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Ton hesitated a little before nodding.

“Yes, Sir.

What kind of books do you want We have books related to herbs, raw materials, and other general topics.”

This was only a branch of the Elixir School.

Although there werent many books here, the number was still greater than in the other branches.

The main campus gave them more books because Elder Tine was here.

“Bring as many as you can.

I want to read them all.

If you have extra materials, Id like to have some, too.

I can pay if needed.” Himmel Soan gazed up at the sky.

Ton was surprised.

“Sir, are you going to make pills now”

“Yes.” Himmel Soan nodded.

Before Ton could say anything, Himmel Soan went out to look at the moon.

Having stars and a moon in the sky meant there were other planets out there.

Maybe he wasnt in the same universe as before.

Maybe the planet was so remote that one needed a special method to get here.

He wondered when he could receive news on Gina.

He stopped thinking about it.

He had spent a long time looking for Gina.

It was time that she waited for him.

Once he was strong enough to figure out this planet, he would probably find her.

“Sir, the materials and furnace are outside your room.

There are too many books, so I only brought a few of them.

Ill take you to the library when youre free.”

Hearing Tons voice, Himmel Soan returned to his room.

Ton had sent ten portions of materials and a hundred books.

“Sir, here are the things you want.

And these are for you, too!” Ton took out the red cores Himmel Soan had given him.

Himmel Soan was perplexed.

He had asked for materials and books.

Shouldnt he pay for them Why was he being paid instead

“I paid you with the cores when I bought the defective pills.

You dont need to give them back.

And heres money for the materials.” Himmel Soan put another core in Tons hand.

Ton was speechless.

What was this

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If his master learned of it, he would be in so much trouble.


By the time Ton realized what had happened, Himmel Soan had returned to his room with the materials and books.

He even shut the door behind him.

Ton didnt even have a chance to say no.

He wanted to cry.

It seemed his punishment would never be over.

Other things aside, he decided he should report to his master first.

“The master asked for materials and books, and he paid you for those things”


What should I do” Ton lost almost all hope.

His punishment hadnt ended, and some new trouble had already appeared.

When would this end He really wanted to go back to refining pills!


I see.

Since he has given the cores to you, just take them,” Ein said after some consideration.

Ton was thrilled.


“But you still need to stay by the masters side and give him whatever he wants.

Bring him a few hundred books every day,” said Ein.

“What When can I go back to making pills”

Even though his punishment was finally over, he still had to stay with that master.

He wouldnt have any time of his own!

Ein shook his head in disappointment.

“Idiot! Youre such an idiot! Did you just wait outside the masters door like you were told to”

Ton nodded in bewilderment.

That was right!

Wasnt that what he was supposed to do

“I really hope youre not my pupil! The master is going to make pills.

Cant you find an excuse to stay in the room and learn from him

“Although disturbing people when theyre making pills is a no-no, if the master lets you, youll learn so much from him!” said Ein in resignation.

How could his pupil be so dumb!

If Ein hadnt been an elder in the school, he would have gone to Himmel Soans room and seen how he studied the defective pills!

He thought he might be able to learn something from Himmel Soan.

He had been stuck in the Contemplation stage for a long time.

If he didnt make a breakthrough in the next few years, he would reach the end of his life.

Having talked to Himmel Soan, he could see a hint of the next stage.

That was why he was sure Himmel Soan was an undiscovered master.

As for why Himmel Soan was so young…

That was a sign of him returning to his original nature.

He looked like an ordinary young man, and he behaved like one.

He had found his original nature!

“I understand!” Ton finally realized what his master meant.

He only needed to ask the master.

If the other party agreed, what he learned would help him greatly in his alchemy skills.

Even if the master didnt say yes, such a capable person probably wouldnt be angry at him either.

They had talked about so many things, and Ton was the one who had invited Himmel Soan.

Hence, he didnt think the master would be angry.

Meanwhile, Himmel Soan was reading in the room.

He had a photographic memory and would remember everything after reading it once.

He could read ten lines at a time and would only pause when he noticed something important.

Otherwise, he could finish a book in a minute.

Firey also read with him.

They enjoyed their time together.

Himmel Soan found a map of Stelladom in one of the books.

He partially unfolded it, and the map covered half the floor.

The room wasnt big enough.

He took the map outside and spread it on the ground.

“The continent of Stelladom is like a round cake thats been divided into eight sections.

At the center is a big, round city, Cloud City.

I came from the north… Baihin City is here!

“What about further north Whats that village called”


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