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The discussion soon came to an end.

Himmel Soan basically did all the talking on the general cultivation rule.

Other people only asked questions.

Pesi had the most questions of them all.

He had a better understanding than anyone else and wanted to make a breakthrough as soon as possible to reach the Hinayana stage.

Only someone who fully understood the rule could take that step.

If one could fuse their understanding with nature, they would reach the Mahayana stage.

Pesi didnt dream that high.

Reaching the Hinayana stage was good enough.

Now that Himmel Soan was here, Pesi would make full use of this opportunity.

His wish was finally fulfilled.

Finally, he had the feeling that he was about to make a breakthrough.

It would happen in a couple of days.

He didnt have time to thank Himmel Soan and hurried off to make his preparations.

One day later, the thunder tribulation arrived as expected.

“Elder Ein has finally made a breakthrough.

Our branch is probably on the rise!”

“Be confident.

Lose theprobably!”

“The master is here with us.

Of course, were on the rise.”

“Thats right! What the master said yesterday inspired me so much! I think Im going to have a breakthrough!”

“So many people have made breakthroughs today.

You just have to jump onto the wagon, dont you”

“Im already numb.

Ive lost count of how many people have advanced!”

“Im wondering if Elder Ein can survive this thunder tribulation.”

Everybody fell silent.

No one was sure that Pesi would survive this.

Although he had been preparing for many years, it still came down to his capabilities.

If he wasnt strong enough, no prior preparations would be enough.

Pesi was several hundred years old and was reaching the end of his life.

Would this old man overcome this crisis

“Dont worry.

With the master here, the thunder tribulation is nothing.”

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“Thats right.

If Elder Ein cant withstand it, Im sure the master will intervene.”

“I have faith in the master.

This thunder tribulation must be a piece of cake for him.

His pills easily defeated that tribulation!”

“I dont think the master can intervene in the thunder tribulation.

Even the emperors cant do that!”

“What Are you saying the young master is weaker than the emperors Thats just bull**!”

A short distance away, someone was heading for the branch.

He couldnt believe it when he saw the thunder tribulation in the distance, murmuring, “Wasnt there a thunder tribulation the other day Who is making a breakthrough now

“Is it Pesi It probably is him.

Isnt he a bit too old for that”

The guy talked about Elder Ein without much regard.

He was sent here by the principal of Elixir School.

The thunder tribulation created by Himmel Soans pills had caught the principals attention.

He thought Lan had made a breakthrough, so he sent this man here to take a look.

The principal wanted to invite Lan to join the main branch of the school.

The man had known Pesi for a long time, which was why he was sent here.

To his surprise, someone else was making a breakthrough now.

After guessing it was Pesi, the man picked up his speed.

He knew what Pesi was doing.

The old man didnt have many years left, so he wanted to grab this last chance to make a breakthrough.

He didnt think Pesi could succeed.

“Pesi, slow down.

Im not ready to see your dead body yet!”

Meanwhile, the crowd all felt nervous.

They were worried about Elder Ein.

If he made the breakthrough, he would be the first Hinayana cultivator in this branch.

It would be so magnificent!

“I hope Elder Ein can pull through…”

“Dont hope! Im sure he can do it, or well lose an elder!”

“Youll jinx it!”

“Cant you have some faith in him”


The thunder tribulation put everybody on edge.

However, Pesi himself was quite relaxed.

Reaching this far was already a surprise.

He would love to make a breakthrough, but if he couldnt, he wouldnt have any regrets either.

The thunder tribulation consisted of nine streaks of lightning.

The first one was coming for him already.

Pesi withstood it without difficulty, but it was only the beginning.

Almost everybody could do that.

Only someone who did little practice and depended entirely on pills might not pass the first test.

Before long, more lightning bolts struck down.

Pesis forehead was covered with sweat.

The fourth streak hit him, and he barely managed to survive.

His expression paled a little.

“Phew… is it as far as I can go”

Pesi didnt want to accept defeat.

He was so close to the next stage, but he was going to fail on the fifth streak of lightning.

His breathing quickened.

Just then, he remembered the word Himmel Soan had carved in the stone—path.

“Whats the path

“I am!”

Pesi mustered up his courage to compete with the law of nature.


The fifth streak landed on Pesi.

“OMG… Is Elder Ein still alive”

“Even if he can withstand this one, there are still four more!”

“What should we do Can someone help him”

“How Feel free to try it yourself!”

“Be quiet! We can only have faith in Elder Ein now.” Lan silenced the others.

She had complicated feelings as well.

The thunder tribulation was Pesis own choice and what he wanted the most.

She couldnt do anything apart from supporting him.

She didnt have a choice.

She knew Pesi couldnt withstand it much longer.

Even if he could withstand the fifth and the sixth, he couldnt survive the last three streaks.


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