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Himmel Soans analysis was reasonable, but he couldnt prove it.

He didnt need to though.

The others didnt take him seriously.

Even if he was right, they only saw him as an ordinary man and wouldnt listen to him even if their principal had been so polite to him.

“Thank you, sir.” Vin cupped her hands at Himmel Soan.

She finally stopped worrying and calmed down.

With Himmel Soans words, Vin was confident that she could catch the second fish.

Other people might not recognize his prowess, but she did.

That man was definitely somebody.

If a big shot like him said such a thing, it had to be true.

Vin changed the bait to a top-grade essence stone and threw it into the water without hesitation.

People around her cried out when they saw this.

What a waste!

“Did she just throw that in Whys there so much noise”

“Is she really catching a second one”

“She cant be.

The bait has barely touched the water.

They have to have hired the fish for it to come so soon.”

“I dont think its possible either!”

“Thats a top-grade essence stone.

Why is it so strange that some small fish would take the bait I think its totally possible!”

“In that case, is Manos going to lose”

“I think so!”

Everybody was making guesses.

Vin finally let out a breath of relief.

What a wise man! As soon as the top-grade essence stone hit the water, the fish took the bait!

Just as she was going to pull the fish out of the water, Himmel Soan immediately stopped her.

“Its not the right time.

If you pull now, youll catch nothing.”


“But sir, the essence fish is already hooked.

If we wait, itll get away!” Vin said anxiously.

Despite that, she still followed Himmel Soans instructions and kept the bait in the water.

The wire soon became still again.

Had the fish escaped Why didnt she pull the rod

Everybody was perplexed.

“Whats Vin thinking Does she want to become Manoss partner”

“I dont think so.

She never liked him.”

“I see whats going on here! Shes only been pretending! Her disdain is only a facade of her affection!”


Vin is my favorite senior sister.

She cant become Manoss cultivation partner.

If that happens, Ill give up alchemy!”

“The wire has stopped moving.

Why wont Vin pull it out Does she want to fish without any bait”

“I think she was too excited to pull the rod just then.

Shes at a loss now after realizing what she has missed.”

They couldnt stop talking about it.

Too many unexpected twists had taken place.

It was more exciting than a roller coaster ride.

“Vin, if you want to be my cultivation partner, you can just give up.

You dont need to go so far to let me win!”

Manos was thrilled.

He was so nervous when the fishing wire swayed just then.

He thought Vin was going to catch a second fish.

If that were the case, he would have to jump into the river, which would definitely kill him.

What happened next was so unexpected that he was over the moon.

He didnt know if Vin had done it on purpose, but he was glad that it had happened.

It felt like Gods will!

“Sir, are you sure we dont need to pull it out” Vin ignored Manos.

She had been following Himmel Soans instructions since she switched the bait.

She would do everything he said.

Even their principal respected this man, so she didnt think he would trick her on such a matter.

“Wait for the next sway, but dont pull it just yet.

When the wire shakes for the third time, pull it right away!”

Vin was relieved, but Manos couldnt stand it.

“The third time Youve got to be kidding me! No, I guess I should thank you.

If you hadnt been misleading Vin, she wouldnt have become my cultivation partner later.

“Thank you, Master Mislead!”

Manos praised Himmel Soan in a sarcastic tone.

It sounded more humiliating than pure taunting.

Himmel Soan smiled without getting offended.

“Its too early to reach any conclusion yet.

You never know what will happen until it happens.”

That was all Himmel Soan said.

He then stared at the river in silence.

Manos frowned.

He found those words so vague that he couldnt understand a thing.

Wasnt it so obvious what had happened What more conclusions did this man need Such a poser!

Manos decided he had been right about this man.

“Youre full of bull**, but you cant fool me!” Manos continued to taunt Himmel Soan, but he then felt a suffocating burst of heat.

“What did you say One more word, and Ill roast you like a fish!” Firey was so angry that energy burst out of her.

The heatwave enveloped the entire school.

Manos swallowed.

His face darkened, but he chose not to speak a word.

He was surprised by Fireys burst of energy.

He was just a peak Virtualization cultivator and got intimidated.

Almost everybody was shocked.

Some of them knew Firey was the genius who had passed nine levels in the tower, but they didnt know her exact cultivation level.

They assumed she was at most a Golden Core cultivator because she was just a little girl!

The lower ones level, the easier it was to get through the tower.

Therefore, many people believed Firey was a talented Golden Core cultivator with a bright future.

But now, they knew how wrong they had been.

She was so powerful!

If she was so strong, what about that man behind her


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