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“Its gone…” Luton couldnt believe his eyes.

One of his shoulders no longer had an arm attached, which was now in Ivars hand.

“Ive walked so slowly because I was thinking about what would happen if I let you go.

“Ive figured it out now.

Ill die!

“My death wont save my wife and daughter.

Even if I attacked that man, you were still going to threaten me with their lives.

“Therefore, I chose to follow that mans order and cut off your arm.

I dont know if thats going to save my family, but youre going to lose an arm for sure!”

Ivar threw Lutons arm on the ground as if it was garbage.

Firey frowned and burned it to ash.

She didnt like the sight of it.

If she could, she would set fire to Luton, but Himmel Soan wouldnt let her.

“Moreover, I want to torture you psychologically.

I want you to feel fear and regret.

Youre never going to forget this day!” Ivar cut off Lutons remaining arm.

He threw it on the ground again, while Firey burned to ash.

Ivar snorted.

He wished more than anything to kill Luton right now, but he didnt.

The man had ordered him to cut Lutons arm only.

He kicked Luton in the stomach before returning to Himmel Soans side.

“Sir, Ive completed your task,” said Ivar.

“Good job.

I like smart men.” Himmel Soan nodded.

What Ivar said was mostly for him.

He was announcing his decision to Himmel Soan.

Of course, Himmel Soan knew what he was after.

Ivar wanted to protect his family.

“You can go to your wife and daughter now,” said Himmel Soan.

“Thats great!” Ivar was thrilled.

It was a pleasant surprise.

When his power was suppressed, he thought he was going to die and never see his family again.

This moment was so unexpected.

Ivar was about to leave when he heard a cold voice.

It wasnt loud, but it sounded like a thunderclap in his ears.

“Ivar, where are you going”

That was Thy!

His voice arrived before he did.


The front gate exploded into bits and pieces.

Thy walked in, looking furious.

He immediately noticed his son.

Lutons eyes were blank.

He was laughing with tears and saliva covering his face.

He seemed to have lost his mind.

“Luton!” Thy was infuriated by his sons miserable condition.

“Ivar, look at what youve done!” Thy bellowed.

If Himmel Soan hadnt been here, his roar would have struck Ivar unconscious.

“Master…” Ivar said hesitantly.

“Am I still your master” Thy laughed.

His frantic laughter filled the air.

A moment later, he stopped laughing and stared at Ivar.

“It seems youre a master of your own.

Ivar, how dare you cut off my sons arms!”

Ivar frowned, not knowing what to say.

He knew whatever he said, Emperor Baih wouldnt listen.

Thy would only think he was looking for excuses.

Ivar had no choice but to remain silent.

He had accepted his destiny.

“Thy, I told him to cut off your sons arms,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

He interrupted Thy, dissipating the energy he gave off.

Thy looked at Himmel Soan.

“Himmel Soan, Im impressed.

But you wont live to see another sunrise!”

Thy was overwhelmed by rage.

He was determined to kill Himmel Soan.

He threw his fist at his head, trying to punch him in the face.

Himmel Soan didnt try to dodge the attack.


Thy struck Himmel Soan, but something fell off.

His punch seemed to have hit empty air.

He missed his target!

Turning around, he saw that Himmel Soan was still in the same spot, but the man was unscathed.

How was that possible

Thy couldnt believe his eyes.

Although he didnt feel he hit anything, he was sure his fist went through Himmel Soan.

Why didnt he seem injured at all

“Did you think I would come here unprepared” Himmel Soan asked calmly.

“Fine, youre prepared! So what” Thy tried to strike Himmel Soan again.

Nothing changed.

He hit empty air again.

This time, he got more cautious.

He was an emperor, and he couldnt stand to be teased in this way.

No one could.

The next second, a dagger appeared in his hands.

“Himmel Soan, I dont care what kind of trick youre using! Im going to kill you!”

Himmel Soan frowned.

He could sense the divine order of things from the dagger.

It was definitely an extraordinary weapon.

He felt danger.

Immediately, he moved to the other side of the courtyard.

“So now youre dodging.

I thought you were going to stand there as before.

Still, you cant run away from me!” Thy snorted.

He thought Himmel Soan was only prolonging the moment before his death.

He didnt use this dagger when he fought Gina because it could bring severe side effects.

He hadnt used the dagger until now.

This man had cut off Lutons arms.

That was worse than killing him.

In his rage, Thy took out the dagger.

He was going to soak it in Himmel Soans blood.

“You cant run away from me!”

Himmel Soan suddenly heard Thys voice behind him.

The sense of crisis hit him again.

He moved away from the spot and rose above the courtyard.

However, Thy immediately showed up behind him.

What happened

Himmel Soan frowned and was perplexed.

Why could Thy follow him in an instant


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