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Eman was confused, but he didnt say anything.

He was experienced enough to keep his thoughts to himself.

The door was going to open, and Bandora wouldnt offer an explanation.

If he wanted to know something, he would depend on his eyes and other senses.

Other people might tell the truth or lie.

Who could tell

Even if he knew someone was lying, he would still be affected by it.

He only trusted what he saw.

That was Emans belief.

“Come in,” said a calm voice.

It sounded rather young.

The youthfulness and the calmness blended perfectly.

Who could this man be

Eman was perplexed.

Closing his eyes, he searched his memory but couldnt find anyone with such a special voice.

Some peoples voices were similar to this one, but they couldnt possibly show up here.

Bandora had to knock on the door first before going in.

Only a handful of people could make her do that.

The man had to be as respectable as Bandora, if not more.

Bandora was an Emperor cultivator.

Apart from Emperor Oogh and Emperor Tzi, Eman couldnt think of anyone that could make her show such reverence.

However, that was definitely not those two emperors voices.

That was why Eman was so confused.

All those thoughts flashed in his mind in a split second.


The sound of the door opening woke Eman up from his reveries.

He found a young man dressed in white.

An ordinary man

Eman frowned.

Not only didnt he recognize the man, but he also seemed so normal.

There wasnt a hint of spiritual essence in him.


Soan, this is Eman Sket, the principal of Stelladom Academy,” said Bandora.

“Hello, Mr.

Sket.” Himmel Soan nodded with a smile.




Eman frowned.

So, this was the person they had been talking about.

How could he be an ordinary man

Moreover, Bandora seemed to respect him a lot.

Eman couldnt understand it.

But he wasnt going to offend Himmel Soan when he greeted him with a smile.

Eman also wanted to get to know Himmel Soan and the Soan family better.

“Hello, Mr.


Ive heard so much about you!” Eman smiled.

He meant it.

It was unexpected to see how young Himmel Soan was.

In his mind, he was a mature or even elderly man.

However, this ordinary-looking man was so young.

What a surprise!


Sket, I think we can skip the small talk.

Please take a seat, and lets get down to business,” said Himmel Soan.

He didnt like beating around the bush.

He wanted information on Gina and the surname Soan, so he got straight to the point.

He wanted information, but he didnt want to seem too eager.

As an immortal, he knew how it worked.

If the other side knew how desperate he was, they would take advantage of it or even blackmail him.

Desperation wouldnt get him anywhere.

It was the same case with what was happening now.

Eman sat down as requested.

He wanted to figure out the current situation, who Himmel Soan was, and the attitudes of Bandora and Emperor Shwa.

He would only find out about those things when they started talking.


Sket, Ill be straightforward.

Im not from Stelladom or this planet.

I havent been here long, so I still have a lot of questions.


Sket, if you know the answers, please let me know.” Himmel Soan started off by disclosing his identity.

Eman frowned.

Not from Stelladom

He wasnt even from this planet

Who was this man

Alarmed, Eman asked tentatively, “In that case, how did you come here to Stelladom”

“It was an accident.

Time and space got tangled.

I didnt come here on purpose,” said Himmel Soan.

But he didnt go into details.

He knew no matter what he said, if someone didnt want to believe him, they still wouldnt.

He didnt think he needed to tell these people too much, either.

He had said enough.

“Time and space” Eman was surprised.

“The law of time and space is the most complicated one.

You said time and space got tangled.

Do you know the relevant skills” Eman asked another question.

No matter how closely he observed, this young man still seemed so ordinary.

How could he know the law of time and space

But Himmel Soan sounded so sincere that he didnt seem to be joking.


Was he hiding his power

After all, Himmel Soan said he wasnt from Stelladom.

It was understandable that he knew skills people here didnt know about.

“I do, but I cant use it here.

The law of nature here isnt compatible with me.

To use the law of time and space, I need to find the divine order of things and make connections with it.

“I need to use its power.

But its obviously trying to avoid me and working against me,” said Himmel Soan.

He also made a wild guess.

Maybe all the Soans felt the same way, which was why they were eradicated.

The Soans had to subdue the divine order of things if they wanted to gain some power.

Eman chuckled when he heard this.

“I didnt know you would discover it.

Youre more capable than I thought.

Since you already have questions about the Soans, I think I should give you a direct answer.

“Its just as you said.

The Soans wanted to steal the power of the divine order of things.

The more they absorbed it, the weaker the barrier would become until it broke.

“That was why they were eradicated!”


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