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His tone was full of contempt for Emperor Baih.

The guy had sent assassins after him for just a minor issue.

Obviously, he was displeased.

Part of the reason that he had spared the two men was to deliver a message to Emperor Baih.

“Of course! Sir, is there anything else” Both men nodded when they heard Himmel Soans request.

Delivering a message was the last thing they could do.

As for whether Emperor Baih got infuriated and blamed them, they would wait and see.

If they didnt say yes now, they knew they wouldnt be leaving.

It didnt take a genius to figure out what would keep them alive longer.


Get out of my sight.” Himmel Soan gave them permission to leave.

Feeling much relieved, the two men carried Eagles dead body away.

Himmel Soan closed his eyes and refreshed his mind after the assassins were gone.

The following morning, Himmel Soan knocked on Seenes door with Firey beside him.

Cultivators didnt need to sleep, but they seemed to make the fastest progress while resting.

Therefore, they all put their minds to rest at night.

They would fall asleep when they were too immersed in their medication.

Seene was only resting his mind with his eyes closed.

The tap on the door woke him up.

“Sir, why…” He was confused to see Himmel Soan and Firey upon opening the door.

“I thought the principal wanted me to visit him.

Lets get ready to head out.

Of course, Ill leave you alone if you still need to rest,” Himmel Soan was straightforward, not trying to sugarcoat anything.

Seene was taken by surprise.



“Arent you going to say goodbye to them”

“I said it yesterday so that we can leave now.”


Himmel Soan didnt wait for a reply.

He took Fireys hand and was going to leave.

Firey rolled her eyes at Seene.

“Hurry up! Arent you going back to Elixir School What are you waiting for If you dont come now, well really leave.

“Its so simple.

Cant you even understand that”

Seene was embarrassed.

Of course, he understood.

He just never thought Himmel Soan would leave in such a manner.

He quickly followed the father and daughter.

The three of them headed for Cloud City together.

Seene maintained a distance of half a step behind Himmel Soan.

He would only step forward when Himmel Soan needed something to be taken care of.

In the Baih family, Emperor Baih sat there with no expression on his face.

One thing was clear.

He was exuding the most terrifying killing energy.

“Very interesting!

“Im impressed!” Emperor Baih suddenly laughed.

No one who heard the laughter would think the emperor was happy.

It was only his way of expressing his fury.

When the laughter stopped abruptly, the temperature in the room plummeted.

Wolf and Tiger knelt on the floor, too scared to breathe.

They thought they were going to suffocate.

Emperor Baihs fury was so frightening.

Maybe he would even take it out on them.

If that were the case, they would be doomed.

“He killed Eagle and left you two good-for-nothings alive to deliver the message.

“The message is delivered.

Youre done here.” With a wave of his hand, Emperor Baih sentenced the two men to death.

He then got lost in his thoughts.

He had sent three men to assassinate Himmel Soan because he wanted to test the mans ability.

He had to retrieve his projection because he felt intimidated by Himmel Soan.

Emperor Baih wanted to understand his strength.

Eagle didnt seem to achieve anything before getting killed, signifying that Himmel Soan was at least a semi-emperor cultivator.

He might even be an emperor-stage cultivator like Emperor Baih.

He would become his No.

1 enemy.

He had sent assassins but failed.

A grudge was already created between the two men.

If Himmel Soan came here, Emperor Baih would ensure he never left.

“How did he kill Eagle”

There was no injury to the man, nor did he seem poisoned.

How could a semi-emperor cultivator die just like that

It was a mystery to Emperor Baih.

That noon, Lan knocked on Himmel Soans door.

Her master was leaving today.

She was here to bid him farewell.

However, no one answered the door.

Lan guessed what had happened and pushed the door open.

Himmel Soan was nowhere to be seen.

She sighed in resignation.

She had guessed this was going to happen.

Her master had left without saying goodbye.

Though he did let her know in advance, telling her about his departure the night before.

He even gave her the desert spirit as a goodbye gift in front of everybody.

She didnt realize how soon he would leave.

As it turned out, that was his farewell.

“Master, thank you!” Lan bowed at the empty room before returning to her own.

She needed to work hard.

They had made a deal that when she reached the Mahayana stage, she would follow in her masters footsteps.

She focused all her energy on cultivation.

Other people in the branch gradually learned Himmel Soan had left.

“The master has left so suddenly!”

“What do you mean Are you saying he has to tell you before leaving”

“I feel the same way.

I brought many gifts for him today, but hes already gone.”

“Thats right.

Who would have thought the master was saying goodbye last night If I had known, I would have stayed awake and rested here.

That way, I could say goodbye to him this morning.”

“The master chose to leave quietly probably because he didnt want to disturb us.”

“Stop dreaming! Start cultivating and making pills!”


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