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It seemed that the app had been running forever, but it hadnt covered half of the information.

Himmel Soan had achieved so much more than that in his life.

In 1974, Himmel Soan built the city of Sun for the country but gave the honor to the Orient Chamber of Commerce.

In 1975, he financed the construction of the Great River Bridge.

In 1982, he built the great bridge in the city of Suth.

In 1988, there was a power shortage after the economic reform in the country of North Field, and Himmel Soan established the first hydro plant for them.

In 1989, he built the first wind power plant in the Bitter Sea of Soullar.

In 1990…

In 1993…

The list never seemed to end.

The country watched in silence when they saw Himmel Soans name on all the famous major projects in the nation.

Nearly 300 thousand keyboard warriors had been brought to the shelter.

The place would never be big enough to fit 60 million people.

It wouldnt even hold 6 million.

To gather all 60 million people, they would need at least 200 shelters.

The three Himmelian divisions had the resources, though.

They could build five hundred or a thousand shelters if they wanted, let alone two hundred, and no one in the country knew how many they had built so far.

No one knew what their real power was.

Meanwhile, the shelter that was packed with hundreds of thousands of people remained perfectly quiet.

There were no shouts or fights, and no one was pushing around.

All the trolls were staring at their phone.

Even Stella Shane and her siblings were watching carefully.

They felt conflicted and didnt know what to say.

Himmel Soan.

The man was like God.

He had lived for over 200 years!

He was the belief of the Soan empire.

He had devoted his whole life to this country without asking for anything in return.

He was happy to stay behind the curtain despite his great contribution.

To call him a great man was an understatement.

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“What have I done!” Even someone as arrogant as Stella Shane fell silent after reading the record of Himmel Soans life.

Compared to him, she was nothing.

She was as unimportant as an insect, yet she had tried to step onto a giant and reach for the stars.

How pathetic!

She realized that she had done the most stupid thing.

“Dad, Im sorry!”

“You dont get to call him that! You dont deserve it!”

Everyone here had insulted Himmel Soan, or they wouldnt have ended up here.

However, a keyboard warrior would always be a keyboard warrior.

One of them stood next to Stella Shane and mocked her when he heard her words.

Stella immediately dropped to her knees.

This time, she genuinely felt sorry.

Himmel Soan was not someone she could offend.

It would be blasphemous!

“I shouldnt have done those things either.

Im sorry, Mr.

Soan, Im so sorry!”

“Me, too! I didnt know who Mr.

Soan was! That was so foolish of me! Im so sorry! Im a bastard! A scumbag! Im sorry, Mr.

Soan!” One of the men knelt on the floor and started slapping himself.

The other keyboard warriors were moved by what he did and found his reaction justifiable.


“Im sorry, Mr.



“Im sorry! Please forgive me!”


“Had I known how great you were, I would never have the courage any of those things, not even when I have a knife on my throat! I wouldnt have said anything!”


The keyboard warriors slapped themselves as they apologized, and the crisp sounds resonated in the shelter that was silent a moment ago.

The people of the three divisions took off their masks.

Tears had filled their eyes.

“Rest in peace, Patriarch!”

“Well miss you, Patriarch!”

“Rest in peace, Patriarch!”

The Himmelians were moved, some even bursting into tears.

The crying broke many hearts.

“There are so many…”


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