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Despite knowing what was going to happen, she could only stand there and watch.

She was just a mid-stage Contemplation cultivator.

Before the thunder tribulation started, she had the ability to take Pesi away.

But now, there was nothing she could do.

Maybe her master could.

Lan thought about Himmel Soan.

So far, she still didnt know exactly how capable the man was.

She couldnt sense any spiritual essence in him.

She had met the principal before.

Although that man usually concealed his spiritual energy, he still gave off a majestic aura.

When he chose to show it, the fluctuation of his spiritual essence was impossible to ignore.

One couldnt lie about such things.

However, Lan had never detected such things in her master.

She even doubted once that he was only an ordinary man.

Or he was more capable than the principal.

He was beyond the detection of this world, which was why he appeared to be ordinary.

Those were only her speculations.

As for what was really going on, Lan didnt dare ask nor would she.

The sixth streak of lightning was about to land.

There was no time to think about other things.

Lan immediately headed for Himmel Soans room.

She needed to try no matter what.

She wanted to ask Himmel Soan to help Pesi once he couldnt withstand the thunder tribulation anymore.


Hearing the sound, she picked up her speed, arriving at Himmel Soans room in no time.

He was still reading one book after another.

“Master, I need your help.”

“What is it” Himmel Soan put down his book.

“Somethings going on outside.

Elder Ein is in the middle of a tribulation, and I dont think he can pull through.

Would you please help him when he cant withstand it anymore” Lan gritted her teeth and blurted out those words.

She didnt have any time to lose.

Elder Ein was getting hit by the sixth streak of lightning.

“Going through the tribulation is to complete ones cultivation path and experience the law of nature.

If he fails, it means theres something wrong with his cultivation.

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“If his general direction is right, failing the tribulation will only help him improve his foundations.

But hes an old man, so it may be more difficult for him than others.

Ill ask him before the eighth bolt,” Himmel Soan said after sensing the thunder.

Even if Lan hadnt come here, he would still give Pesi a hand at the eighth streak.

He had lived in the house Pesi provided, so he would help the old man when he could.

Lan nodded and felt grateful.

Now that her master had agreed to help, she felt nothing could go wrong.

She had never actually seen Himmel Soan fighting.

Even when refining pills, he looked as casual as if he were cooking.

Yet, he could still create Grade-8 inscribed pills with Grade-3 materials.

From that alone, Lan was certain that her master was as good as the principal, if not better.

Lan left the room.

She was going to check up on Elder Ein and stop bothering her master.

At first, she thought Elder Ein would withstand no more than six streaks of lightning.

To her surprise, her master said he could go as far as the seventh.

It seemed Elder Ein still had a few trump cards up his sleeves.

Himmel Soan used this time to finish the last few books.

He found a lot of incorrect theories and marked them in the books instead of correcting them.

Although he could make everything clear, he found it unnecessary.

Those people needed to figure it out on their own.

If he only told them what was correct, they would stop thinking.

That would turn them into robots.

He had finished all the books.

He now planned to leave in two days and head south.

The central city, the eight emperors, the Zimmer family, and the Stelladom continent were all waiting for his discovery.

He couldnt stay in this place forever.

He had learned a lot here and had a vague idea of what Stelladom was like.

“Firey, hows the desert spirit” He had left it under Fireys care and had forgotten about it until now.

“It has gained intelligence.

Its been making rapid progress since we got here.

I think itll take human form in one or two years.” Firey took out the desert spirit.

Himmel Soan saw a faint red glow on it.

The element seemed to have changed slightly under Fireys influence.


Keep it with you.

Youll be responsible for it after it takes human form.”

Firey was surprised.

Her responsibility


She was a kid herself!

“Thats so exhausting.

I dont want it!” Firey pouted.

“Then Ill give it to Lan.” Himmel Soan smiled when he saw her reaction.

While they were talking, the thunder tribulation continued.

The sixth streak had struck Pesi.

Pesi didnt fall.

He only looked up at the sky without caring if he could pull through.

Before long, the seventh streak was going to land on him.

Everybody was nervous.

“Elder Ein doesnt look good.

Can he really get through this”

“I dont think theres much hope.

Even if he can survive, there are still two more left!”

“What should we do now”

“How about we ask for a time-out Elder Ein can resume the tribulation once he recovers his strength.”


How are you going to do that”

“Wheres the master Elder Ein is in trouble! We need his help!”

“He still hasnt shown up.

Does that mean things arent as serious as we think”


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