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His level wasnt confined, but his mental force was.

Things improved when he left the Dusk Soul Forest, but the confinement still existed.

It was as if the law of nature here wouldnt let Himmel Soan spread his mental force all over the planet.

Here in Cloud City, Himmel Soan could only cover 1/8 of the city with his mental force.

That was to say, he knew 1/8 of the things happening in this place.


Soan, hows Lan doing I sensed two thunder tribulations in her branch earlier.

Has she reached the Hinayana stage”

Bandora still cared about that girl even after she became Himmel Soans pupil.

“No, shes still an intermediate Contemplation cultivator.

I think shes still improving her foundations.

“Pesi made it to the Hinayana stage and looks much younger now.”

Himmel Soan finally sipped his tea.

Having talked for so long, his throat was parched.

More importantly, he was willing to accept that tea now.

“It wasnt Lan who made the breakthrough!” Bandora was shocked.

Although Seene had told her that before, she only thought he had made a mistake, or something had interfered with his judgment.

She only realized it was the truth when she heard it from Himmel Soan.

If it wasnt Lan, what happened

“Who caused the thunder tribulation, then” Bandora asked.

“Some pills.”

Bandora was so shocked she didnt know what to say.

It took her a while to recover.

She was relieved when she saw the calm expression on Himmel Soans face.

“They were your pills, werent they May I have a look”

Himmel Soan took out a Grade-8 Class A pill without hesitation, handing it to Bandora.

“Its yours.”

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Bandora was so intrigued by the pill that she wanted to study it right away.

However, with a guest present, and the owner at that, she couldnt forget her manners.

“Thank you, sir, but I cant accept it.

Its a Grade-8 pill with inscriptions and has gone through a thunder tribulation.

Its more valuable than a Grade-9 Class B pill.

“Its too precious.

I cant have it!”

She desperately wanted to put it in her pocket, but she knew better than that.

It was too valuable.

She pushed the pill back to Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan wouldnt take it.

“I drank your precious tea, so Im offering this pill in return.

Since I cant spit out the tea now, you just have to accept it.

“Please dont think too much of it.

Im only refining pills as a hobby.

This pill isnt valuable to me.

When I run out, I can always make some more.”

He then took out the other seven pills.

He had given one of the nine pills to Pesi and was giving one to Bandora now.

Even so, he still had seven such pills.

Seeing this, Bandora smiled awkwardly and accepted the pills.

After everything Himmel Soan had said, it would be rude to turn him down.

Something seemed to occur to Bandora, and she said, “Mr.

Soan, Elixir Schools annual examination is in two days.

Would you like to take a look”

Himmel Soan hesitated.

His plan was to leave Elixir School and visit the Baih family.

But now, Bandora had invited him to stay.

If he agreed, he would have to wait a few more days before going forward with his plans.

“An annual exam Is it fun Please tell me more about it!” Firey suddenly broke her silence as if she had heard something very interesting.

Bandora looked from Firey to Himmel Soan.

She had noticed her earlier, but Himmel Soan hadnt said anything, so she didnt ask.

Firey was the essence of nature, making her a sensitive subject.

The essence of nature could be absorbed even after it took human form.

The possibility would only go away when it reached the Emperor stage or above.

Seeing that Himmel Soan didnt react to Fireys request, Bandora explained to her, “The exam takes place every year.

We use it to examine the students cultivation level.

“Students from all the branches will gather here.

There will be competitions on fighting and pill refining.

The students will take part in both individual battles and team competitions.

“Rewards are given out after the competitions, and there will be a feast.”

Firey grew excited.


She found them so attractive.

She tugged at Himmel Soans sleeve.

“Master, I want to join the competition!”

Himmel Soan said, “But youre not a student here.”

“I want to compete!” Firey pouted.

Bandora said, “We can make an exception for her.

Well invite the eight emperors and capable members of Stelladom Academy and Starwan Tower.

The best students of Elixir School will be competing against them!”

Himmel Soan sighed.

The girl wanted to join the competition so badly, and he didnt want to disappoint her.

She had been such a good girl these days.

He felt she could be willful every once in a while.

Moreover, she needed to improve herself in battles.


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