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Soan!” Gordon didnt know what to do and couldnt bring himself to think about it.

If kneeling on the ground could do the trick, he would kneel.

The Soan empire had made great contributions to the country.

Without them, the technology of the country would become stagnant for at least two decades.

The country had improved greatly, but not all regions in the country were at the same developmental level.

The country was simply too vast.

It was impossible to cover all backwater regions and build roads and tunnels for them all at once.

The country still had a long way to go.

In one of the richest cities in the country, people indulged in wanton lives and spent their nights partying.

Some rich businessmen could spend a fortune at a time as if money was nothing.

Their cars were worth tens of millions, and their villas were ten times more valuable than that.

They also kept as many mistresses as they wanted… Whereas in the poorest towns, people still had difficulty in finding food and water.

Villagers there would need to walk for kilometers to get clean water, and their meals mainly consisted of wild plants and animals they could hunt.

Rice was a rare treat for them.

Moreover, they were surrounded by mountains, deserts, or infertile lands on all sides.

Every now and then, someone would fall off a cliff, and their body was never retrieved.

Talk about stark contrasts!

The average income was also a joke.

A 1.3m person and a 2.7m person had an average height of 2m, but that wouldnt give everyone a height of 2m.

Although the country had a high average income, that was the effect of the high-income levels in big cities.

The Soans had been guarding the country without advertising their good deeds.

They tried their best to help the common people.

Gordon and Henry knew that Himmel Soan was these peoples god.

Now that he was gone, these people had lost their will to live.

But they were more valuable alive!

The country needed them.


Soan, the country needs you! Please stay! Do you need the president to beg you”

But Drake wouldnt budge from his stance.

He was ready to accept his fate.

“Dont bother.

Even the president cant change anything.

General, you dont need to worry.

Well carry out the Patriarchs command.

Before were gone, well give everything we have to the country, including all our assets of the Soan empire.

You dont need to worry about that.”

“We dont need the money! We need all of you!” Henry Lang was getting angry, but he didnt dare to lash out at Drake.

There was a conflicted look on his face.


Soan, dont you understand If Mr.

Himmel Soan was still alive, hed have never let you do this!”

Drake nodded.

“I know he wouldnt let us, but its just like I said, Im not forcing anyone to go with me.

If anyone from the three divisions or the Soan empire wants to stay, they can tell me at any time.

Im only speaking for myself.

I wont push you into making any decisions.

Ill go wherever my Patriarch goes!”

Gordon and Henry looked at Warren, James, and the others with pleading looks in their eyes.

“Please dont go! Im begging you!”

“Please stay!”

Caroline smiled as she recalled the life she had shared with Himmel Soan.

“I wont change my mind.

Without my adopted father, I wouldnt have survived.

He saved my life, and he was the reason behind all my achievements.

Without him, theres no point for me to stick around! But I hope you guys can stay behind!”

She looked at the ordinary members of the three Himmelian divisions behind her.

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“Miss Caroline, dont say that! The Patriarch means as much to us as he is to you! Were nothing without him!”

“Thats right! We dont want anything! Nobody can change my mind!”

“Mine either!”

“Mine either!”

“Mine either!”

Gordon sighed when he heard their resolute replies.

But Henry Lang wouldnt give up.

He created a post that contained the information of all members of the three Himmelian divisions and asked the public to come up with ideas.

He only had less than two days.

Drake was waiting.

He was waiting for the road to complete.

And for the other members of the Soan empire to arrive.

“What My ticket isnt right Whats wrong with my plane ticket Helen Soan, thats my name!”

A chubby woman was making a scene at the airport.

Her international flight had just landed, and everything had been fine until she reached the customs check.

The official claimed that there was something wrong with her ticket and wouldnt let her go through.

“What the hell Let me talk to your superior! Heres my ID card! Do you see my name there Im Helen Soan! Cant you read I cant believe this! Why cant I prove who I am”

“Im sorry, Ms.

Soan, but you cant go through!” the official at the custom insisted.

Dragon Tribe members were guarding all the exits, and it was impossible to force ones way through.

In her anger, Helen grabbed her bags and suitcases and threw them at the official.

“Screw you! Im Helen Soan! Whats wrong with that Let me through! I need to be somewhere urgently!”

On any other day, she would have been arrested for creating such a scene.

If it was posted online, people would drown her with criticisms.

But today, the officials only smiled at her despite her insult and physical attacks.

They wouldnt let her go through the custom.

The country had forbidden anyone with the surname of Soan from entering.

It didnt just happen in the airports.

Similar things were happening in train stations as well.

“What the hell is going on Of course, my name is Frank Soan! My brother is Will, and Im Frank! What do you mean they dont sound serious enough What are you talking about! Let me in!”

“Im sorry, sir, but theres something wrong with your name.

You dont have a valid ID card.

Sorry, I cant let you in!”

Frank punched the man in the face.

“I AM Frank Soan! Let me in! This is urgent!”

The staff rose to his feet.

He wasnt angry and even bowed at the man.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Soan, but we cant let you through.

Please go back, or well have to lock you up by force and release you three days later! Its your choice!”

“Damn it! My ID card is fine! Youre doing it on purpose! Let me through! Let me through!” Frank charged toward the exit of the train station, but the members of the Dragon Tribe waiting on the side held him down.

There was a commotion, and two people took advantage.

Jumping over the fence, they ran off into the distance.

“Hey, stop them! Will Soan and Penny Soan have escaped! Stop them! We cant let them get to the sacred temple!”


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