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Everybody had made a mistake.

They all thought Himmel Soan was going to break the barrier because he was a Soan.

However, he didnt have that plan because he didnt need to.

His purpose was to find Gina.

Breaking the barrier didnt have anything to do with it.

If that could lead him to her, he would already be looking for a way to break it.

Now that he knew Gina had disappeared in the Dusk Soul Forest, he would search for her there.

Breaking the barrier was completely unnecessary.

Lasul was surprised for a moment.

He had made that same mistake.

“Are you not going to break the barrier” Lasul asked, feeling suspicious.

Himmel Soan shook his head.

“What good will it do to me If I wanted to break the barrier, I wouldnt wait for your permission.

“Ill leave Thy here.

After I find Gina, Ill settle my account with him.

Im not going to take his position and become an emperor either.”


Lasul was surprised again.


Soan had done a lot of unexpected things.

“But the divine order of things has already recognized you as Emperor Soan…”

“Ill change that order.” Himmel Soan looked up at the sky.

The divine order of things here had been avoiding him even now when he had become Emperor Soan.

It was still targeting him.

Himmel Soan would never become an emperor on this continent.

He didnt trust the divine order of things here.

“Change it” Lasul didnt seem as calm as before.

Himmel Soan had just said the most shocking thing.

He was going to change his destiny.

It was something that other people wouldnt even dare imagine, yet Himmel Soan just blurted it out.

Lasul was astonished.

“Ill just cut the string that links me to the emperors position!”

Himmel Soan took out the dagger and closed his eyes.

He sensed the string between him and the divine order of things.

Among the countless threads, he saw the one between him and Gina.

He was astonished.

He hadnt paid much attention to the dagger, so he didnt use it on himself until now.

Then he saw that string.

It was such a valuable piece of information.

The string was still intact, which meant Gina was still alive!

Moreover, she remembered him.

That was why they were still linked by the string.

“What a pleasant surprise!” Himmel Soan burst into tears of joy.

He got what he wanted!

Gina was still alive!

Before todays discovery, he had been wondering what he was after.

He wasnt sure if he could find Gina Zimmer or what to do if he couldnt find her.

But now, his purpose had just become specific.

He felt his life was back.

“Whats going on” Lasul was confused.

The man was talking about changing his destiny a moment ago.

Why was he laughing and crying now

Thy, who had been in a daze until then, woke up from his reverie.

The aura around Himmel Soan had changed.

Although he looked the same on the surface, he also looked like a completely different person.

He seemed to have one more thing on him—emotion!

Before, Himmel Soan felt like a machine that had no feelings or desires.

But now, he was longing for something.

As a result, his demeanor had totally changed.

“Im not Emperor Soan now.”

Lasul and Thy were startled.

Lasul frowned.

One couldnt simply decide not to become an emperor!

He couldnt believe his eyes when he studied Himmel Soan again.

The imperial aura had vanished.

Himmel Soan really wasnt an emperor anymore.

Did he voluntarily give it up

No, something like that was impossible.

The only possibility was what Himmel Soan had said.

He had changed his destiny!

“Lasul, keep an eye on Thy for me.

If he tries to harm my friends when Im gone, Ill look for you when I return.

Since youve kept him alive, take responsibility for him.”

Himmel Soan took Fireys hand and walked away.

Now that he had information on Gina, he didnt need to stay here anymore.

They didnt seem to walk fast, but they disappeared in a matter of seconds.

Lasul felt relieved.

He could tell that Himmel Soan was thinking about killing Thy before he left.

If he really tried it, Lasul could die in the process, too.

Luckily, nothing happened.

“Lasul, why did you cut off my arm Is that how Emperor Tzi taught you Why didnt you do anything when Himmel Soan destroyed my cultivation Why did you just stand there” Thy got hysterical after Himmel Soan left.

He blamed everything on Lasul and felt he was the reason for his downfall.

“Quite!” With one word, Thy stopped talking right away.

“So what if youre Emperor Baih Why cant I cut off your arm And youre not Emperor Baih now! Say one more word, and Ill kill you!

“Youre the reason that all this happened! So what if I didnt do anything Youre the weak one, yet youre blaming me.

“Im not as good-natured as my Patriarch.

Be careful.

I dont know what Ill do once I lose my temper!”

Every word felt like a dagger in Thys chest.

He was filled with rage, resentment, and doubts.

The mix of emotions overwhelmed him.

He couldnt understand why Lasul, a Mahayana cultivator, could make him feel intimidated.

He almost feared for his life!

“You dont understand Of course, you dont.” Lasul seemed to have read Thys mind.


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