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Soan has lost control.

Staying here will only be putting yourself in danger!” Emperor Shwa said.

From the burst of energy, he could tell how terrifying Himmel Soans power was.

He never expected to see this type of reaction from him after receiving news about Gina Zimmer.

Himmel Soan was so scary once he lost control!

“I know what Im doing.

Just leave.

If I werent here, my master would probably have lost all his rationale.

I dont have anything else to add.”

Firey was very persistent.

If her master remained in this unrestrained state, something terrible would happen.

She had experienced it on Earth before.

If she hadnt been around, Earth would have been covered by snow and turned into a giant snowball.

What was happening now was both the same and different from the previous time.

Before, he had some control, but he was a different person now.

If they let Himmel Soan out, he would become a savage killing machine.

“Alright, Firey.

Be careful.” Bandora followed Fireys advice this time.

The girl had made it very plain.

If they still wouldnt leave, they would be asking for trouble.

If Firey had a solution, it would be the greatest news.

After leaving the room, Bandora started evacuating Elixir School.

“Whats going on Why are we leaving the school all of a sudden”

“Are we moving to a new campus”

“I dont think so.

The principal wouldnt keep something like that from us.”

“Who knows I sensed a burst of energy just then, and I had difficulty breathing for a while.

Can it have something to do with the evacuation”

“Thats right! I felt the same thing!”

“Has some treasure been found in our school Was that where the energy burst came from

“Thats very possible! Why else would they ask us to leave”

All the students were talking about it.

It happened so suddenly!

The competition was just over, but the principal was already asking them to leave.

Everybody was confused by the timing and the instructions.

“Please dont get agitated! If we can solve the issue, it would be like nothing has happened.

All I can tell you is that its an emergency, not the discovery of some treasure.

Were going through a crisis that can go wrong at any moment,” said Bandora.

However, her speech achieved very little.

The crowd was convinced that some treasure had been discovered and wouldnt believe her.

Emperor Shwa sighed and explained it again.

He said the same thing, but it was much more effective.

Emperor Shwa and Bandora were both Emperor-stage cultivators.

Even if there was some treasure, it would belong to them.

With the two of them on the scene, no one dared have other thoughts.

“Miss Cien, what do you know about Mr.

Soan” Emperor Shwa asked Bandora.

“I never ask Mr.

Soan unnecessary things.

The less I know, the safer it is for me!” Bandora chuckled.

“Is that girl really the essence of nature”

“What do you want from her Youve crossed the line!”

Bandora was furious.

If he wanted to take Firey away, she would fight with him right now.

Having spent some time together, Bandora treated Firey like a little sister.

She doted on the girl.

She had forgotten about her being the essence of nature until Emperor Shwa brought it up.

The essence of nature could be absorbed by cultivators in any form.

Firey was already a peak Contemplation cultivator, which meant an emperor could probably reach a new stage if they absorbed her.

What a temptation!

“Of course, I wont do anything to her.


Soan will kill me!” Emperor Shwa recalled the terrifying aura earlier.

With that deterrence, he wouldnt dare try anything.


If you did that, Ill kill you even if Mr.

Soan wouldnt! After meeting Mr.

Soan, what do you think” Bandora asked.

Emperor Shwa wanted to use this opportunity to find out what he wanted.

Should they break the barrier or not

He had finally made up his mind.

“I dont think anyone can stop Mr.


So I choose to follow him, and Ill do whatever Mr.

Soan decides to do!”


Bandora burst into laughter.

That was what she thought as well, and she had never shared it with anybody.

However, Emperor Shwa said almost the same thing.

They were on the same page.

“What do Emperor Zea and Emperor Tzi think”

“I dont know.

I think Emperor Zea will make the same choice after I talk to her.

But I dont know about Emperor Tzi.

No one knows whats going on in his head.

Although Ive met him before, I cant figure him out.”

Emperor Shwa sighed.

It was so hard to live in a time like this!

Bandora rubbed her chin and got lost in her thoughts.

A moment later, she asked, “Who is harder to figure out, Mr.

Soan or Emperor Tzi”

Emperor Shwa answered without hesitation, “Emperor Tzi.


Soan is very straightforward.

His cultivation level is the only thing we cant figure out.”

Bandora nodded.


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