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Bandora and Emperor Shwa were both shocked.

They had never heard about this before.

Although they knew the Soans would break the barrier, they didnt know how.

They only learned it today.

When the divine order of things lost its power, the barrier would weaken.

Once it disappeared, would the divine order of things disappear, too

If that were the case, how would they cultivate in the future

Why would the Soans do that

“Did you kill all the Soans” Himmel Soan frowned.

He didnt know if the Soans were related to him.

If not, he didnt want to get involved.

By the looks of it, they were related.

Everything happened for a reason.

He was also a Soan, and he had the same sensation as those people.

Therefore, they were probably in it together.

Himmel Soan looked at Eman.

Eman said, “So what if thats true That was all in the past, and theres no point in investigating it now.

“Im more curious about you.

Youre also a Soan.

Since what happened last time, youre the first person that has publicly stated that surname.

All eyes are on you.”

Eman looked at him with something vicious in his gaze.

However, Himmel Soan wasnt affected at all and remained as calm as usual.

“What are you going to do to me” Himmel Soan chuckled and tilted his head.

“Do you want to kill me”

Eman closed his eyes.

He hesitated, wondering what to do with him.

He couldnt see through the young mans cultivation level.

Everything about him was unknown.

The less he knew, the more reluctant he was.

He pondered in silence.

“Lets say you manage to kill me.

What will that achieve Is the disappearance of the Soans a good thing for Stelladom What do you know about this barrier Why do you have to defend it

“Even if you make me go away, more Soans will show up in the future.

What are you going to do then Are you going to kill them, too Youre only curing the symptoms, not the disease! Without understanding anything, youve slaughtered the Soans.

How ignorant!” Himmel Soan said coldly.

Although he hadnt figured out the whole thing, he knew the surname Soan must have something to do with him.

Maybe the barrier was the same.

Why else would it be against him

It couldnt be because of his surname.

“We dont know why the barrier exists, but weve been fine for thousands of years.

If we can live comfortably within the barrier, why should we break it

“Therefore, the Soans had to disappear from Stelladom.

As long as were around, we dont need the Soans!” Eman opened his eyes and gave Himmel Soan a stern look.

The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped.


Firey smacked the table and jumped to her feet.

Pointing at Eman, she bellowed, “You old fool! Who do you think you are Im a Soan! If you want to eradicate the Soans, you can start with me!”

Flames immediately wrapped around her.

She was furious as she glared at Eman.

She knew she wasnt the old mans match, yet she was still angry.

Why should the Soans be eradicated

She couldnt stand it!

“The essence of nature How interesting! I didnt know you had such a treasure!” Eman didnt notice the girl until then.

As soon as Firey activated her energy, he figured out what she was.

She was the heart of the volcano!

There was greed in Emans eyes.

Extinguishing Fireys flames with a wave of his hand, he said to her, “Nice fire, but youre still too weak.

Youre a treasure, so you should be treated as one.

You shouldnt have emotions.”


Before he could go on, Eman felt something sweet in his throat.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Together with the blood was his vital energy.

There was vital energy inside everybody.

The more powerful it was, the stronger a man would be.

But it was a mysterious thing.

No one knew where it was stored.

It seemed to exist in all internal organs, but they couldnt be found there either.

It was both everywhere and nowhere.

However, Ekan had just spat out some vital essence.

After that, he seemed ten years older.

“What happened” Eman asked weakly.

His raging murderous intention was replaced by fear.

He couldnt stop trembling because all of this was so strange!

He had a feeling that it was caused by what he had said to Firey.


Sket, you need to choose your words carefully.

There are things you cant say even if thats what you think!” Bandoras tone became cold.

There was a murderous look in her eyes.

She didnt want to kill him but was only warning him.

Although Bandora and Emperor Shwa were surprised, they knew why Eman spat blood.

It had to be Mr.

Soans doing!

They didnt know he was so capable.

He didnt move or say a word, but the other party spat blood.

His cultivation level was beyond their imagination.

Maybe Himmel Soan was warning them, too!

“Chief Cien is right.” Eman chuckled.

He didnt know what happened, but he had his suspicions.

Bandora was the chief of Elixir School, and her alchemy skills were unmatched.

She must know how to make poisonous pills.

Eman thought maybe he had been poisoned.

“I didnt know your poisonous pills were so effective! What a surprise!”

Bandora ignored Eman.

She didnt care what Eman thought!


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