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Vin blinked and was dumbfounded.

Didnt she explain that

Searching her memory, she realized she hadnt!

“Sir, Im sorry, but I forgot to tell you.

But dont worry.

Its not too late.

The truth is: even the principal doesnt know why.”

Himmel Soan was confused.

Vin went on.

“The river has that cold energy up until the waterfall.

Once the water falls over the edge, that energy vanishes.”


Himmel Soan frowned.

There had to be a reason behind it.

That cold energy couldnt just vaporize into thin air.

The answer must lie in that waterfall.

However, he wasnt planning to look into it now.

“If you cant go into the river, how do you catch the essence fish” Himmel Soan asked.

Since the essence fish was an important asset of the school, they must know how to catch them.

“With a fishing rod,” said Vin.

“A fishing rod”

Seeing Himmel Soans confusion, Vin picked up a branch.

She then took some fish wire and a low-grade essence stone out of her pocket.

After tying the branch, the fish wire, and the essence stone together, she threw the stone into the river.

That was what she meant.

It was how everybody in Elixir School fished.


Vin then said, “Essence fish are spiritual animals.

Nothing but the essence stone can be used as bait.

Whether or not you can catch a fish depends on your luck though.

“The more fortunate you are, the less time you need to catch an essence fish.

“If youre not that lucky, youll need a very long time.

Sometimes it can take three whole days and over a dozen essence stones to catch one fish.”

Himmel Soan nodded.

They used fishing rods the same way Earthlings did.

The only difference was that they were cultivators.

Still, ordinary people and cultivators had many things in common.

Himmel Soan got lost in his thoughts again.

Just then, a cheerful voice woke him up from his reveries.

“Sir, its my lucky day! I got one already, and I think its a big one!” Vin sounded so happy.

She had never caught a fish so fast.

Usually, it would take her at least two hours.

But today, it only took her less than fifteen minutes.

It felt like she had just thrown the essence stone in the water, and the fish was hooked.

Vin was thrilled by how fortunate she was.

She pulled the fish wire out of the water, and out with it was a big fish about 1.5kg.

“I didnt expect to be so lucky today.

That fish is over 1.5kg!” Vin reported to Himmel Soan in a cheerful voice.

She then showed him the essence fish.

“Lets roast it! Im so lucky!

“When I used a low-grade essence stone in the past, the heaviest fish I could catch was around a kilo.

To catch something this big, Id have to use a medium-grade essence stone.

But it only cost me a low-grade one to catch this big fish.

Im so happy!

“I talk too much.

Sir, let me roast the fish for you!”

Vin wanted to leave, but Himmel Soan stopped her.

“Since your lucks good today, why dont you try to catch some more”

Vin paused.

That was true.

Maybe with good luck, she could catch some more.

“Alright! Ill give it a go! Maybe Im on a lucky streak!”

Despite what she said, she knew it would be extremely difficult.

Catching one fish a day was already considered very lucky.

Catching two was next to impossible.

In Elixir School, only Frost and the principal had caught two essence fish in one day.

“Vin, didnt you just catch one Do you want to catch one more”

“Why are you doing this to yourself”

“Isnt one enough”

“Thats right.

We all saw how lucky you were, but trying to catch another one is being too greedy.”

Many other students were fishing nearby.

They all felt a little envious to see Vin catch a fish so soon.

They had waited for half a day, but none of them had caught anything.

What did Vin do

Only minutes had passed since she started fishing, and she already caught such a big one.

The others all found it rather unfair.

They didnt say anything at first because they couldnt deny her luck.

However, instead of leaving, she started fishing again.

What did she want

One more

That was just greed!

Vin frowned, but she couldnt retort.

“Vin, do you really think you can get more You just had a bit of dumb luck! Catching a second one Dont make me laugh!” A man strolled toward them, holding a fan in his hand.

He immediately started taunting Vin.

Vins brows locked together when she saw who it was.

The man was Manos, her least favorite person in the school!

Manos wasnt like this before.

However, he began to target her whenever he could after she turned down his courtship.

When she saw him, she felt her lucky streak had just come to an end.


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