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“Send the message.”

“Yes, Sir!”

At Drakes command, Camille went to her laptop and typed something.

In an instant, she took control of all the computers in the country.

Everyones communication equipment stopped working, and they all received a mysterious file on their phone.

It was an app.

The forums, bbs, and blogs had been actively discussing the event, but everything suddenly went quiet.

All the servers were down, and no one could type anything on their devices as the app automatically opened.

A photo appeared on everyones screen.

It was an image of none other than Himmel Soan as an old man.

“Whats going on”

“Shit, my computer froze!”

“Mon, my laptop is broken!”

“I dont care about your computer! My phone is broken! Look! Whats happening to my phone It wont do anything! The keyboard wont work! I cant even switch it off!”

“What the hell is going on My phone is the latest model! It cost me ten grand! I cant be broken!”

“Administrator, whats wrong with the lousy computers in your cafe! I was in the middle of a game! Ive reached the high ground!”


“Shit! Im leaving! Give my money back!”

“Shit! Why is it happening to my phone, too Whats going on”

“Who the hell is this old man Is it a funeral photo or something Thats so ominous!”

Not everyone followed the news online.

These people had heard nothing about an old man being suspected of molesting his foster daughter.

Therefore, they didnt recognize Himmel Soan.

The people who followed the news recognized the old man as soon as the picture showed up.

He was the old man that was supposed to have molested his foster daughter.

“Its him! Hes that old man!”

“It seems that he has passed away.

Damn that Stella Shane!”

“Shit, this old fool again! Is it ever going to end Whos there Whos knocking on my door Who are you You cant break in like this!”

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“It looks like some sort of a virus has attacked our computers and phones.

They didnt break.

Is that old man behind this”

“Someone needs to tell me whats going on.”

Words began to appear in the photo as the app kept running.

“Himmel Soan.

“He passed away at the age of 221.

“He was born in 1800 and died in 2021.

“He was a magnanimous and selfless man.

He has established the three Himmelian divisions, including the Himmelians, the Himmelian Village, and the Himmelian Pavilion, as well as various branches including the southern Himmelian branch, the northern Ice Field branch…”

“Thats bull**! No one can live for that long!” Simon snorted when he saw the message on his screen.

“Holy crap! Over 200 years old Seriously”

“Who That old man Isnt he the one who messed with his adopted daughter Is he human”

The app was still running.

“In 1862, Himmel Soan formed the Green Mountain group to defend the country against foreign enemies.

Nathan Soan, the leader of the famous Green City Movement, was his pupil.

“Nathan Soan then became the first village head of the Himmelian Village.

“In the year 1871, Nathan led his men and chased away the violent beasts within 300km from the Great Cino mountain range, stopping the tigers from eating more innocent people.

“In 1872, a great shipwreck took place, and the country still couldnt build large ships of its own.

Himmel Soan took Thomas Soan abroad to learn shipbuilding.

After they returned, Thomas set up a scientific institution and made great contributions to the country!”

“What Himmel Soan has trained Thomas Soan as well!”

“Thomas Soan, as inThomas Soans words are louder than a thunderclap in the country of Moon I didnt know that great scientist was he the old mans pupil.”

“Seriously I dont believe it!”

“It cant be.

It doesnt sound right at all!”

The message kept rolling.

“The Himmelians set up their community in 1911.

In the next 30 years, they created over 100 oases in the desert and rescued as many as 1175 travelers.

Up till 1993, the Himmelians have saved 24,257 people in the desert.

“In 1976, the first mountaineering team of the country encountered an avalanche while climbing Mount Everest.

The Guardians stationed at the mountain top saved them in time and rescued all seven members!

“In 1979…”

More words kept popping up on the screen.

Since 1850, there had been major events almost every year.

Many people suspected it at first, but soon, the app showed Himmel Soans pictures with famous people and even interviews.

The video footage didnt have the highest definition.

It was obviously shot by ancient cameras, but one could still recognize the people in them.

The voices were clear enough as well.

“Im forever grateful to my teacher, Himmel Soan!” That was Thomas Soan, the great scientist.

“I would have died at eight if it hadnt been for him!” That was the famous medical professor Grant Soan.

“My teacher has helped me more than my parents have! Without him, I would never have become what I am now!” That was Spencer Soan, the famous writer.

Countless valuable video footage was shown, dating from 1850.

There was no video camera in the early days, but there were pictures and recordings.

The app kept running until it was showing present-day videos.

Frank, a member of the Dragon Tribe said, “The Patriarch is my only reason to live.”

Caroline Soan, the president of IF Security said, “Without my adopted father, my company and I would never have existed.

Warren Soan, the president of the Orient Chamber of Commerce said…

No one had expected that various bigshots would show up in the end.

Famous people from home and abroad gave their speeches.

Well-known entrepreneurs like Kevin Matano, Jack Wattcon, and Tom Matcon all said a few words as well.

That was proof enough of the authenticity of the information.

“Oh god, this is real!”

“What kind of a man the keyboard warriors have offended! Hes practically a god!”

“He was a god that has lived over 200 years old, and they have insulted him! How abominable!”

“They had it coming! They all deserve to die! Even I want to kill them now! Theyre disgusting!”

“Im sorry! I should have spoken up for the old gentleman when it happened! I hope he wont blame us in the other world!”

“Theres no point in saying that now! Theyre as stupid as pigs! No, were worse than that!”


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