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“Enough with the nonsense.

Lets get back to our discussion,” Himmel Soan said coldly before turning to Firey.

All of a sudden, an affectionate look took over his face, and he said gently, “Everythings alright now.”

He then rubbed Fireys head.

She threw herself into his arms and wouldnt say another word.

She could understand him without exchanging a word.

Eman Sket had insulted her, and her master stood up for her.

What more was there to say

She felt much better now.

After a long while, Firey released herself from Himmel Soans arms and sat down next to him, still holding his hands.

“Eman, that was just a warning.

Try that again, and Ill have your head on a plate.” The indifferent look returned to Himmel Soans face.

His gentleness was reserved for the girl only.

A warning

Eman felt his mouth dry, and he couldnt believe his ears.

He spat blood because of this young man!

How was that possible That young man didnt say anything or even move a finger.

However, he didnt dare test him.

If that were true, he would be in a lot of trouble.

“If you still want to eradicate the Soans, feel free to come to me.

Im ready for your challenge at any time.

“Firey is the heart of the volcano, but shes also my daughter.

Dont try anything, or youll have me to answer to!

“Now that weve gotten that out of the way, I want to ask you about Emperor Baih and Gina.

What do you know”

Himmel Soan gave Eman a chance to speak.

But things were so complicated that the man didnt know where to begin.

Was this young guy an ordinary person or an extremely capable master The essence of nature What about Emperor Zimmer

With all those questions, Eman felt overwhelmed.

He felt everything had tangled together like a ball of wire.

To figure things out, he needed to clear them out one at a time.

Himmel Soan was definitely a powerful master, but he still didnt know the young mans exact cultivation level.

Eman still saw Firey as a treasure.

As for Emperor Zimmer…

Did she have something to do with Himmel Soan

The answer was obviously yes, but he didnt know their precise relationship.

“Will it make a difference if I dont give you an answer” Eman asked.

“If you want to tell me, then go ahead.

If not, I wont force you.

I wont pretend I didnt notice your enmity toward me.

I normally dont mind such things, but I do now because the Soans you killed may be related to me.

“If thats the case, were enemies.

How long do you think youre going to live if you dont answer my questions”

Himmel Soan was relentless, which was very unlike his usual self.

Eman met his eyes.

His gaze was so cold and fierce that the man looked like a god.

He wouldnt let anyone defy him.

However, Eman had just offended him.


Soan, I didnt kill the Soans.

We only destroyed their cultivation ability and banished them to the edge of the barrier.

“We dont know where they are now.

Maybe theyre dead, or maybe theyve found new opportunities outside the barrier.

“But we really didnt kill them.”

Eman explained what had happened.

They had arrested all the Soans, wasted their cultivation, and banished them to the edge of the continent.

He didnt know what had happened after that.

It was very likely that they were all dead.

“Do you call thatyou didnt kill them

“They were banished to the edge of the continent without any cultivation ability.

Youre all Emperor cultivators.

Do you dare to go that close to the barrier What do you think will happen to them

“Youve killed them, alright!

“Ill keep that in mind.

Now tell me about Gina.”

Himmel Soan smirked.

After doing such atrocities, these people still wanted to pretend they were innocent.

He didnt agree with what Eman said, but Gina was still his top priority.

Anything else could wait.

“Emperor Zimmer She disappeared after the three-day battle against Thy.

How would I know where she is” Eman shook his head.

He didnt think much of Himmel Soans threat.

He believed he didnt kill the Soans.

If Himmel Soan wanted to take revenge, people like Emperor Oogh would intervene, and so would the divine order of things in Stelladom!

Therefore, Eman wasnt concerned.


Dont forget about the Soans.

Firey and the Soans are my reverse scale.

Ill kill anybody who tries to harm them!

“Gina is my cultivation partner and the most important person to me.

Why did Thy Baih attack her” Himmel Soan asked sternly.

Emperor Shwa answered before Eman could say anything.

“We can only have eight emperors.

There cant be a ninth.

“However, there are a lot more Emperor-stage cultivators, but only one of the eight emperors is considered the real deal.

“The eight emperors can use some of the power from the divine order of things and be blessed by it.

Once all the eight slots are filled, one has to get rid of an existing emperor to become one.”

Emperor Shwa explained what it meant to be one of the eight emperors.

The other people in the room knew it, too, but Emperor Shwa could explain it better.

That was why Emperor Baih targeted Gina.

In that case, Himmel Soan had to pay that man a visit.

No one knew when or where Gina had disappeared.

Maybe Emperor Baih did.


Ive asked all the questions I want to ask.

Im going to meet this Emperor Baih now.

He has invited me to his place, and its about time.

“Im going back to my room.”

Himmel Soan left with Firey.

The other three people sat awkwardly in the room.

Everything felt weird.

Emperor Shwa broke the ice.


Sket, what do you think”

He knew Eman wanted to get rid of Himmel Soan.

But after the meeting, maybe he had changed his mind.


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