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Tests were taking place on the other stages.

The rules and procedures were all determined by the examiners of each team.

Fireys team was no exception.

“The ten of you will come at me together.

The three people that remain standing till the end will be the winners!” Firey waved at the contestants.

She was a bit grumpy.

Just moments ago, these people treated her like an ordinary girl and even questioned her ability to be an examiner!

How could she not be angry

Therefore, she decided to show them what she was capable of.

“All of us Kiddo—I mean, Miss, are you sure about that”

“Young lady, we know youre sent by the principal, but I think doing that is against the rules.”

“Plus, how are we going to decide which three are the winners”

“The ten of us together are equivalent to a Contemplation cultivator.

I dont think you can handle that!”

None of the contestants wanted to follow the instructions.

They were already confused by the fact that Firey was their examiner.

How could a girl be suitable for that position

They never believed it.

If Bandora hadnt come, they would still keep calling Firey a kid.

Nonetheless, even with the principals endorsement, they found the whole thing ridiculous.

Firey then gave them an incredible instruction, telling them to come at her all at once.

How could they do that What if they injured her The principal would blame them!

What if she was a Soan, too

The contestants were dumbfounded.

They almost forgot they were in Elixir School.

“Youre such a wuss!

“Im your examiner now.

Youll follow my rules!” Firey then activated her energy.

She was a peak Contemplation cultivator!

“You have ten seconds to react.

After that, Ill attack.




Only then did the contestants realize how capable their young examiner was.

There was no time for them to think about it.

They need to prepare for battle.



As soon as the countdown was over, Firey shifted to one side to dodge an incoming attack.

She then vanished and reappeared behind one of the contestants.

“Thats for calling me a kid!”


She kicked the man to the ground.

The impact resulted in a big hole in the ground.

The next second, she disappeared again.

Another man was kicked to the ground, adding one more hole.



Loud noises kept ringing out.

Even other examiners were intrigued by the noise.

Some people forgot they were still conducting an exam and looked in Fireys direction.

It was more like a one-sided slaughter than an examination.

It was terrifying!

The contestants in other teams were so glad they werent in Fireys team.

Otherwise, they would be in those holes now.

“Miss, Im sorry! Please stop!”

“We give up! Please dont hit us!”

“Not my face! Dont hit my face!”

“Miss Firey, I wont say those things anymore!”

The contestants faces were bruised and swollen as they begged in tears.

If they had known how fierce the examiner was, they would never have said any of those things.

They ended up like this because of their loose tongue.

They had it coming.

“The exam isnt over yet.

Theres no need to rush.

The rule says I need to select three winners.

Youre all so full of energy, and its hard for me to choose!” Firey sighed with a frown.

Hard to choose

Of course, it was!

Other teams held one-on-one battles, and the contestants were ranked according to their performance.

Firey just beat up everybody.

How would she know who the winners were

“Miss Firey, we give up! We waive our right!” the contestants shouted.

“No, you cant give up during an exam.

Would you do this when youre fighting off enemies Begging wont save you! You can only run!

“You run, or you fight! Run for your life or fight till you die!” Firey proclaimed loudly.

She wanted to let the contestants know that surrendering wasnt an option.

Hearing this, the contestants started running.

They couldnt fight, so running away was the only option.

Firey wouldnt let them get away though.

She caught all of them without breaking a sweat and kicked them around again.

The cat-and-mouse game lasted for an hour before the contestants stopped struggling.

They were always caught, and the beating that followed was even more severe.

No one wanted to run now.

“You, you, and you, step forward.

The three of you are the winners.

Thats it.” She swaggered away after announcing the results.

The other teams also selected their winners, but none of them used Fireys method.

Bandora was watching Fireys examination as well.

“What do you think” Himmel Soan asked.

“Shes a little short-tempered, but she knows what shes doing.

“It seems shes been beating them up, but she never hit any fatal spots and even cleared some blockages in their energy channels.

The three people she selected are indeed the most capable on her team.

“She might seem rough, but shes actually very observant.”

Bandora gave her analysis.

She could tell that if Firey really wanted to punish those people, they would be half-dead after a few punches.

Instead, they were still running and hopping around.

Firey returned in a cheerful mood.

She took great pleasure in kicking those people around and was skipping when she came back to Himmel Soans side.

“Master, I did well, didnt I”

“Yes, good job! Bandora has been saying good things about you, too!”


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