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“I dont think I can even if I want to.

“I thought only the eight emperors would handle the Soans.

I dont have anything against the Soans as long as they dont break the barrier.

“If Himmel Soan insists on opening it, the entire Stelladom Academy will stand up against him.

Were willing to die for it!” Eman sighed and showed his attitude.

His resolve hadnt changed.

Bandora and Emperor Shwa werent surprised.

They had anticipated this.

“We dont know if breaking the barrier is a good thing.

Since youve made up his mind, well respect your choice,” said Bandora.

They were all natives of Stelladom, and they were content that Eman wasnt after Mr.

Soan anymore.

Though even if Eman wanted to, he didnt have the ability to do anything to Himmel Soan.

The blood he spat out had proved it.

Therefore, Bandora wasnt concerned.

She knew Mr.

Soan would solve all problems.

“In that case, Ill bid my farewell.

My students will stay here.

Ill have someone pick them up after the competition.


Eman left.

He needed to take care of two things.

First of all, he had to inform Emperor Oogh about Himmel Soan.

As for what they would do after that, he wasnt concerned.

The other thing was to get back to Stelladom Academy as soon as possible.

For a moment, Himmel Soan wanted to kill him, and he spat out blood as a result.

He didnt want to die yet.

The real competition was about to begin.

The Elixir School students had finished fighting against one another.

They would now compete against contestants from outside.

Himmel Soan paid no attention to the games.

He needed to decide when to go to the Baih family.

He had to put it on hold when he hadnt recovered enough strength, but now, he wasnt afraid of anybody in Stelladom, including Emperor Tzi, the most mysterious one of the eight emperors.

“Master, lets take a walk outside.” Firey tugged at Himmel Soans sleeve.

She wanted to help him relax.

Himmel Soan knew what she was up to, but he didnt say it aloud.

He only rubbed her head and said, “Alright.

Lets take a walk.”

They strolled around the campus.

At this late hour, everything was quiet, and there was hardly anybody around.

It was rather boring.

“Master, lets catch some essence fish and roast it.

I havent had it for a long time!” Firey was bored, but an idea soon hit her.

She was craving some essence fish.

Himmel Soan smiled in resignation.

The walk seemed to have become something else.

But he didnt think there was anything wrong with it.

Firey only tried to get him out of the room earlier, but she was actually enjoying herself now.

The truth was: Himmel Soan did feel much better.

They headed for the river.

“Theres someone sitting by the waterfall!” Firey spotted a person.

A full moon was in the sky above the waterfall.

The water glistened in the silver moonlight.

The woman next to the waterfall was in a white dress and seemed to blend into the surrounding scenery.

Himmel Soan immediately recognized her.

It was Frost.

She was born with freezing energy.

Hence, she had this cold personality that made her unapproachable.

She didnt know what to make of this characteristic.

“Shall we have a look” asked Himmel Soan.

Firey hesitated.

She had met Frost before and didnt really like the girl.

She was the heart of the volcano and had the natural heat about her.

Frost was the polar opposite of her.

The two girls were incompatible.

Therefore, Firey didnt want to go near Frost.

“You can stay here and fish.

Ill talk to her.

Maybe theres a similarity between the two of you,” said Himmel Soan.

He had been intrigued by Frost ever since he heard her story.

Maybe he could learn something about the barrier from her.

Gina was still missing, so he needed to look for her somewhere else.

It meant he had to go beyond the barrier, maybe breaking it in the process.

He needed to find Gina in other parts of this world.

Because of that, he needed to get to know Frost.

“Im coming with you!” Firey hesitated at first but still decided to go with him.

He took her hand and walked toward Frost.

He slowed down when he was five meters away from the girl.

“Miss Frost, is there something on your mind Youre sitting here alone at such a late hour,” Himmel Soan said mildly.


Soan” Frosts voice was as cold as ever.

She was filled with guilt when she saw him.

She had talked to him in such a cold voice that she felt she had offended him.

However, Himmel Soan wasnt angry, even answering her question.

It was still bothering her.

When other people understood and showed sympathy toward her unconcerned attitude, she would feel quite guilty.

It was the case with Himmel Soan.

She wanted to apologize but couldnt bring herself to say it.

She didnt know how to face him.

She didnt need to do anything because her attitude had already revealed her emotions.

“Yes, its me.

My daughter, Firey, is with me, too.

Didnt you want to know who was in the tower earlier Youre looking at her right now,” Himmel Soan introduced Firey to Frost.

Firey felt so awkward that she remained silent.

Frost didnt want to say anything, but she couldnt control her personality.

“I see.

So what” Her voice was still cold.


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