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Like Emperor Shwa, Emperor Zea and Emperor Tzi were also neutral on the matter.

Three out of the first four emperors didnt care about this issue.

Emperor Oogh was the only one who strongly supported the eradication of the surname Soan.

Without him, nothing would have happened.

Emperor Shwa couldnt understand why Emperor Baih thought he could pose a threat.

With what

If Emperor Oogh didnt get involved, Emperor Shwa was confident he could handle any of the other four emperors.

Even if some of them joined hands, he still wouldnt be worried.

If Emperor Oogh attacked, so would Emperor Tzi.

Emperor Tzi wouldnt let him have it his way.

Hence, Emperor Shwa never thought much of Emperor Baihs threat.

“Emperor Baih, if theres nothing else, please leave.

The surname Soan has been mentioned.

So be it.

Are you ever going to let it drop”

Emperor Shwa ordered his guest to leave.

Emperor Baih snorted and stormed off.

“Let it drop A Soan wants to break the rules.

Of course, I cant let it drop.

No one can break the rules of Stelladom!” Emperor Baih disappeared after saying those words.

Emperor Shwa sighed and shook his head.

He then turned to the other side of the hall, asking, “Roo, what do you think”

Emperor Zea walked out from behind a column.

“Thy was being completely unreasonable.

We should never have kept our silence.

He did want to attack you just then.

I detected his killing intent.

“He must have detected me, so he gave up.”

She didnt need to remind Emperor Shwa because he had noticed it, too.

He was the one who was talking to Emperor Baih, so he knew all his intentions, especially when he wanted to kill someone!

If Emperor Baih wanted to attack, so would he.

“I dont know where Thy found that kind of courage.

Does he really have the ability to fight me now, or was he only probing”

Emperor Zea sighed and said in resignation, “Who knows No one can see through that man.

We dont have time to talk about him now.

Lan is the one that concerns us!”

Emperor Shwa rose to his feet and looked at the sky through the window.

I didnt expect Bandora Cien to get involved.

Stelladom Academy is talking about this issue, too.

As for Starwan Tower, its as indifferent as ever.

“If you ask me, I think Starwan Tower wants to break this rule!”

Emperor Zea nodded, agreeing with Emperor Shwa.

Without a doubt, Starwan Tower wanted to challenge the status quo, but it probably wouldnt get involved in the current matter.

Stelladom Academy would be on Emperor Baihs side.

“How did Elixir School get involved” Emperor Zea was perplexed.

“I heard Lan Soan was called Lan Chia at first.

She changed her surname after becoming a capable mans pupil.

“That man was said to have come out of the Dusk Soul Forest.

Hes called Himmel Soan, and no one knows what his cultivation level is because he looks like an ordinary man.

“Hes staying with Bandora in Elixir School at the moment,” Emperor Shwa explained to Emperor Zea.

He had heard all those things from other people.

To find out the truth, he needed to go there and see it for himself.

However, Elixir School was holding the competition at the moment.

Going there now would be exceedingly rude.

Everybody was waiting for the competition to finish.

“Should we send someone now” Emperor Zea asked.

“I dont think so.

Bandora values respect above anything else.

Well be in a lot of trouble if we offend her.

“And shes probably on our side.

We shouldnt disturb her right now.”

Emperor Shwa turned down Emperor Zeas suggestion.

He also wanted to send people over there, but the alchemy competition was taking place, and he didnt want to make things more complicated.

Moreover, he would achieve the opposite effect if he offended Bandora.

He would rather stay put.

“Although, we can send someone to Starwan Tower and ask for their opinion.

After all, that surname is very unusual.

Maybe we can achieve something this time!”

Emperor Shwa and Emperor Zea nodded at each other.

Apart from what they had talked about, there was also another person they needed to visit—Emperor Tzi.

They wanted to know his opinion.

Meanwhile, Emperor Baih was already seeing Emperor Oogh.

In Stelladom Academy, the principal, several chiefs, and a few experienced teachers had gathered together.

The principal cut to the chase.

“What do you think about the surname Soan”

They had all heard that the surname had been brought up again but hadnt figured out what to do.

“Maybe that person came from somewhere beyond our borders.

We can just ignore the whole thing,” said one of the teachers.

“Once a Soan shows up, the rule will be broken! We cant overlook it!” somebody retorted.

“Are we going to go through the same thing again”

“So what if we are Someone wants to break the rule! Are you going to protect them”


Things soon got out of hand.

It was just like the last time when people couldnt stop arguing.

The principal stomped his walking stick on the floor and cleared his throat.

Everybody immediately quieted down.

Being the head of Stelladome Academy, he could silence a crowd whenever he wanted.

He only continued after the room fell silent.

“You can vote on whether to break the rule or not.

“As for the rest, you dont need to worry about it.

“Youre all coming with me to Elixir School tomorrow,” the principal said slowly.

Elixir School had invited them to attend the competition this year.

It gave them an opportunity to observe this Soan up close.

“Alright, you can vote now.

Are we going to break the rule or not”

The people in the room faced a choice.

It might seem simple, but many lives would be affected.

The lives of the Soans.

If the rule were to be broken, nothing would happen to them.

Otherwise, they would have to disappear from this world, or it would only be a matter of time before they broke the rule.


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