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Something else

Lan was perplexed.

What did her master wish to say

“Master, Im listening!” Lan said obediently.

“Im going to show you the law of time and space, but youll have to find your own way.

I cant teach you anything,” Himmel Soan made a shocking announcement.

The law of time and space was the most important cultivation law.

If one could master it, they could change the time, space, and location they were in.

Lan had never heard of anybody who had succeeded.

Hardly anybody ever tried to learn it.

One could become the most important person in a region if one could learn a tiny fraction of the law.

The little bit that Emperor Tzi had learned made him the head of the eight emperors.

Right now, her master asked her to learn the law of time and space.

The very idea made Lan want to pull her hair out.

It was unbelievable!

She would have to study the law of time and space, and her master couldnt offer any help.

What a difficult task!

No, calling it difficult was an understatement.

It was next to impossible!

“Master, the law of time and space is so difficult.

Itll take me forever to learn it even with instructions.

Youve asked me to study it on my own.

Thats just beyond my imagination!

“I dont think Ill get anywhere in the next one or two decades!” After some hesitation, Lan spoke her mind.

She might be able to carry out any other task, but what her master asked now was too difficult for her to handle on her own.

Comprehending the law of time and space was a daunting task.

Lan felt her brain was going to explode.

“Take your time.

Just like everything else, it cant be rushed.

“The law of time and space is one of the most important laws, so theres no need to hurry.

“But everything needs a time limit, so Im going to set a deadline.

You must master the law in twenty years!”

In the end, Himmel Soan set a deadline for Lan, thinking that it was long enough.

However, twenty years would pass in the blink of an eye.

Asking Lan to master the law of time and space within that deadline was going to be difficult.

No, it wasnt just difficult.

It was like ascending to the heavens!

Even Emperor Tzi only learned a tiny fraction after so many years.

Lan was only a Hinayana cultivator.

Himmel Soan was basically asking her to reach Emperor Tzis level in twenty years.

How was that possible

Her master had just gotten her into the biggest trouble!

“Master, its too difficult!

“I have zero ideas about the law of time and space, and I dont know how to start!”

Lan was still at a loss.

She wanted to turn down the request, but Himmel Soan was her master.

How could she say no to him

But if she didnt, she had no idea what to do next.

“All laws of nature are connected.

For instance, the law of alchemy can be related to the laws of herbs and healings.

All the laws will be interwoven into a big web in the end.

“You have to have a taste of the law of time and space in one year.

If you still cant understand it, Ill come for you.” Himmel Soan waved at Lan and walked away with a smile.

Although Lan said she didnt know anything about the law of time and space, Himmel Soan still set a time for her.

In one year, if Lan still couldnt figure it out, he would give her a hand.

He had his reasons for letting Lan study the law of time and space on her own.

The law of time and space seemed to be connected to the general cultivation rule of this world, and that rule didnt seem to like Himmel Soan.

It was impossible for him to use the power of time and space.

However, he needed that power to return to Earth.

That was why he asked Lan to study it.

“I still havent found anything about Gina.

If I cant find anything here, Ill search for her on Earth,” Himmel Soan murmured.

He had spotted Gina once and arrived in this world by accident.

Was there no connection between everything that had happened Was there no connection between the Zimmer family and the surname Soan

There had to be!

However, Himmel Soan still made a Plan B.

After the alchemy competition was over, many people heard what happened, as well as the person with the surname Soan.

The eight emperors, Stelladome Academy, and Starwan Tower all received the information.

They all felt and reacted differently.

At first, everything was quiet, as if nothing had happened.

It seemed to be the silence before a storm.

“Shwa, what do you think”

“Baih, you know me.

Ive always kept my ground neutral and never gotten involved in your affairs.”

“But you agreed on our decision on the Soans.”

Emperor Baihs face darkened a little.

He seemed displeased with what Emperor Shwa said.

They had made the decision together, but he wouldnt admit it now.

Emperor Shwa smiled and said calmly, “I never picked a side.

No matter what you all said, I only kept my silence.

“Moreover, I rank above you, so mind your tone!”

Emperor Baih almost snorted.

Ranked above him

Emperor Baih was the fifth, while Emperor Shwa was the fourth.

There wasnt much difference at all.

Who was he kidding

“If thats your excuse, youre too naive.

So what if youre ranked above me Are you more capable than me now

“Thom Shwa, if youre neutral, stay where you are.

If you have a hidden agenda and I find it, I dont mind joining hands with the others and removing you from your rank!”

Emperor Baih threatened Emperor Shwa, yet Emperor Shwa completely ignored him.

They were both emperors, so none of those words made sense.

They wouldnt be threatened by a fellow emperor either.

Join hands

That was bluffing!

Another two out of the eight emperors belonged to the neutral party.


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