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“Its true.

Im not a native of Stelladom.

Im not from this planet either.

Im just an honest, ordinary man.” Himmel Soan never changed his attitude, his tone remaining indifferent.

“Youre not from Stelladom or this planet.

Where are you from, then” Emperor Shwa was alarmed.

“I only came to this planet for one thing: Im looking for a person.

If you can provide me with some information on that, I can tell you a lot of things.

If you dont know anything or choose to conceal it from me, then I have nothing to say.”

Himmel Soan closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He had been thinking about these things ever since he arrived in this world.

One thing that had bothered him for five hundred years was Ginas whereabouts.

Emperor Shwa sighed.


Soan, please go on.

Ill see how I can help you.

“But dont put much hope on it.

There are so many people in Stelladom, so I may not know the person youre looking for.

“Moreover, I do hope you can tell me the whole truth.

After all, youre a Soan.”

Himmel Soan nodded.

The person he was looking for couldnt have stayed anonymous.

Gina Zimmer was an immortal like him and was only slightly less capable, not to mention she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Someone like her couldnt stay unnoticed.

Moreover, Emperor Shwa was one of the eight emperors.

If even he didnt know about her, no one on his planet, or at least in Stelladom, could have information on Gina.

“Emperor Shwa, the person Im looking for is called Gina Zimmer.”

Emperor Shwa was astonished.

The person Himmel Soan was looking for was Emperor Zimmer of the Zimmer family!

Gina Zimmer was her name!

“Is it a man or a woman youre looking for Can you give me some descriptions” Emperor Shwa asked hesitantly.

He must know something!

Himmel Soan got excited.

There was news on Gina!

Emperor Shwas question meant he must know someone called Gina Zimmer.

Still, he had to confirm it.

“Shes stunning.” That was how Himmel Soan remembered Gina.

He couldnt think of anything else.

Emperor Shwa felt dizzy, and his mouth went dry.

Himmel Soans reply sounded like something he would hear in a dream.

“Yes, Gina Zimmer used to be Emperor Zimmer.

I think its quite certain.

She was like a sister to me.” Emperor Shwa was also touched by the old memories.

It was all in the past now.

Himmel Soan was thrilled by the news.

He rushed to Emperor Shwas side and grabbed his hand, asking eagerly, “Where did Gina go”

Emperor Shwa frowned.

Himmel Soan grabbed him so hard that it hurt his arm.

At first, he thought the other party was just an ordinary man.

As it turned out, he couldnt have been more wrong.

He wanted to pull back his hand but failed.

Who was this guy

“Wheres Gina Where did she go Where” Himmel Soan pressed when Emperor Shwa didnt give him an answer.

“Gina is missing…”

Emperor Shwa sighed and told him what had happened.

“Gina appeared out of nowhere many years ago.

No one was her match, and she soon became one of the eight emperors.

“Thy Baih gradually gained power and reached the Emperor stage.

However, there were only eight emperors in Stelladom, so he had to take out an existing one to replace their spot.

“He declared war against Gina.

They fought for three days and three nights.

Thy was exhausted and was ready to surrender and go into hiding.

However, Gina suddenly disappeared…”

Thy Baih

An Emperor cultivator with the surname Baih.

He had to be the current Emperor Baih!

Himmel Soan was hesitant to go to the Baih family before, but it seemed that he had to pay the man a visit.

Emperor Baih was connected to Gina.

Maybe he had something to do with her disappearance!

He had gone all the way to come here from Earth to look for Gina but was told that she had disappeared again.

“Gina, where are you Why is this happening to me!”

Himmel Soans face was distorted.

He was crying and laughing at the same time as if he had lost his mind.

Anyone that had gone through what he had would react in the same way.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Waves of powerful energy spread out from Himmel Soan.

His heartbeat sounded like thunderclaps.

Even the sky was shaking.


The pressure made Emperor Shwa and Bandora both spit out a mouthful of blood.

They couldnt withstand it.

“Sister Cien, you and this man should leave,” said Firey.


Soan has lost control.

Were capable enough to stay here.

If you get closer, the energy will tear you to pieces!” Bandora wanted to take Firey away with them.

Emperor Shwa finally knew how ridiculous he had been.

An ordinary man


That energy was terrifying!

He was at the Emperor stage, but Himmel Soans aura alone had made him spit out blood.

How would Emperor Oogh and Emperor Tzi compare to this Himmel Soan

No one knew unless they fought.

“You can go.

Ill take it from here.

Evacuate Elixir School for the time being.

We dont want the energy to injure any students.”

Firey was usually a noisy and lively girl, but she was calm as a cucumber at the critical moment, no longer looking like a young girl.

She was a mature woman.


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