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The other shop owners were only envious, not that they listened to Dins story.

If someone like Himmel Soan really showed up in their shops, they would probably be too excited to speak.

Someone asked a question at that moment, a very important question.

“You let him shop here.

Arent you afraid the Baih family will give you trouble”


The question brought many ideas into peoples heads.

That was right!

Himmel Soan and Emperor Baih had a conflict earlier.

Trading with him might land them in trouble with the Baih family.

The other shop owners were relieved now.

Luckily, that young man didnt visit them.

If he did, they wouldnt know if they should sell to him.

Himmel Soan was bold enough to challenge Emperor Baih, so who were they to offend him

Yet they didnt dare offend Emperor Baih either.

If they conducted business with Himmel Soan, they would be supporting him against Emperor Baih.

If they didnt sell to him, they would offend a capable man.

They couldnt afford to offend either side.

They envied Din a moment ago, but they felt sorry for him now.

It was a lose-lose situation.

Offending the Baih family would have severe consequences.

However, Din didnt seem troubled at all.

Despite spending only a moment with Himmel Soan, he seemed to have been affected by his demeanor and became a much calmer person.

“Why would Emperor Baih and the Baih family bother a nobody like me I havent broken any law, nor have I betrayed the Baih family.

Why would the Baih family come after me Im just a merchant.

“Besides, Ive always been a model citizen.

The Baih family will seem unreasonable if they blame me for what happened.

“That young master came to my shop voluntarily.

I can refuse to sell to him.

Is that what Im expected to do

“If the Baih family will punish me for selling things to the young master, are they going to punish the whole Baihib City when he leaves”

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Din spoke his mind, trying his best to explain his relationship with the young man.

He was just a paying customer.

That was all.

The Baih family would seem parsimonious if they didnt allow such things, and no one would dare run a business in their territory.

Everyone would worry about selling things to their enemy and committing a crime without knowing it.

Moreover, Himmel Soan hadnt openly fallen out with the Baih family.

He was even invited to the family manor.

If someone had to be punished, it would be Himmel Soan, not Din.

Hearing Dins reply, many people gave him the thumbs up.

They only dare think about such things and could never say it aloud.

The man had spoken their mind.

The argument was so solid that the others couldnt refute him.

If the Baih family really were going to do something, they would have to think about those words first.

Himmel Soan and Firey stayed a few more days in the city before leaving.

They headed for the south.

He had figured out something in the past few days.

He wouldnt get any answer from the eight emperors.

Consulting them would only bring him unwanted trouble.

He wouldnt be concerned if he had recovered his strength.

But he hadnt, and he didnt have the confidence to defeat Emperor Baih.

Therefore, he wouldnt go look for trouble.

But if trouble came to him, that would be a different story.

He didnt think much of Emperor Baihs invitation.

Once he reached Cloud City, if he had recovered 10% of his strength and happened to be in the vicinity, he didnt mind accepting the invitation.

Otherwise, forget it.

He didnt expect to gain any information from Starwan Tower either.

The information one could obtain would be determined by their cultivation level.

The questions about Gina and the Soan surname would probably only be answered when he was at the same level as the eight emperors.

Before that, even if he met the eight emperors or the head of the Starwan Tower, they would still ignore his questions.

Himmel Soans priority now was to recover his strength.

Then he would be able to figure out everything on his own.

They kept walking after leaving the city.

A ring had been added to Fireys finger.

It looked similar to the storage ring that Soochin used earlier.

Firey put the umbrella, the fan, and some new clothes she just bought into the ring.

Himmel Soan didnt have one.

He didnt need such things.

He had covered his clothes with spiritual essence, so they would never get dirty.

There was no need to worry about anything else.

Even if he needed to store something, he could wrap his mental power around it, and it would work the same way as a storage ring.

Therefore, he didnt need a physical ring.

Firey couldnt do that, but she loved her ring and couldnt stop looking at it with a big smile on her face.

The duo gradually walked into a more populated area, not as deserted as when Himmel Soan had just left the village.

They could see all kinds of people on the road.

Merchants, vendors, cultivators, and scholars were all hurrying to their destinations.

The closer they were to the city center, the more crowded the streets became.

Ahead of them was a hill.

There were no actual city walls at the foot of that hill, but the buildings nearby had formed a small town.

There were a few restaurants, hotels, and shops where travelers could rest.

“Virtualization Pills! One supreme-grade essence stone for a bottle!”

“Thats so expensive! Take a look at mine! My Virtualization Pills only cost fifty top-grade essence stones!”

“Tsk! Mine only needs ten top-grade essence stones!”


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