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On purpose Refining the burned ingredients

Either way, it didnt make any sense.

Who would deliberately burn their ingredients

Seeing how serious Himmel Soan was, Bandora didnt say anything.

She could only wait to see what would happen next.

A lot of things were going on.

Many contestants in the examination area were looking at Lan after she burned her ingredients, forgetting about their own furnaces.

They couldnt help it.

That was so intriguing!

Lan was the most famous elder in the school, and everybody knew her.

However, she had just burned her ingredients.

No one could believe it.

Moreover, she was only making Grade-6 pills.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Distracted by Lan, many more people burned their ingredients.

They were so close to victory, but they fell short at the last step.

Before long, there were only over a hundred people left in the game.

“Please wait! Id like to borrow your defective pills!” Lan finally spoke, but her words baffled the others.

The defective pills Why did she need them Once the ingredients were burned, the defective pills were useless.

What was she going to do with them

“Elder Tine, you can have the defective pills, but I dont understand why you need them” someone asked.

“Thats right.

Havent you burned your ingredients”

“What are the defective pills for”

“Can she do something with them”

Everybody was full of questions.

They didnt think much of it at first.

The defective pills were useless, so they might as well do her a favor.

But now, they tried to figure out what she needed them for.

Lan had behaved so strangely.

She burned her Grade-6 ingredients at first.

Instead of leaving the area, she stayed and asked the others for their defective pills.

How odd!

If the defective pills were that useful, the other contestants wouldnt let Lan have them.

This was a competition.

Her request had kindled their hopes.

Lan knew she couldnt have the pills if she didnt offer an explanation.

She had better tell them.

It wasnt much of a secret anyway.

“Im going to refine the defective pills to make new pills.

“If someone can lend me some defective pills, Ill return the favor by making a batch of Class B Grade-8 pills for them,” said Lan.

If these people wanted to refine the defective pills on their own, Lan couldnt stop them.

Therefore, she made a generous offer.

Refine the burned ingredients

The crowd was thrilled.

They had never imagined that possibility.

Maybe it was a way to salvage their defective pills.

However, they didnt know where to start.

“Elder Tine, you can have my defective pills.

I dont need the Grade-8 pills.

I only want to see you refine them.”

“Me, too, Elder Tine!”

“Well, Ill choose the Grade-8 pills!”

Over a dozen people soon made up their minds.

The refinement was too difficult for them.

They didnt even know where to begin.

In that case, they would rather give away their defective pills to do Elder Tine a favor.

It would be much better than guessing blindly on their own.


You can stay and watch me refine the pills after giving me the defective pills, but you cant disturb other people.

“If anyone needs Grade-8 pills, they can collect them from me when I return to my branch.”

Elder Tine only collected eight sets of defective pills.

After that, she started the refinement.

Everybody quieted down.

The contestants that were still working on their pills were those that could shut off the outside noise.

They wouldnt notice anything happening around them unless their lives were in danger.

As Lan relit her furnace, Bandora paced back and forth for a long while in the tower.

“The idea of refining the defective pills came from you.

Is that right, Mr.

Soan” Bandora asked.


The defective pills still contain energy, so why cant we extract it

“Its the same principle with the ingredients.

We can extract and refine the energy they contain, turning them into pills.

During this process, the impurities are removed, and only the purest energy remains.

Pills made in this way are the best!

“Lan is a brilliant girl.

I only taught her once, but she has already mastered it.”

Himmel Soan explained everything.

Bandora was astonished and felt she was getting onto something.

She had a better understanding of alchemy now.

She kept thinking back to his words.

After a long while, she raised her head and bowed at Himmel Soan.


Soan, thank you!

“Youve benefited me so much! I understand alchemy much better now.

Lan is so lucky to have you as her master.”

His words alone had taught her so much.

How capable would he be

Bandora couldnt begin to imagine.

Recalling the relationship between the Soan surname and the eight emperors, she wondered if Mr.

Soan was here for revenge.

But it didnt seem that way because Mr.

Soan was an amicable man in every aspect.

He was almost a saint.

Was that how cultivators were when they rose beyond the Emperor stage

She didnt dare make too many assumptions.


Soan, what do you think of Elixir School” Bandora suddenly asked.

“Its a good school.

Why” Himmel Soan was a little perplexed.

“If you find Elixir School acceptable, would you like to replace me and become the principal”

“Me Im just an ordinary man.

Why would I do that” Himmel Soan was surprised.

“Im offering the job to you!” Bandora said.

Himmel Soan had already calmed down.

He shook his head.

“Im not the suitable candidate.”


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