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Himmel Soan still didnt understand why Lasul tried to save Thy.

“With everything thats happening in Stelladom, itll be a pity to lose an emperor,” said Lasul with a chuckle.

“Ive destroyed his cultivation ability.

Thats as good as losing him.”

Himmel Soan was perplexed.

If Lasul didnt want to lose an Emperor cultivator, he should have stopped the fork.

Although he had the ability to intervene, he didnt.

He only stood there and watched.

If that was the case, why did he say he didnt want to lose an emperor

“If Thy dies, I cant bring him back.

But I can recover his cultivation ability at a certain cost,” Lasul explained.

A certain cost

It had to be very expensive.

Once a person lost their cultivation, it would be very difficult to get it back.

The price would be a lot higher than Lasul made it sound to be.

Even if they could get it back, that person would remain at that level forever.

They couldnt make any progress anymore.

Therefore, it wouldnt be worthwhile to make such an effort.

“Is he worth it” Himmel Soan asked.

“No, but Im still going to do it.”

Lasul wasnt making any sense.

Thy wasnt worth helping, but Lasul still helped him.

Why Why was he putting so much effort into this man What did he want

Lasul explained before Himmel Soan could ask him.

“Its not worth it, but Stelladom cant lose another capable cultivator.

That was why I stopped you from killing him.

I cut off his arm to appease you.

“After that, I knew you wouldnt try to kill him again, so I stopped intervening.

“I know you wouldnt stop there, so I didnt do anything when you destroyed his cultivation ability.

Thy deserved that punishment.”

Himmel Soan nodded.

He understood Lasuls plans.

The young man only wanted to make sure that Thy wouldnt die.

Although Lasul tried to keep Thy alive, if Himmel Soan wanted to kill him, Lasul wouldnt be able to stop it.

“You keep saying Stelladom cant lose another capable cultivator.

Whys that Is something going to happen Is that why Stelladom needs capable cultivators”

Himmel Soan analyzed what Lasul said, but he still needed a definite answer.

Lasul was the only one here who could give him that.

Judging by the mans tone and expression, he knew he could get some useful information.

“Yes, youve guessed correctly.

Since the surname Soan has resurfaced, it means our previous decision was wrong.

“Your showing up means the barrier is about to be broken.

Once that happens, other continents nearby will send people here, which will lead to unpredictable things happening.

“We need every capable cultivator to join hands.

They can make all the difference!” Lasul didnt try to hide anything.

He knew Himmel Soan was very capable, and it was only a matter of time before he found it out on his own.

The information wasnt top-secret.

He would definitely learn of it soon.

Therefore, Lasul told Himmel Soan why he protected Thy.

If he didnt give him a reason, he was worried that Himmel Soan might hold grudges against Stelladom.

“Do you think hes a capable cultivator” Himmel Soan was a little confused.


Soan, your capability is beyond my imagination.

Here in Stelladom, Thy is one of the best cultivators.

Hes a capable man by our standards.” Lasuls attitude was quite humble.

He couldnt detect Himmel Soans exact cultivation level.

That was to say, he was far more capable than him.

Lasul didnt feel this way even with his Patriarch.

Himmel Soan was a mystery to him.

“Other things aside, what do you know about the Zimmer family” Himmel Soan no longer cared about Thy.

That man was unimportant.

Instead of Thy, he would rather focus on Lasul.

He was from the Tzi family, and Emperor Tzi was the head of the eight emperors.

He was far more important than Thy.

Himmel Soan thought maybe he could learn more from Lasul.

“Thy has already answered that question.


Soan, do you not believe him

“Thats understandable.

I wouldnt believe him either.

However, he was telling the truth.

We last saw Emperor Zimmer in the Dusk Soul Forest.

“After Gina Zimmer disappeared, Thy took the opportunity and became Emperor Baih.

“If you still dont believe it, theres nothing I can do,” said Lasul.

That was all he knew.

He wasnt concerned if Himmel Soan would believe it.

Either way, it wouldnt make much difference.

“What about the Zimmer family” Himmel Soan asked.

Lasul frowned a little and said cautiously, “Thy killed them all.

He had replaced Emperor Zimmer, so of course, the Zimmer family was displeased.

As a potential threat, you can expect what would happen.”

Himmel Soan nodded.

In this cultivation world, people could get killed for a lot less.

There were no laws, and the toughest people always called the shots.

It was the law of the jungle.

If one were powerful enough, they could kill Emperor Tzi and rule Stelladom.

That was also why the Zimmer family was destroyed.

If the family members were capable enough, they would have lived, and the Baih family would have been destroyed.

Himmel Soan understood all that.

Since he was capable enough, his words became the law.

“Sir, what will you do next Will you break the barrier, or are you going to destroy the Baih family”

When Himmel Soan hadnt said anything, Lasul asked the question.

Himmel Soan thought for a moment and gave a surprising answer, “Ill go to the Dusk Soul Forest.

“Im not in the mood to break the barrier.”


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