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Ein spoke very highly of Himmel Soan, surprising everybody.

They had known Ein for many years.

It was very rare to hear him call anybody a genius.

Clearly, he regarded the guest highly.

“Ein, did you take some pills”

“Elder Ein, I would believe it if it came from someone else, but not when its from you!”

“Ein, I believe you.

Tell me what kind of a genius he is.”


Everybody was talking at the same time.

They had a hard time believing his statement.

They even suspected if they were talking to the real Ein.

Ein frowned, and his face twitched.

He was telling the truth.

Why wouldnt anybody believe him It wasnt like he had told lies before.

“Its about defective pills.

We had a conversation about reusing the defective pills.

What he said was such an inspiration.

Moreover…” Ein told the others about Himmel Soans theory.

The others received the news with a mixture of feelings.

They didnt believe anything at first.

But then, their eyes lit up, and they became excited.

In the end, they adored the man who had said those things.

Just listening to Eins description made things so much clearer for them.

Some of them were having trouble making the pills, and they suddenly found their direction.

However, it was still not specific enough.

If they could learn more, they could solve all the problems plaguing them.

“Hes such a genius! I cant believe someone who has never done alchemy can come up with that idea!”

“Hes really a genius! He has to be a master alchemist thats better than Elder Tine!”

“I dont think so… Elder Tines alchemy is as good as the elders in the main manor!”

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“Of course, a master like this needs defective pills.

If he never fails, he wont have any defective pills!”

Another round of discussion started.

The group didnt try to hide their purpose.

They wanted to win Himmel Soan to their side and let him work in their own division.

They wouldnt come across such a talented man every day.

“Whats his name”

“Thats right.

Whats the master called Id like to learn a few things from him!”

Ein was perplexed.

He didnt recall asking the master that question.

He had forgotten about it!

He rubbed his hair and shook his head.

“I forgot to ask.”

Forgot to ask

How could he forget such a simple thing

The others were speechless.

It was understandable though.

After all, making pills was pretty much all they did on a daily basis.

They barely interacted with outsiders.

Even when they did, they still thought about alchemy.

They would forget about what they were saying halfway and wander off during a conversation.

The people of Stelladom thus had misunderstandings about them, saying that alchemists were all weird people.

“We can ask the master when he returns.”

“Thats right.

Its just a name.

Its not that important.”

“You said the master was studying the defective pills.

How long will that take” somebody asked.

Making pills was a lengthy process.

It could take anywhere from one to five days.

That was only to make the pills; studying the properties would take even longer, as many as two weeks.

Himmel Soan was treading a road that they had never tried before.

He was going to find something from the defective pills.

They thought it would take him at least a month.

Hence, it would be a while before he came out.

“Ton, how much did the master give you for all the defective pills” Ein asked.

It had just occurred to him that the master had bought all the defective pills.

He wondered how much the man paid to make Ton give away the defective pills so willingly.

Ton showed him the four red cores.

Ein paled.

“Did you rob someone Where did you get those”

“That master paid me with them,” Ton immediately explained when he saw Eins face darken.

However, Ein smacked Ton on the head.

“Give them back when the master comes out! Why didnt you tell me sooner!

“Stay here and wait for him! Give the master whatever he needs! Let us know as soon as he comes out!”

Ton felt wrong.

Why was he getting blamed and scolded

His master ordered him to sell the defective pills at no less than one top-grade essence stone each.

Now that it was done, why did he have to give back the cores

Not only that, they had to wait here.

Ton couldnt understand it.

Either way, it wasnt his call.

In the room, Himmel Soan poured out a bottle of defective pills and started studying them.

He smelled the pills before tasting one.

The toxins in the defective pills didnt affect him at all.

In fact, no toxins would.

Each bottle contained one kind of pill, and they all differed in smell and taste.

It proved his theory that different factors would result in different defective pills.

That was a major discovery.

With enough experimentation, he would know which pill needed which materials.

He could even find the sequence of the ingredients, the heat level, and the proportion.

The door opened with a creaking sound.

It was evening now.

“Sir! Youre out!” Ton was dozing off when the door opened.

He was startled and woke up.

“Yes, I need some fresh air.

Are there any books I can borrow I need some books.”


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