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Thy looked at Lasul in disbelief.

He couldnt believe his ears.

What Emperor Soan He wasnt Emperor Baih anymore How was that possible

Thy refused to believe it.

“Believe it or not, youre stripped of your title,” Lasul said lightly.

He didnt care what Emperor Baih thought.

He was only here to inform him.

“Im stripped of my title Lasul, even Emperor Tzi cant say that.

What makes you think you can make that decision” Thy shook his head and deemed Lasul crazy.

Otherwise, where did that suggestion come from

Lasul was only Emperor Tzis offspring.

Even if he were to become an emperor, he would have to wait until the current Emperor Tzi retired.

Right now, he was just a young cultivator.

Where did he find the courage to say such things

“I see youve had a lousy upbringing.

Im Emperor Baih and your senior.

How could you talk to me like that Im going to teach you a lesson!” Thy threw a punch at Lasul.

He didnt know why he wasnt Himmel Soans match, but he believed he could definitely defeat the youngster.

He still couldnt tell what level Himmel Soan was at, but he did know he would never defeat him.

“Do you think so” Lasul drew his sword halfway before sliding it back into the sheath.

Thys arm fell to the ground.

“Thats the consequence of attacking me.

You offended me for the first time, but you used to be one of the eight emperors, so Im going to spare your life.

“If you do it again, Im going to cut you in half.

Is that clear” Lasul didnt even look at Thy.

In his eyes, Thy was no more than a clown.

If he didnt stop talking, he really would kill the man.

Lasul turned to Himmel Soan, trying to see his reaction.

Himmel Soan remained unperturbed.

He either didnt care about what happened or had anticipated it.

Thy was horrified when he saw his arm on the ground.

“Why… Why did that happen How can you be so powerful” Thys face was ashen.

He almost started doubting himself.

Himmel Soan seemed so ordinary, while Lasul was only a junior cultivator.

However, compared to them, he felt like an ant running into elephants.

Both men could kill him as easily as crushing an egg under their feet.

He was Emperor Baih, one of the eight emperors!

What was happening to this world

“Are you trying to save him in this way” Himmel Soan asked.

“Do you mind it” Lasul admitted it.

Since Himmel Soan had seen through his plan, there was no point in keeping it a secret.

Lasul said, “If you dont like it and still want to finish him off, I wont stop you.”

Himmel Soan said, “I do want to kill him, but not now.

Gina Zimmer is my cultivation partner, but youve banished and killed all the Zimmers.

I wont forgive you.

I can kill you now, but Im going to leave you to the Zimmers.”

Himmel Soan then grabbed a fork from the table and threw it at Thy, piercing his body.

Thy spat out a mouthful of blood.

A moment later, he felt his spiritual essence dissipating.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt absorb spiritual essence anymore.

If this continued, he would lose all the spiritual essence and become an ordinary person.

“What did you do” Thy glared at Himmel Soan.

He knew Himmel Soan was the cause of everything.

Thy used to be an emperor.

When the spiritual essence dissipated, he would be reduced to an ordinary guy.

He would never accept it.

“Isnt it obvious Back then, the Soans had their spiritual essence taken away and were thrown into the Dusk Soul Forest, werent they

“Youll now know how that feels.

“How does it feel when it happens to you” Himmel Soan spoke in an emotionless tone.

He didnt care how Thy reacted to his words.

He had destroyed the mans cultivation ability, and he only said those things to further disappoint him.

After Thy was taken care of, Himmel Soan looked at Lasul.

“Did Emperor Tzi send you here” asked Himmel Soan.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Are you sent here to kill me, or do you have other missions” Himmel Soan asked matter-of-factly.

“My Patriarch only sent me here to see what was going on.”

Lasul didnt lie about his mission, nor did he have to.

He trusted he was capable enough to handle any situation regardless of Himmel Soans attitude.

“Was saving Thy your own decision or Emperor Tzis”

Cutting off Thys arm seemed to be a reckless move, but Lasul was mainly trying to save him.

Himmel Soan wanted to kill Thy after getting the answers.

Lasul was hindering his plans.

“My Patriarch only asked me to observe.

The rest was my own decision.

Since you havent killed Thy, I think youve made a decision.

In that case, I dont think I need to say anything else,” Lasul said quietly.

He didnt think much of Thy.

Lasul and Himmel Soan spoke like two judges.

If they wanted to, they could kill Thy at any moment.

Himmel Soan nodded.

He had destroyed Thys cultivation, so the man couldnt do much.

He wouldnt mind if Thy died now.

If Thy survived, he would hand him over to Gina or the Zimmer family after he found them.

“Will it help you to keep him alive”


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