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“Youve addressed Emperor Baih by his name.

Dont you know what youve done!” The man glared at Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan hadnt charged into the house, and he felt he was being polite enough.

There was a conflict between Thy and Gina.

No matter what the reason was, he would always take Ginas side.

It also meant he considered Thy an enemy.

Gina disappeared after the battle against Thy, so he probably had something to do with it.

Himmel Soan had shown enough courtesy by standing here.

“Im only asking you to inform Thy.

Im going in, regardless of your or Thys reaction.

If you keep standing in my way, I wont be so nice!”

There was something terrifying in Himmel Soans indifferent voice.

The man trembled and didnt dare say another word.

Stopping a man like him would get him killed.

He didnt know why Himmel Soan was here, but he knew he was an important figure.

He thought, If he really is Emperor Baihs guest, the emperor wont do anything if he kills me for offending him!

The big shots were all moody people.

The man didnt dare take the risk.

Getting no answer from him, Himmel Soan walked past him.

A voice resonated in the air when he opened the door.

“How dare you break into the Baih manor!” A figure appeared in the sky.

“What are you doing up there Come down!” Himmel Soan ordered.

The man frowned.

He was displeased with the intruders tone.

He was about to say something when he felt that his spiritual essence was suppressed.

He lost his power and fell from the sky.


He smashed into the ground.

Many people in the house gathered around.

“Isnt that Young Master Luton Whats going on Is someone invading the Baih familys territory”

“Shhh! We shouldnt get involved in Young Master Lutons affairs!”

“We cant just stand around and watch!”

“Dont be silly! Were part of the Baih family now, but we can be members of other families tomorrow! Have you forgotten your old surname”

“Luton is Emperor Baihs son.

Hes getting his ass kicked, so its Emperor Baihs job to avenge him, not ours.


Everybody was talking about the fight.

It was such a humiliation for the Baih family.

Who could be so bold

Although they were members of the Baih family now, just like one of them had said, they could be members of other families tomorrow.

Their masters changed all the time.

They had the surname Baih now, but they didnt identify with the family.

That was why they only watched without doing anything.

Yes, Luton had been humiliated, but what did it have anything to do with them

They didnt feel the need to intervene.

Meanwhile, Luton was glaring at Himmel Soan.

“Who are you How dare you barge into the Baih manor!” Luton somehow found this man familiar.

However, he was sure he had never seen him before.

That feeling was immediately taken over by his rage.

Even if this man was an old acquaintance, he had just become an enemy.

Luton had been floating in the air, but this man made him fall to the ground, embarrassing him in front of the whole family.

He couldnt swallow that shame.

“Im only here to see Thy Baih.

Am I going to inform everybody I run into Didnt he invite me to visit his house when we were in Baihin City Im here now.

Is this how you greet your guests”

Himmel Soan smirked.

The temperature at the scene dropped.

He was here to make trouble.

Before he could find an opening, this fool jumped out and gave him a really good excuse.

He no longer had any scruples!

“Wait!” Luton sensed the danger in the air.

Shocked, he realized something had gone wrong and decided to stall.

“Did you say Baihin City I remember it!”

“Thats why I found your face familiar! I didnt know you were the gentleman from Baihin City.

I apologize for my rudeness.

This way, please.” Lutons attitude took a 180-degree turn.

He seemed to have become a different person.

Luton had never done this before!

All the people around them were dumbfounded.

Who was this man How could he make Luton change his manners so drastically

Those who knew Luton sighed.

That was a smile of treachery!

“Wheres Thy” Himmel Soan asked, ignoring Lutons new behavior.

“He went out, but Ill tell him to come back now.” Luton was still smiling when he gestured in a direction.

“Please follow me, Sir.

Ill entertain you for now.”

Himmel Soan didnt say anything, but he didnt decline the offer either.

“Whos she” Luton looked at Firey.

“Dont ask questions youre not supposed to ask,” Himmel Soan said coldly.

He knew the Baih family had attacked Gina, and that family was after Firey now.

He was displeased.

Having lived for so many years, most things wouldnt affect him.

However, Firey meant so much to him.

No one was allowed to plot against her.

They shouldnt even think about it!

Luton timidly lowered his head when he heard Himmel Soans cold voice.

He didnt know the other partys exact cultivation level, but he knew Himmel Soan could kill him without breaking a sweat.

“Sir, I was only going to ask where the girl was going to stay.

I didnt mean to offend you.” Luton feigned a scared voice.

“Youd better not.

Dont ask questions you shouldnt be asking!” Himmel Soan snorted again.

Luton broke out in a cold sweat.

He didnt dare say another word, but he was making plans to get rid of Himmel Soan.

He had been humiliated in front of so many people and had to follow Himmel Soans orders.

He was Emperor Baihs son!

If word got out, he could never face other people again!

What would they think What would his father think

At an angle no one could see, Luton grinned maliciously.


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