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“Im only an independent cultivator.

My name isnt important.” Himmel Soan shook his head.

Seeing that Himmel Soan didnt want to mention his name, Ton changed the subject.

“Sir, please dont worry.

Nothing that happened here today will get out.

“The Oath Pills will make sure of that.

After ingesting it, even ordinary people will be bound by the law of nature.

It also has no antidote.”

Ton brought up the Oath Pills to reassure Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan wasnt too concerned.

Even if word did get out, the worst that could happen was more trouble.

Maybe it was better to keep it a secret.

Ton was relieved when he saw Himmel Soan was pleased.

The man had traveled in the restricted area against the eight emperors will and could produce so many cores.

He had to be an important figure!

Although Himmel Soan seemed like an ordinary person who gave off no spiritual essence, it only proved how extraordinary he was.

It would take some incredible ability to completely conceal his energy.

That was why Ton changed his attitude toward Himmel Soan.

“Sir, Im curious.

What are you going to do with the defective pills” Ton asked gingerly.


Im just a little interested in alchemy,” Himmel Soan was straightforward.

A little interested What did that have anything to do with the defective pills Was he going to study alchemy through them

Ton couldnt help but make that speculation.

It might not be correct, but that was his only guess.

“If youre curious, Id like to invite you to the Elixir School.

My master is the chief elder, and maybe he can talk with you, Sir,” Ton said in a humble tone.

He would be thrilled if Himmel Soan said yes.

If not, he wouldnt say anything, nor was he in the position to do so.

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He also had a hidden agenda when he invited Himmel Soan.

He wanted to recruit this man.

There was risk involved though.

If this man turned out to be a heretic cultivator, he would become a time bomb for the Elixir School.

However, Himmel Soan didnt seem to be a bad guy, and Firey was so lovely.

After the huge sale, Ton came up with the recruitment idea.

Since he called himself an independent cultivator and was interested in alchemy, Ton felt he should ask this man to join the school.

Even if he couldnt join the Elixir School, it would be nice to make an acquaintance.

The forest was a forbidden area set by the eight emperors, but it had nothing to do with the Elixir School.

“The Elixir School Thats interesting.

Thank you for the invitation, then!” Himmel Soan agreed after giving it a thought.

On Earth, Himmel Soans medical skill was so incredible that he could bring dead people back to life.

However, it wouldnt work for cultivators.

Only pills would, so he was curious about where the magic was.

Maybe the pills could help him recover faster.

After that, he could settle down in this world and find the truth about everything.

Ton was thrilled to hear Himmel Soan say yes, and he immediately notified his master.

In the Elixir School, many elders were having a discussion.

“Ton and the others have been punished for long enough.

I think its time to let them return.”

“They destroy the pills eight out of ten times when they work.

Why do we need those idiots Its a waste of our precious materials!”

“Dont say that.

I remember Elder Som said he missed Pancy only last night!”

“Nonsense! You must be dreaming!”

“No, they cant come back! We made a deal.

They can only return once they sell all the defective pills!”

The elders were discussing it avidly.

They were all concerned about their pupils.

The chief elder cleared his throat, and everybody quieted down.


Selling the defective pills is a way to punish them.

Its been a while, and its time we bring them back.

“They said they met a capable man who bought all their defective pills.”

Elder Som rose to his feet before Elder Ein could finish.

He looked astonished.

“Elder Ein, have you seen those pills Did Ton lie to you Someone just bought all the defective pills.

Do you believe that”

Elder Ein stroked his beard and pondered.

He didnt believe what he heard, even if it came from his pupil.

Why would anyone want to buy defective pills

But he knew his pupils wouldnt lie about such things.

That was to say, they had sold all the pills.

Ton also said something else.

“I think Tons probably speaking the truth.

Theyre on their way back, and Ton has invited the man that bought all the defective pills.”

Many elders were baffled.

How stupid could that be

The way he put it was so strange.

What did he mean by Ton had invited that man

That man probably had threatened Ton to bring him here!

The elders found that possibility much more acceptable.

At that moment, a cry attracted their attention.

It was Tons voice.

Normally, they would just ignore him.

However, they were curious and wanted to know what it was about.

“Master, Im back!” Ton shouted excitedly.

He couldnt wait to introduce Himmel Soan to his master.

If he joined the Elixir School after talking to the elders, Ton believed he would get all the credit.

“Ton, behave yourself in front of the dum—I mean the guest! The shouting is so inappropriate!” Elder Ein almost called the guest dumb.


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