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He needed a reason to persuade himself and Frost.

If she couldnt give any reason, he would have to let her go.

However, he wasnt going to change his mind.

Since he had asked Frost to give him a reason, she had to give him a reason.

It was either that or nothing.

“I was born with a unique condition, and it makes me very talented in cultivation.


Soan, youre a competent man, and you understand what Im going through.

Im so grateful that you can suppress my condition for one night.

“Moreover, I feel familiar with your surname, which is why I want to become your pupil.”

Frost quickly gave her answer.

She knew she couldnt think for too long, or she would seem to be prevaricating.

The sooner she answered, the more sincere she would seem.

Himmel Soan nodded and asked another question, “If I become your master and you find out you really are the reincarnation of a master, what will you do”

“Youll always be my master!”

“What if your memory from the previous life comes back, and it affects or wipes out the memory of this life”

Before she could answer, Himmel Soan added, “Your condition is already affecting your personality.

What I suggested may have even more severe effects.”

Frost didnt know what to say.

He was right.

If that happened, the current Frost would be as good as dead.

“If Im not affected, youll always be my master.

But if I am, you can think of me as dead!”

It was the perfect answer but not for Himmel Soan.

Affected or not, once her memory came back, her attitude would change unless the memory from the previous life was wiped off.

But he would accept her answer.

“Lan is your senior sister.

From now on, youll be Frost Soan.

If you have any questions, you can ask her.

“Youll be back to your old self tomorrow.

In that case, youll be making your own decisions.

You dont have to meet her.

“Im leaving soon, so youll need to inform Bandora.”


Frost was surprised.

She had just become his pupil, and he was already leaving.

What was that about

Still, she couldnt stop him.

“Alright.” Frost nodded.

“I havent taught you any skills because I believe you know whats the most suitable for you, and youll find it in your memory.

“Practicing the skills in your memory will be much more efficient.

I wont teach you anything.


Im leaving with Firey now.”

Himmel Soan left with Firey.

He wanted to come back sometime, but Elixir School wasnt his home, and he didnt think it was appropriate for him to extend his stay.

Moreover, it was time to look for Gina Zimmer.

The first stop would be the Baih family.

“Master…” Frost wanted to say something, but Himmel Soan and Firey were already gone.

They were nowhere to be seen.

It was too late to say anything.

They left as suddenly as they came.

The following day, no one in the school knew Himmel Soan had left, nor did they have the right to know.

Frost knocked on the door to the principals room.


“Come in.

“Frost, why are you here” Bandora was curious and wondered if she was dreaming.

Frost had always been an unapproachable person.

Bandora couldnt believe that the girl would come to her voluntarily.

“Maam, Im Frost Soan now.

Himmel Soan is my master.

I came here because my master asked me to.

He left last night and told me to inform you.

“Thats it,” Frost told Bandora in her cold voice.

Bandora found her tone much more familiar.

That was what she had expected.

Although, when did she take a new master

If Himmel Soan left the night before, did she become his pupil before that

Bandora soon figured it out.

It had to be the previous night.

“Did Mr.

Soan tell you anything else Did he say where he was going or why he had to leave Why didnt he tell me beforehand”

Bandora was perplexed.

She thought Himmel Soan would let her know before he left He was capable enough to go anywhere, but she was still confused.

“Im here to tell you that, arent I” Frost said coldly.

Bandoras face darkened.

Kind of…

She knew what Frost meant, but her tone still sounded unpleasant.

“Alright, I see.” Bandora waved at Frost and dismissed her.

She paced around the room after Frost left.


Soan shouldnt have left without saying goodbye.

At least he should express his intention to leave.

Did he leave so suddenly because he didnt want to attract any attention

“But hes so famous now.

Hell be the center of attention wherever he goes.

If he had to leave, maybe it was because he was going to the Baih family!”

Emperor Baih!


Soan had made up his mind so soon.

They only talked about Emperor Baih the day before, and he left that very night.

He really wanted to make Thy Baih pay.

However, would he really kill Thy

If Emperor Baih died, the Baih family would be in a crisis, and there would be an opening for the eight emperors.

Would Mr.

Soan fill in that slot

“Forget it! Its so confusing!” The whole thing gave Bandora a headache, so she decided to drop it.

Once Emperor Baih was dead, all the forces against Mr.

Soan would come forth.

Bandora would have a difficult decision to make.


She would decide when she had to.

The Baih Manor.

Holding Fireys hand, Himmel Soan stood outside the front gate.

He knocked on the door.

Someone soon came out to ask who he was and why he was there.

“Tell Thy Baih that the guest he has been waiting for is here.

“Get ready to greet me,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

“How dare you address Emperor Baih by his name!” The person who opened the door was furious.

“Whats wrong with me calling him Thy”


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