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Everything depended on Himmel Soans decision.

It was clear that the girl would follow him.

If he said yes, so would she.

If he refused, so would she.

Ordinary people wouldnt even consider turning down that offer.

Becoming Emperor Baihs pupil would be such a proud and lucky thing.

Although ranked fifth, he was still an emperor.

Even becoming the pupil of Emperor Waf, the weakest emperor, was still a great thing.

However, only those who didnt have that opportunity would think that way.

No one knew what the actual pupils thought.

“Well, if you want to be her master, just ask her.

Im her father in name only.

I wont interfere in her decisions.

Shes free to make up her mind.

I wont stop her.

Of course, it has to be what she wants,” said Himmel Soan.

He had educated Firey to do the right thing.

He would let her make most decisions on her own without interference.

After all, she had her own ideas.

For instance, he didnt interfere when she challenged Soochin, nor did he offer any opinions.

He only watched the battle with the audience, not doing anything no matter what the result was.

Now that Emperor Baih had made the offer, he still let her make the choice on her own.

“Let her choose…” Emperor Baih frowned.

He took Himmel Soans words for a rejection.

It was evident that Firey would obey him.

If she were to make the decision, it wouldnt take a genius to figure out what she would say.

Firey would always choose Himmel Soan.

Still, Emperor Baih walked up to her.

“Im Emperor Baih, one of the eight emperors.

Id like to have you as my pupil.

What do you think”

Emperor Baihs tone was calm, but it was so majestic that heaven and earth resonated with it.

Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes.

Emperor Baihs voice had indeed created that effect.

It was an invisible contract.

If Firey said yes, she would instantly become his pupil.

If she broke that promise, she would be eliminated by the law of nature.

In other words, once she became Emperor Baihs pupil, she would be his pupil for the rest of her life.

Else, the law of nature would wipe her off the face of this planet.

The contract wasnt compulsory, though.

Both sides had to agree to it.

“Why should I say yes Are you that good Even if you are, what makes you think you can be my master” Firey retorted.

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She didnt give a straight answer, but her reaction was enough.

Her attitude was clear.

“You like using that effect, dont you Ill give you one! I swear hereby.

As long as Im breathing, my father is my only master!

“If I ever betray him, Ill be struck by lightning and forever be banned from the cycle of life!” Firey snorted and ran back to Himmel Soans side.

Emperor Baih was confused.

It wasnt because of Fireys choice.

He was surprised by her oath.

Such an oath would only take effect when the oath-taker reached a certain cultivation level.

It wouldnt have any effect on an ordinary person since they wouldnt have access to the law of nature.

Only cultivators reaching the Hinayana or above and comprehending the cultivation rule could accomplish this feat.

The more advanced ones cultivation level was, the more severe the effect would be.

If someone like Emperor Baih didnt fulfill his oath, he would be annihilated by the power of nature.

On the other hand, less advanced cultivators such as the Hinayana ones would probably only become paralyzed by the punishment.

The more important question was, Firey was only a junior Virtualization cultivator; why would she make a connection with the law of nature

Maybe it was because she was the essence of nature.

That was the only explanation at the moment.

None of that mattered to the emperor though.

He knew the girl had rejected him without any possibility of changing her mind.

Emperor Baih stood there, looking somewhat embarrassed.

It had been years since anyone had rejected him like that.

He couldnt remember the last instance.

Although he couldnt have Firey as his pupil, he could still persuade the father and daughter to join the Baih family.

“Well, will you two consider joining the Baih family I guarantee you that youll be at least a great general when you become one of us,” Emperor Baih said slowly.

A great general

The crowd couldnt believe their ears!

What an offer!

And he said “at least,” which meant the young man could have a higher position!

The great general reported directly to Emperor Baih, below one and above all.

Was Emperor Baih going to make the young man lead all the great generals in the Baih family

“Thats such a great offer! No one can say no to that!”

“Thats not a surprise.

The independent cultivator is capable enough to take that job!”

“I dont think hes impressed.

Cant you see his attitude when talking to Emperor Baih He acts as if he and the emperor are equals.”

“Are you saying Emperor Baihs offer isnt good enough”

“No, it is.

Even if that independent cultivator has the capability, he doesnt have enough influence.

Reaching too high will make him a public enemy!”

“If he joins the Baih family, their power will skyrocket!”

“Dont underestimate the other families, not even the Wafs! Maybe theyre just hiding their real power.”

“The ranking of the eight families is only for show.

We dont know whats really going on behind the scenes.

We shouldnt stick our noses where they dont belong!”


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