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Emperor Shwa didnt know what Himmel Soan was going to do, but he did not know he wasnt the other partys match.

Himmel Soan felt far more capable than Emperor Tzi.

But no one knew exactly how much.

Unless they fought, no one could tell which of them was more powerful.

“I dont think we should worry too much.

With Mr.

Soans capability, even if he breaks the rules, no one can stop him.

I dont think Emperor Oogh and Emperor Baih have that ability either.

Our concerns are unnecessary.”

Emperor Shwa smiled in resignation.

At first, he thought this Soan was a Hinayana cultivator and wanted to protect the man.

To his surprise, the young man was even stronger than him.

Although he was young, he had reached the Emperor stage and could be even more capable than that.

With that ability, even Emperor Oogh wouldnt be able to hinder this man.

Therefore, Emperor Shwa turned his attention to the barrier.

If Himmel Soan wanted to, he could destroy the barrier in no time.

But would that be a good thing

Emperor Shwa would hate to see Himmel Soan getting killed by Emperor Oogh for a ridiculous cause.

That would be such a shame.

What if that cause was worth it

If that were the case, Himmel Soan would be the key to breaking the barrier.

However, would that benefit Stelladom

Emperor Shwa had been trying to protect Himmel Soan, but he hesitated now.

“Uncle Shwa, youve said it already.

Well let Mr.

Soan do his thing and wont interfere.

Dont worry too much.” Bandora looked at Emperor Shwa, sensing his hesitation.

Although she addressed him as “Uncle Shwa,” it didnt mean she was particularly close to him.

They might get along well now, but everything could change overnight in the cultivation world.

Good friends today might turn into enemies tomorrow.

Nothing was permanent.

Bandoras trust in Himmel Soan started with Lan.

After he told her about his surname, she trusted him with all her heart.

Himmel Soan was impeccable in his alchemy ability, cultivation achievements, and personal qualities.

If Bandora werent an Emperor cultivator, she would have become his pupil.

However, she had to maintain her image, so that wasnt an option anymore.

“Ill keep it in mind,” Emperor Shwa said ambiguously.

He didnt agree with Bandora, but he didnt refuse either.

He was playing the fence sitter, waiting to see which side would emerge victorious.

“I hope so.”

Bandora didnt say anything else.

All emperors had their own opinions.

They wouldnt start a war just because they didnt agree with one another.

Disagreements happened all the time, but they wouldnt lead to severe consequences.

If a conversation didnt go smoothly, they would simply remain silent.

In the room, Firey wrapped her arms around Himmel Soan just like last time.

Himmel Soan had said Gina Zimmer was his life.

When she went missing, he felt he was no longer a living person.

After meeting Firey, he felt alive once more.

Therefore, she knew she had to calm him down.

“Master, I know youre upset.

Your wife has been missing for so many years, and youve been searching for her.

Now that weve finally found some information about your wife, how can you lose hope

“Yes, shes still missing, but at least were onto something!

“Losing hope wont help us find her!” Firey held Himmel Soan from behind and kept saying comforting words.

She knew if she kept talking, she would wake him up.

She was right.

After much persuasion, the pressure in the air decreased.

However, the intimidating sensation was still there.

Seeing that it was working, Firey said, “Master, Im here with you.

We can look for your wife together.

Well find her eventually!

“Even if she has passed away, we can still find her grave.

Shes so capable, so she cant vanish without a trace!

“There must be a reason behind her disappearance!

“Just like you said, you saw your wife when we went through the portal, and now we find out more about her.

Theres no need to be so sad.

“This is a big world.

She must have gone somewhere else.

“Didnt Emperor Shwa say Emperor Baih had harmed her You have to avenge her!”


As she spoke, the terrifying energy became less intense until it completely disappeared.

Himmel Soan woke up.

He remembered what had happened and even knew about the evacuation of the school.

He lost all hope just then, which was why he lost control.

However, he knew he couldnt give up.

Firey was right.

This was a big world, and he had learned something about Gina.

He couldnt lose hope now.

He also needed to take care of Emperor Baih.

That man!

He already hit a nerve when he tried to take Firey away, and now, Himmel Soan just learned that he had something to do with Ginas disappearance.

Himmel Soan smirked.

There was a murderous look in his eyes.

He hadnt felt this way for over ten thousand years.

Emperor Baih would be punished!

“Firey, tell Emperor Shwa and Miss Cien to come in.

I need to talk to them,” said Himmel Soan.

Firey was glad to see him back to normal.

Having her master around was the happiest thing for her.

“Sure!” She nodded excitedly.

Outside, Bandora and Emperor Shwa also sensed the change.

“Ive seen people losing control like this before, but I dont know how he could recover so fast.” Emperor Shwa frowned in confusion.

Bandora shook her head.

She didnt know the answer either.


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