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“Ill pay like everybody else.

Theres no need to give me special treatment.

Even Emperor Baih himself will pay as much as any other customers,” said Himmel Soan.

He didnt like the preferential treatment he was given.

He was one of the ordinary people and was only more capable than them.

The special treatment made him uncomfortable.

The shop owner was surprised at first before nodding at Himmel Soan.

Few goods in his shop were valuable, so he didnt think someone as capable as Himmel Soan would find anything interesting.

He already felt lucky to have him in the shop.

If he wanted to purchase a weapon, it would be the greatest honor.

The last thing he wanted was to take Himmel Soans money.

He didnt want to, nor did he dare to.

Yet Himmel Soan didnt put up any airs and offered to pay for his purchase.

It surprised the shop owner, moving him to tears.

He had bought this shop with his hard-earned money.

If Himmel Soan really were going to take it, he would cry his eyes out.

“This fan seems fun.” Firey picked up a fan and played it around.

“Its called Destruct, the best weapon of the Golden Core stage.

It can create a hurricane and sweep your opponent off their feet,” The shop owner introduced the weapon with a smile while glancing at Himmel Soan.

He didnt think an important figure like Himmel Soan would care about his introduction.

He tried his best not to bore this capable young man.

He had another idea while he was looking at Himmel Soan.

He wondered what kind of a person could make Emperor Baih retreat.

No matter how long he studied Himmel Soan though, he still found him to be a normal handsome young man who looked like a scholar.

If the shop owner hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed that the young man could force Emperor Baih to leave.

Moreover, such a capable man didnt seem unapproachable at all.

The young man didnt have that condescending demeanor like the others.

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The shop owner almost mistook Himmel Soan for an ordinary young man and felt everything he saw was an illusion.

“This is such a nice sword!”

Fireys voice woke him up from his reverie, and cold sweat covered his forehead.

His mind had wandered off!

Fortunately, his customers werent upset.

“This is Jade.

The sword has a little ten-thousand-year crystal in it, and its energy is freezing cold!

“If someone gets cut by the blade, their wound will be covered by ice.

The cold energy will continuously invade their body.

But it wont do much to cultivators above the Nascent stage.”

The shop owner hovered around his customers, focusing all his energy on introducing the weapons.

He was only a shop owner and decided he shouldnt be worried about too many things.

All he needed to do was to serve these two important customers.

He went on introducing the other weapons in the shop, but he didnt initiate most of the conversations.

Most times, Firey would ask a question, and he would answer.

Himmel Soan only listened in silence as if he wasnt even there.

He had examined most of the weapons in the shop and found them all useless to him.

Moreover, he didnt need a weapon.

If he was going to use one, essence weapons and ordinary weapons would all work the same way for him.

These weapons werent as well-made as Roamss creations either.

Firey picked two essence weapons she thought she could use: a fan and an umbrella.

She didnt consider them as weapons.

They were only articles for daily use.

The fan was just a fan to her.

She could use it when it was hot.

As for the umbrella, it was also straightforward.

She would use it to shield her from sunlight and rain.

Although she could achieve the same effect with spiritual essence, using an umbrella was more stylish.

“Thats 15 top-grade essence stones in total.

Ill give you a discount.

You only need to pay ten essence stones,” the shop owner said gingerly.

In fact, the two weapons were worth 18 top-grade essence stones.

He dropped the price because he didnt want Himmel Soan to feel the weapons were too expensive.

The young man might regard him as a dishonest merchant.

He didnt wish to see that happen.

If Himmel Soan wanted, he could give the weapons to him for free.

However, Himmel Soans earlier words made the shop owner give up that idea.

Moreover, ten essence stones were a considerable number.

The cost of the two weapons was 16 essence stones.

He would lose six top-grade essence stones in this transaction.

“Take these as the payment for the weapons.” Himmel Soan put two red cores on the table.

He left with Firey before the shop owner could say anything.

“Well…” The shop owner didnt know what to say.

Himmel Soan had left, and there was nothing he could do.

He was astonished.

It wasnt that the payment wasnt enough.

He wouldnt complain even if Himmel Soan didnt give him anything.

But he had paid too much.

One red core was worth at least a hundred top-grade essence stones.

Sometimes it could be exchanged for as many as 150 essence stones.

Two cores would give him somewhere between two to three hundred top-grade essence stones.

This fortune could sustain him for the rest of his life!

“Din, what did the young master buy from you”

“Thats right, Din.

Were all so curious.

Tell us about it.”

Many people came into the shop when they saw Himmel Soan leave.

They also noticed the two red cores on the table.

They realized in envy that they must have been from the young master.

After Din told them what Firey had bought, they were all shocked.

The young master paid so much for two petty things!

They envied Din and wished Himmel Soan had gone to their shops.


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