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“From level one to level nine, the door to the next level would open automatically when I passed the previous level.

But the door to the tenth level didnt budge.

I was so mad that I kicked it open.

“There was an old man inside.

When he saw me, he kicked me out without saying a word.

“Master, he was inside all the time, but he wouldnt open the door for me.

You must teach him a lesson!”

Firey felt so aggrieved.

She kept asking Himmel Soan to get back at that old man for her.

It was as if the guy had done something bad.

In fact, she had kicked the door open first.

If Firey hadnt looked so lovely, the others would have scolded her.

But now, they only found her adorable.

Bandora didnt think that way.

Others might not know Himmel Soan, but she did.

Although she was unclear of his exact cultivation level, she knew he couldnt be weaker than her.

People like him usually wouldnt control their mood.

If he really believed Firey and decided to make her happy, the old man would be in danger.

“Sir, the old man on the tenth level is the guardian spirit.

Hes in charge of the tower.

“This tower is an important energy source of Elixir School.

It will only stand when the guardian spirit is there.

Although I dont know why he didnt open the door, I hope you wont be mad at him.

Im sorry for what he did.”

Bandora cupped her hands at Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan casually waved his hands.

“Firey is the one who broke the rule.

Im sorry.

She was kicked out.

It will teach her a lesson!”

Bandora was relieved.

If Himmel Soan wanted to take revenge for Firey, he and Bandora might have to confront each other.

That was something she wished to avoid.

No matter who won, many people in the school would be affected.

Bandora would rather give up the guardian spirit than go to war against Himmel Soan.

A beggar could never be bankrupt.

And the school was the beggar here.

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“Let me communicate with the guardian spirit so that Firey can try the tenth level again,” said Bandora.

Himmel Soan stopped her.

“Since the tenth door didnt open, Firey wasnt meant to go inside.

She cant force it.

“Maybe the guardian spirit did that because he wanted to train Firey.”

Bandora nodded and found him to be reasonable.

Firey said in her childish voice, “I dont want to see that strange old man!

“When Im powerful enough, Ill challenge him again.

Ill kick him out of the tower, and hell know how I felt!”

Bandora lost her words.

The father and daughter had made up their minds.

What more could she say

Bandora then turned to Himmel Soan.

“Sir, are you here to visit Elixir School

Himmel Soan nodded.

She said apologetically, “I should be showing you around the school, but the competition is approaching.

I really cant get away.

Im so sorry.”

“Maam, please dont let me keep you.

Im just walking around the campus.” He was only enjoying the sights and didnt expect the principal to come here for Fireys trial.

Hearing how busy Bandora was, Himmel Soan was a little embarrassed.

He didnt want to get in the way of her work.

“Sir, Ill go back to my work.” Bandora then turned to Vin.

“Vin, show the gentleman around.

Tell him more about our school.”

As soon as the principal left, the crowd started talking.

They whispered about Himmel Soan.

“Who on earth is this man He seems so ordinary.

Why is the principal so polite”

“Polite I think the principal was fawning on him.”

“Dont be ridiculous.

Why would the principal do that I must be so tired that Im seeing things.”

“Hes not one of the eight emperors, is he That can explain why the girl lit nine levels.”

The others agreed with this speculation.

Himmel Soan had brought Firey here, who lit up nine levels and even reached level.

No one here had heard of it.

If the girl was so talented, Himmel Soan couldnt be an ordinary man.

After seeing how the principal talked to Himmel Soan, they were even more convinced that he was a big shot.

“I dont think the principal would be so polite to the eight emperors.”

Someone thought differently.

That was right!

The principal was also at the Emperor stage.

Even if Emperor Tzi, the most capable emperor, was here, she still didnt need to fawn on him.

Just who was this man

No one had an answer.

Since Bandora didnt introduce this man, they couldnt ask her.

It would be so offensive.

They were talking about Himmel Soan under their breaths.

They didnt dare raise their voices, let alone speak to him in person.

Before long, somebody changed the subject to the tenth level again.

“Ive never heard about the guardian spirit.

I thought the tenth level would be just like any other level.”

“Knowing it wont change anything.

You cant even light up level five, let alone level ten!”

“I cant imagine someone has actually lit up the tenth level!”

“Is that Soan a surname If it is, itll be really terrifying!”

“Maybe its just part of that persons given name!”


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