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Level eight was lit.

Level nine was the next.

No one was talking about if she could light up the ninth level anymore.

They all held their breaths as if they were waiting for a miracle.

If a miracle did happen, they would all be witnesses.

They felt butterflies in their stomachs as if they were the ones climbing the tower.

Fifteen minutes passed.

The ninth level was still dark, but Firey hadnt come out.

It meant she was still trying.

An hour later, Firey still hadnt left the tower.

“Is she going to fail” That was the question on everybodys mind.

Firey had climbed the first eight levels so fast that it seemed she had met no obstacles.

Her momentum was broken at the ninth level.

Unlike the first eight, this level was taking her forever.

The others couldnt help but think she was going to fail.

The time difference was too significant.

Another hour passed, and people in the crowd made up their minds.

Level nine wasnt going to be lit today.

If she could do it, she would have done it by now.

They had all tried the tower before and knew the longer it took, the harder it would be.

After all this time, only an insanely talented person could stay in level nine for so long.

While everybody thought she couldnt make it, the ninth level lit up.

“I cant believe it! She has lit up level nine!”

“Thats crazy! She has passed the last level! I think the principal will be here soon.”

“Who is this girl How can she be so amazing Shes not the principals new pupil, is she”

“Even if she isnt now, she will be when the principal arrives.”

“Today has been like a dream.

Seeing this genius, I think our school is going to rise!”

“Why is she still inside”

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“Shes probably accepting the rewards now.”

At the last level, everybody would be given a reward according to their achievements.

The rewards after nine levels were beyond imagination.

Now that Firey had passed all nine levels, it was only natural that she was there to receive the prize.

Vin was dumbfounded.

She didnt expect to see Firey fulfill her promise.

The ninth level…

She had tried the tower ten times and had barely made it through the eighth level.

She couldnt fathom passing level nine.

It was so difficult.

Yet, Firey had succeeded.

She lit up all levels on her first try.

She was insanely talented, just like that person from the Tzi family.

Vin then glanced at Himmel Soan, but he didnt show any reaction.

It was as if he had anticipated this.

She began to speculate about his cultivation level.

If his daughter was so talented, he had to be an advanced cultivator himself.

He was also the principals friend.

Who was more capable The principal or this father that looked like an ordinary man

Vin didnt know the answer.

She couldnt ask the two people to have a showdown either.

She didnt have that right.

Half an hour later, Firey came out of the tower, looking frustrated.

“Whats wrong She has passed the ninth level.

Why does she have that look”

“Maybe she feels she used too much time on the ninth level.”

“I dont understand!”

“I knew it! I knew she would be so talented! Shes lit up level nine!”

“No, you didnt! You said she wouldnt reach level six!”


Firey ignored all the voices and went straight to Himmel Soan.

She then threw herself into his arms, whining, “Master, the old man on the tenth floor was so mean!

“He kicked me out as soon as I went in! I didnt have a chance, and it was over!

“Thats so unfair!”

The tenth level

What tenth level

The tower only had nine levels!

The others listened to Firey in confusion.

Why did she say there was the tenth level

“There are only nine levels.

Wheres the tenth one Youve passed them all,” said Vin with a smile.

“Nine levels There are ten! The attic at the top of the tower is the tenth level!” Firey blinked.

Together, there were ten levels.

The old man kicked her out of the last level, which was why she was upset.

She wanted Himmel Soans comfort!

The attic

The tenth level

Everybody looked up at the tip of the tower.

Did that count as a level

They didnt know that because it had never been lit up before.

That was why they always thought there were nine levels.

How could it count as a level

But Firey sounded so convinced.

Everybody became intrigued.

“There have always been ten levels.” Bandora also arrived.

She nodded at Himmel Soan first before turning to the crowd.

“The tower has always had ten levels.

Those who pass level ten will leave their names there.

“Three people have passed level ten so far.

Two of them didnt leave their names, and one only left behind aSoan.”

She glanced at Himmel Soan again.

Part of that piece of information was specifically for Himmel Soan.

When she sensed what was going on in the tower, she recalled that name and came here in a hurry.

She immediately saw Firey in the tower.

The essence of nature was always talented and great at resonating with nature.

Moreover, Himmel Soan had adopted her, so it was only normal that she passed all nine levels.

It wouldnt be a surprise if she made it through level ten.

By the sound of it, Firey left level ten as soon as she went in.

Bandora was confused.

“Firey, was level ten very hard Tell me what happened.”

Firey said angrily, “That old fool! Im so mad!”


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