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“Mou is coming out!”

“I didnt expect him to exit so soon.

I think he has the ability to complete the fourth level!”

“Mou is good, but hes nowhere close to a genius.

He has already outdone himself by lighting up the third level.”

“Oh, shut up.

You dont get to judge your senior brother like that!”

“Shut up Whatever happened to freedom of speech You think too highly of yourself!”

“Im not! Youre changing my words!”

They were still bickering when a person walked out of the tower.

It was Mou, the person they had been talking about.

The crowd ran toward Mou as soon as they saw him.

“Mou, Im amazed! You lit three levels on your first try.

Thats so impressive!”

“Mou, youre awesome! Can I talk to you later in your room”

“Me, too!”

Mou scratched his head awkwardly.

He was blushing.

It took him forever to blurt out, “No, you cant!”

The crowd was amused by how shy he was, so they went on teasing him.

Another person entered the tower.

They could only enter the tower once every three months, so no one wanted to miss this opportunity.

The trial could help them evaluate their capability, and lighting up an extra level could benefit them greatly.

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“Do you want to try” Himmel Soan asked Firey.

He knew the answer when he saw her eager look.

“Yes! Ill light up the entire tower!” Fireys eyes twinkled.

She didnt try to keep her voice down.

The crowd all heard her.

They didnt know who made that bold claim.

When they turned their heads, they saw a girl in a red dress.

Such an ignorant child!

“Where did this kid come from” Sheen asked with a frown.

What was a kid doing in Elixir School And why was she accompanied by an ordinary man How did they get in

“Dont call her that! Shes such a lovely girl! Dont make me smack you!”

“Thats right.

Why cant the little sister dream about lighting up the tower You shouldnt insult her!”

“Theres nothing wrong with having ambition.

Im sure shell achieve great things in the future!”

“Why didnt you say such nice things when I said those words earlier”

“Because youre overambitious!”

The criticisms rendered Sheen speechless.

The kid was ambitious, yet he was labeled overambitious.

They said the same thing, but the girl was always right, and he was always wrong.

He walked away in frustration.

“Hello, whats your name” One of the female students who had scolded Sheen walked up to Firey and squatted down.

Firey blinked.

“You can call me Firey.”

Her master had told Bandora about their surname, but she knew that was because he trusted the principal.

These people were strangers to her.

Who knew what they would say

Firey wasnt going to tell them her full name.

“Firey Thats such a nice name! You can call me Vin!

“Do you want to try the tower Heres the thing.

You need to be fairly capable before you can do that.

What do you think of your strength”

Vin smiled at Firey, finding the girl rather adorable.

Firey smiled back at her.

“Im quite amazing, actually.”

Vin was dumbfounded.

But she soon reached the conclusion that the girl didnt have an accurate understanding of her capability, so she said, “Being quite amazing isnt enough to light up the entire tower.

“Most cultivators in my school can light up two levels, and the more talented ones can do three.

“If they can light up four levels, theyre more talented than most students.

Only the real genius can go beyond the fifth level.

“Probably only that maniac of the Tzi family can pass the ninth level.

“Of course, Im only referring to how many levels one can pass in one go.

When youve tried enough times, youll reach the ninth level eventually.

However, the reward wont be so generous after the first trial, and the more times you try, the less youll receive.

“Kiddo, do you want to get to the ninth level”

Firey nodded.

It was just a tower.

What was so difficult about that

Himmel Soan finally spoke, “Does the tower adjust its difficulty level according to everyones cultivation level”

Vin glanced at him in surprise, thinking, For an ordinary person, he has quite sharp eyes.

“Youre right.

The difficulty of the trials will be adjusted according to each persons strength.

“The tower has its restrictions.

Only the cultivators between the Golden Core and Contemplation stages can go inside.

Its prohibited for others.

“Firey, have you reached the Golden Core stage yet” Vin asked Firey after explaining to Himmel Soan.

She couldnt tell what level Firey was, which was an enigma to her.

However, she could detect the special energy Firey was giving off, which meant she had to be a cultivator.

That was why she asked the questions.

In her eyes, Himmel Soan was just an ordinary man.

She had some idea of the relationship between the two.

Since they resembled each other, Vin thought an ordinary person had a cultivator daughter, so he was here to enroll the girl in the school.

That was the story Vin told herself.

Of course, she didnt say it aloud.

“The Golden Core stage Of course, I have.

Thats so basic.” Firey grinned.

She was already at that stage when she took human form.

She was a junior Contemplation cultivator now.

The question was so unnecessary!


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