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“You dont know anything!” Eagle snorted.

As an assassin, he had absolute confidence in his ability.

However, he underestimated Himmel Soan and treated him as an ordinary person.

At this moment, he finally understood why Emperor Baih sent three people to assassinate this man.

But it was too late.

He still believed in his cultivation level.

Even if the assassination attempt failed, he thought he could still complete the mission.

He didnt think Emperor Baih would send him to assassinate someone at the emperor stage.

However, why was this man so calm

All those thoughts went through his mind in an instant.

He charged at Himmel Soan again with his fist raised.

“Now, tell me.

Who sent you” Himmel Soan casually waved his hand, disorienting Eagle.

It was as if he never tried to attack Himmel Soan.

“Do whatever you want with me!” Eagle finally realized it was impossible to kill this man.

He felt like a child in comparison.

Why did Emperor Baih send him on this impossible mission

Eagle then remembered his own cultivation level.

He was one step away from the level of emperors, but why did he fight like an ordinary man in front of this person He didnt feel this way even when he faced Emperor Baih.

“Did Emperor Baih send you” The idea soon came to Himmel Soan.

Emperor Baih seemed to be the only person that had something against him.

He couldnt think of another person that wanted him dead.


“I work for Emperor Baih, dead or alive.

Ill never betray him!” Eagle was loyal to his master and would rather die than fail him.

But his words gave him away.

Himmel Soan couldnt decide if Eagle said that on purpose or was simply dumb.

None of that mattered though.

It was clear that Emperor Baih was behind this assassination attempt.

“It was just an altercation, but Emperor Baih wants to kill me.

Is he really that domineering” Himmel Soan murmured.

He then turned to Eagle, asking, “Is Emperor Baih always like that”

Eagle closed his eyes and refused to say anything.

“In that case, I dont have any more questions.” Himmel Soan squinted.

Eagle shuddered and spoke in a trembling voice, “Heres the thing.

Whenever something happens, Emperor Baih sends us out on assassination missions.

“Weve assassinated people working for all other emperors…”

Eagle fell to the ground before he could finish and couldnt speak another word.

Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes as if he was lost in his thoughts.

Outside, Wolf and Tiger had waited for a long time.

“Its been so long.

Why is it so quiet”

“Has Eagle completed the mission already”

“I dont think so.

If he has, he should have come out, but weve heard nothing.”

“Are we too late Has he left”

“Emperor Baih sent all three of us.

Will the mission be so simple”

The two men talked and talked because Eagle still hadnt returned.

It was their mission as well, and they were right to be concerned.

They didnt know what to do.

Despite listing all the possibilities, they never thought Eagle would fail.

“Shall we go inside”

“Good idea!”

If Eagle had left, they wouldnt need to wait here any longer.

There was a reason they never considered other outcomes.

Eagle was the strongest below the emperors.

He could defeat anyone that wasnt an emperor.

They arrived at Himmel Soans room to find the door open.

As soon as they entered, they heard a voice.

“Youre already here.

Theres no need to sneak around.”

Damn it!

The two mens stomachs sank.

Their first reaction was to escape, but their skills stopped working.

They couldnt get away.

“Are you here for him You wear the same uniform, so I assume youre from the same division.

Are you also Emperor Baihs assassins”

Himmel Soans voice was emotionless.

He thought Emperor Baih had only sent Eagle here to kill him.

To his surprise, there were three in total.

How sincere.

Tiger and Wolf followed Himmel Soans gaze and saw Eagle lying motionlessly on the floor.

He wasnt breathing.

Was he dead

The two men were dumbfounded.

They hadnt heard a sound, yet Eagle was dead!

Who was this man

“Sir, its true.

Were Emperor Baihs assassins.

Our mission is to kill you.

We had an argument with Eagle, this man, at the foot of the mountain, so we went our separate ways.

“We shouldnt have tried to harm you.

Please forgive us!”

Wolf and Tiger knelt on the ground and begged Himmel Soan for his forgiveness.

Himmel Soan didnt have a habit of killing people.

Hearing their imploring words, he decided to let them go.

“Take him away and bury him.

Clean my room; then you can leave.”

Wolf and Tiger were thrilled.

They didnt expect Himmel Soan to spare their lives.

It was their last resort.

Even Eagle was killed, so they stood no chance at all.

If they wanted to live, they had to beg the other party.

They didnt expect Himmel Soan would actually spare their lives.

Other emperors would have killed them already.

Killing such a man would be a humiliation for them.

“Thank you, sir!”

They bowed at Himmel Soan.

“Send a message to Emperor Baih.

Tell him Ill pay him a visit in Cloud City soon.”


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