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That was an unfamiliar name.

Who was this “Sister Cien” supposed to be

They were surprised to learn that the girl had gotten the job through her connections.

They didnt know one could pull strings to become an examiner!

“Kid, Id return the token if I were you.”

“Do you know what an examiner does It has to be someone whos capable enough to test our cultivation ability!”

“I dont know who that Sister Cien is, but shes very careless! How could she give you an examiners token Thats so irresponsible!”

“I think we should report her to the principal and ask her to change our examiner!”

“Lets do that.

Im sure well have a new examiner!”

With someone taking the lead, the others agreed.

Having this girl here was a joke!

It was so ridiculous that “Sister Cien” had given the token to such a girl.

“What are you doing here” Bandora arrived at that moment.

Since Firey was Himmel Soans daughter, she had kept an eye on the girl, fearing that something would go wrong.

As expected, there was a problem even before the combat started.

This was unacceptable.

“Maam, we need to report to you about something,” said the contestants.

Report to her

About what

Bandora frowned.

“Whats the matter”

“Its about this girl.

Somebody has sent her here as an examiner, and thats just…”

“Thats right, Maam.

This girl can barely take care of herself.

How can she run an examination”

“Maam, she said a Sister Cien gave her the token.

How irresponsible of her to give away a token like that!”

“Maam, please send us a new examiner! The battles are going to start soon!”

Everybody was talking at the same time.

Bandora couldnt believe her ears.

Sister Cien and “the girl”

“Are you saying thatSister Cien is irresponsible”

Everybody nodded.

The next second, they sensed terrifying energy in the air, which was only aimed at those people.

They realized it came from their principal.

However, they didnt understand why this was happening.

They only told the truth, which resulted in her wrath.

They were completely at a loss.

“I made the decision to send Firey here! Im herSister Cien! Do you think it was irresponsible of me to send a girl here” Bandora snorted.

The contestants shuddered.

“Sister Cien” was the principal!

Yes, that was indeed her surname.

They had just offended their principal!

“Maam, Im sorry.

I shouldnt have said that.”

“Me, too! I take back my words! Maam, please forgive me!”


The ten contestants all dropped to their knees.

Bandora ignored them and walked straight to Fireys side.

“Firey, show them no mercy later.”

“Sure! I wont!” Firey grinned.

Bandora turned around but still didnt look at the contestants.

She chuckled as she walked away.

“Didnt you say how irresponsibleSister Cien was Ill show you how irresponsible she really is!

“Youll see why I chose the girl.

The combat will start now.

Ill be watching you.”

She returned to Himmel Soans side.

Once Lans name was revealed the day before, other forces all reacted to it.

Bandora had anticipated this reaction.

She wanted to use this chance to see how people reacted to the surname Soan.

She had already received a lot of news.


Soan, I think theres a connection between your surname and the barrier around the Stelladom continent,” said Bandora.

“According to them, a Soan is bound to break that barrier!”

“Some want to see that happen, while some dont.

Last time, most decided they didnt want to, so the Soans disappeared.


Soan, what do you think” Bandora told Himmel Soan everything she knew.

Himmel Soan gave it a thought and asked, “Which do you think is better, keeping the barrier or breaking it”


Her opinion

Bandora didnt expect to hear a question instead.

But she already had an answer.

“I think Ive made my attitude clear when I announced Lans surname.


Soan, its up to you whether we should keep the barrier.

“Ill choose what you choose.

Either way, I cant predict what will happen, so I decided to give that right to you.”

Bandora was on Himmel Soans side now, and so was Elixir School.

Himmel Soan fell silent.

He knew he was on a planet and that Stelladom was trapped by a barrier.

He had recovered 20% of his strength and had made some faint connection with the law of this world.

He could break the barrier when he recovered 25%.

However, there was something he couldnt understand.

Why was a Soan going to break the barrier and not anybody else

The Soans didnt reach the Emperor stage so many years ago, so where did that conclusion come from

“I see, but I dont know if I should break the barrier.

If breaking it can help Stelladom, Ill do it.

“But if itll harm Stelladom, I can let it be.

“Well talk about that later.

I still need to find out the truth about the surname Soan!” said Himmel Soan.


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