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The road on the sea soon caught the governments attention.

A helicopter flew along it to the other end and found some strange-looking divers in the water.

They were half-fish and half-men and kept diving in and back out of the water.

Every time they came back to the sea surface, the road would become a little longer.

It was a technology the country had never seen before.

These people were building a solid road on the sea surface without needing neither a foundation nor any cement!

No one in the world could recognize the material either.

The white substance was lightweight but very durable.

Earlier that day, numerous people had come out to the streets and mourned Himmel Soans death.

When they went home in the evening, they followed the latest updates of the event.

“What That road on the sea leads to Mr.

Soans burial place”

“Is it in the ocean”

“Is it in the Wonder Ocean”

The Wonder Ocean was the largest of the five oceans in the world.

“I heard that it was going to be at the center of that ocean.”

“Holy **! How big is the Wonder Ocean It must be tens of thousands of kilometers wide! To bury him at the center, theyll have to build a road thats thousands of kilometers long! Can anyone build such a long road”

“Ten bucks says they cant do it.

Dont worry.”

“Guys, I live right by the sea, and that road is very close.

If any of you are interested, contact me, and lets set up a chat group.

We can go out and do something tonight.”

“Copy that.

I have the same plane.

Lets make some noise tonight!”

With the construction of the road in the sea, numerous relevant chat groups were set up.

[Destroy Ocean Road Chat Group No.


DestroyTheRoad said, “Guys, Ive got all the tools.

I have spades, hammers, shovels, you name it.

Theyre all brand new.

I bought them earlier today.

Theyre all steel ones and are very durable.”

Three_Divisions_Are_God wrote, “Same here.

Ive got spare tools, so if you dont have anything, dont bother buying anything.

Feel free to tag along tonight!”

Cucumber wrote, “I have three men here, and were all ready to go.

Just tell us the time.”

Hes Amazing said, “I have six tough guys here! Dont worry! We have enough muscles!”

Im Sorry Mr.

Soan said, “Do you think we can destroy it Even cars cant crush that road! What can we do Im not so sure.”

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The chat group leader said, “Whats with all the negativity We can do this! Perseverance spells success! Keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee!”

Hes Amazing wrote, “Thats right! We cant let the three divisions die! Lets do this!”

There were countless chat groups like this, and all the members were trying to figure out a way to destroy the road so that the three divisions and members of the Soan empire wouldnt die.

At midnight, the group leader led the members to the beach.

They planned to dig a hole in the road to make it collapse.

To their surprise, when they got there, they found many people there already, all doing similar things.

Some brought hammers and chisels, some brought iron rods, and some even brought digging machines with them.

They started working right away.

The noise and clamor filled the air.

After an hour, they realized with disappointment that the surface of the road was tougher than diamond.

No digging or piling machines could make the tiniest dent.

The government had kept itself busy as well.

They had sent secret divers, trying to blow up the road from below.

It was bound to be a busy and eventful night.

Early the following morning, many people checked the latest updates on the road as soon as they woke up.

They believed that all the people out there must have achieved something after a whole nights work.

There must be good news waiting for them.

The netizens were looking forward to seeing news on how the road had been destroyed and how the people had stopped the three divisions from killing themselves.

But they were disappointed.

The news only reported that the road was now over 1190km long.

Those people had built 1000km overnight!

“Am I reading this correctly”

“I dont believe it! That cant be real! Its impossible! Impossible! I wont believe it! Not over my dead body!”

“A thousand kilometers per night Thats faster than a moving train! Is there a calculation error”

“1000km Thats a quarter of the total length! At this speed, theyll finish in two days!”

“What happened to those chat groups yesterday I thought they were going to destroy the road.

Was the plan canceled”

The chat groups were actively discussing the same thing.

“I dont know what material theyre using, but we couldnt destroy the road!”

“My excavator was at full power and fuming, but the road just wouldnt budge! It looks like soil, but its tougher than any metal! Ive never seen anything like it!”

“Dont give up! There must be another way! Lets keep going today.

Well all focus on one spot.

Together, we can break a diamond.

It cant be tougher than that!”

At the sacred temple.

Drake had set up a worship hall.

All the high-level officials of the Soan empire knelt next to the coffin and kept vigil beside the coffin the night before.

“Hows the road doing”

“Weve built a quarter already, and well build another quarter by the end of the day.

It should be finished by tomorrow night.”

Drake nodded.

“What about our men”

“80% of them are here.

The rest are on their way.”

“Are those abroad here as well”

“Theyve arrived, but the border control of the country forbids them from entering.

Theyre still trying!”

Liam had come back from the desert as well.

“Thats okay.

We still have time.

If they cant arrive in time, we wont wait for them.

Let them go back to their normal life.”

One thing was clear.

Drake and the others didnt ask those people to come here and die with them.

They all came at their own will.

It was the greatest honor of their lives to die with the Patriarch.

They wouldnt miss that chance.



Gordon and Henry stood behind Drake in resignation.

They spent the previous night trying to talk Drake out of it, but the Soans wouldnt change their minds.

“Director Lang, General, you cant change anything.

By the way, weve used a special rock to build the road.

Its found 30,000m below sea level.

No other country in the world has found it so far.

Once were gone, well inform you how to refine it.

Thats going to be the last piece of information we offer this country.”


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