone else.”

“Have you realized something Lady Soochin is using Night Soul on the little girl.

That means the girl has given Lady Soochin a sense of crisis!”

“Thats true.

Lady Soochin does seem uneasy.”

“Is Lady Soochin going to lose That cant happen! She cant lose to a nobody!”

“Of course, thats possible! You cant judge a book by its cover.

She might seem like an ordinary girl, but you have to admit shes really talented.”

“I guess this world is never short of talented people.

Im just curious.

What kind of a master can teach such a talented little girl Can her master really be as capable as one of the emperors”

“I heard that the principal of the Stelladome Academy, the chief alchemist of the Elixir School, the head of the Starwan Tower, and the leader of the Heresy Sect are all at the emperor stage.

That theory has never been testified, and no one has seen any of those people fight.

Hence, theyre still only rumors.”

Once more, somebody brought up Himmel Soans cultivation level.

It couldnt be helped though.

Himmel Soan and Firey were so close.

Whenever the crowd looked at Firey, they would think of the man beside her.

Right now, they were reassessing Himmel Soans cultivation level.

In the end, they could do nothing but speculate.

Things changed very fast in the arena.

Soochin had the absolute advantage at first, but the situation had turned the other way around.

The battle didnt seem like it would end any time soon.

Then, the situation turned around once more, with Soochin regaining the upper hand.

Night Soul seemed to have woken up millions of wandering spirits, flickering in and out of sight.

They all charged at Firey.

The weapons they held ranged from sabers and swords to bones.

The spirits came in different sizes and shapes.

They shared a common purpose: take out the girl.

“Shes using ghosts now” Firey smiled when she saw what Soochin had summoned.

“Youre all dead, and you should stay that way!” Flames surrounded Firey, looking like they had risen out of hell.

The ghosts would be annihilated as soon as they touched the flames, and they would be gone forever.

Ten, a hundred, a thousand…

All the ghosts making contact with the flames would vanish from this world.

It was as if the fire was created specifically to retrain the ghosts.

The crowd was terrified and felt they would have lost all hope if they were those ghosts.

With all their weapons, they couldnt even get close to Firey.

Just then, Firey started moving.

Since there was nothing the ghosts could do to her, she could go wherever she wanted.

Now was the time to teach Soochin a lesson.

She charged at Soochin and was going to punch her in the face.

What happened next baffled Firey.

Soochin dropped to her knees.


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