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“I want to be an examiner!” said Firey.

The two listeners were taken by surprise.

Himmel Soan thought Firey wanted to take part in the competition.

If that was the case, he was curious to know how she was compared to the elite students.

He still had much to learn about the essence of nature, such as the way Firey cultivated and her cultivation stages.

Firey didnt need breakthroughs, so the stages didnt matter.

It only depended on her capability.

After all this time, he never saw Firey fight seriously, so he still didnt know her exact strength.

It was something even he couldnt see through.

That was part of the reason he agreed to let Firey join the competition.

However, Firey asked to be an examiner.

Was she that confident in her capability

Bandora was shocked.

She thought Firey wanted to have some fun.

She could assign the girl to any of the branches.

She would use this chance to observe Firey and see how the essence of nature fought.

This was the first time she saw the human form of the essence of nature.

However, Firey requested to become an examiner, making things a little tricky.

“An examiner Which stage do you want to work on Students of each stage have their own competitions.

If you work as the examiner of the Golden Core stage, you cant join other stages.”

After some consideration, Bandora still granted Fireys request.

It was just an examiner.

The girl could have some fun.

With Bandora and Himmel Soan present at the scene, Firey would be under control.

“I want to work in the Virtualization stage!” Firey wanted to say the Contemplation stage at first, but she feared she wouldnt be those students match.

Even if she was, she couldnt defeat them so easily.

After much consideration, she chose the Virtualization stage.

She knew she could handle those students.

She was very confident in her strength.

Even if she couldnt defeat them, she could always run.

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“The Virtualization stage” Bandora hesitated.

She couldnt see Fireys cultivation level, but she could speculate.

She thought Firey was at most a Nascent cultivator.

Hence, the girl would want to work in the Golden Core stage.

It never occurred to her that Firey would choose the Virtualization stage.

Besides, she looked so confident.

It was out of Bandoras expectations.

“Are you sure” Himmel Soan asked Firey in surprise.


If Im not their match, I can always run.” She grinned at Himmel Soan.

“As long as you know what to do.” Himmel Soan then turned to Bandora.

“Firey will be the examiner of the Virtualization stage.

Is there any problem”

Himmel Soan didnt think much of it.

Working as an examiner shouldnt be an issue.

There were so many examiners, so having one more or one less wouldnt affect anything.

The job would train Fireys ability in other fields as well.

Bandora listened to their conversation in astonishment and didnt know what to say.

Since Himmel Soan didnt think there was any problem, she let Firey do what she wanted.

With her ability, she could solve any problem.


Firey will be the Virtualization stage examiner.

Ill let Seene prepare a room for you for the next couple of days.”

Himmel Soan nodded.

Living here would be more convenient, and he could use the time to read some books in the school.

The books here had to be better than the branches.

Bandora let Seene prepare a nice room for Himmel Soan and Firey.

She then went to make arrangements for the competition.

The following day, Firey dragged Himmel Soan out of the room before he could read anything.

They took a walk in Elixir School.

It was the most beautiful place in Stelladom, so Himmel Soan didnt mind enjoying the scenery.

More importantly, Firey was by his side.

All the buildings in Elixir School were of the same style.

The white walls, black roofs, and red columns created a pleasant atmosphere.

The ground was covered by neatly arranged stone bricks while trees were planted ten meters apart.

There was a giant tree on the hill behind the school, which was magnificent.

The trees here werent as tall as those in the Dusk Soul Forest, but the tree trunks were four or five times thicker.

Himmel Soan and Firey enjoyed the beautiful campus.

On their walk, they reached a small tower.

It had nine stories in total, and only the first two levels were lit.

Many people were gathered around the tower.

“What took Mou so long on the second floor Hes always bragging, but the first time he enters the tower, he only lit two levels.”

“You sound as if youve lit three or four levels.”

“Mou is a capable cultivator.

I think hes still getting used to it.

Just wait and see.”

“Lyn, how many levels did you light up last time Are you going to try again today”

“I lit four, and Im going to give the fifth level a go today.

The competition is starting soon.

Im not going to let the branch students humiliate me!”

“Lyns right.

Im going to try, too.

I hope I can light up the third level.”

They were still chatting when the third level lit up.

The crowd cried out in surprise.

They didnt expect to see Mou succeed.

As his first time in the tower, this achievement was quite amazing.

From their conversations, Himmel Soan identified what this place was.

It was a training tower.


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