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Himmel Soan frowned.

“What happened after that”

Bandora shook her head and sighed.

“The eight emperors are the most revered people on the continent.

If they wanted the Soans to go away, all they needed to do was give the order.

They wouldnt have made the Soans vanish, nor did they need to make that rule.

“Because it came from the eight emperors, people suspected the Soans had done something bad to deserve this.

Thats why were in this situation.”

Himmel Soan rested his chin on his hands and pondered.

This information didnt seem important, but he could confirm the connection between the surname Soan and the eight emperors.

However, why was Bandoras tone so strange It almost sounded like she was displeased with the eight emperors.

Bandora asked, “Sir, why are you asking about this”

She was confused.

Although she couldnt tell Himmel Soans exact cultivation level, instinct told her that she wouldnt be his match.

He was more capable than her!

Despite that, she had never heard of him before.

What confused her the most was why Himmel Soan didnt know these things when he was such an advanced cultivator.

She looked at the man in bewilderment.

“Im Himmel Soan.

I dont remember the past.

I only know I woke up in the Dusk Soul Forest.

“I kept moving south after leaving the forest.

I heard about the Soan surname, so I came here to investigate.”

After some consideration, Himmel Soan decided not to talk about Earth.

He told Lan earlier because she was his pupil.

Bandora didnt know him that well.

There was no need to share his secrets with her.

The surname of Soan became his excuse.

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“I see.” Bandora wasnt completely convinced.

However, she didnt plan to carry out an investigation.

It was his privacy, and he had every right to reveal as much as he wanted.

She would believe him.

“Thats all I know about that surname.


Soan, do you have any more questions”

Himmel Soan claimed he had lost his memory, so she felt he must have many questions.

She didnt mind answering them.

She was willing to go the extra mile because he had greatly inspired her.

Himmel Soan spoke again after a short pause, “I do have things that I want to ask you.

How much do you know about the Zimmer family Do you know a woman called Gina Zimmer”

Bandora searched her memory for information on the Zimmer family.

Soon, she shook her head.

“I was only a Mahayana cultivator back then and had been trying to make the breakthrough to the Emperor stage.

“After that, I went into seclusion.

That was also the time when something happened to the Zimmer family.

I only know Emperor Baih and Emperor Waf werent among the eight emperors back then.

There were Emperor Zimmer and Emperor Ele instead.

“As for Gina Zimmer, Ive never heard of that name…”

Himmel Soan frowned.

Bandora had no information on Gina either.

He didnt lose hope though.

After so many years, he had received worse news than that.

Bandora was in seclusion, so it was normal she didnt know anything about Gina.

“I only have one more question.

Have any of you traveled beyond Stelladom Do you know what lies beyond this continent”

The question took Bandora by surprise, but she soon regained her composure.

“There are other continents outside Stelladom for magical beasts, sorcerers, and heresy cultivators.

“Theres supposed to be a mysterious continent, too, but it only exists in the legends.

No one knows what it looks like.

“Places like the Dusk Soul Forest and Frost Land divide the continents.

They work like a shield around Stelladom.”

There were other continents besides Stelladom!

It was a giant planet!

A fantasy world!

What was beyond this planet Were there more worlds out there

Himmel Soan didnt let his mind wander because he didnt have time.

“Have the people here never been to other continents”

It was something he couldnt understand.

Bandora had reached the Emperor stage, but why did she know so little about the other continents

Bandora shook her head, but she wasnt surprised by that question.

“I found that very strange, too, so I ventured into the Dusk Soul Forest when I was at the Mahayana stage.

I felt intimidated by that place.

My cultivation level was suddenly reduced to the Golden Core stage.

“I thought I wasnt good enough at first, but when I reached the Emperor stage, I realized I was too naive.

Even then, my cultivation level was still confined to the Golden Core stage in that forest.

“I tried to look for a reason, but that overwhelming power kept me from doing any investigation.”

The phenomenon had confused Bandora for a long time.

Being an Emperor-stage cultivator, she was one of the top cultivators in Stelladom.

Yet she couldnt do anything to the Dusk Soul Forest.

Even she couldnt do anything

Himmel Soan recalled how he felt when he appeared in the Dusk Soul Forest.

But he hadnt sensed any restraints that Bandora was talking about.


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