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“Im a Mahayana cultivator.

Why cant I cut off your arm Youre an emperor who has faked his cultivation level.

For that alone, I can kill you!

“If the barrier cant be destroyed, Im going to kill you and apologize to Mr.

Soan with your head!”

Lasul had drawn out his sword.

Its blade was snowy white and as thin as a piece of paper.

Low-level cultivators would be injured by the sword energy just by looking at the sword.

It was Thys first time seeing Lasuls sword.

He was an ordinary man now, so he couldnt withstand the impact.

His eyes were bleeding, and he thought he was going blind.

When he opened his eyes again, Lasul was gone.

The courtyard was empty.

The once luxurious place had been turned into a ruin.

Thy knelt on the ground and held his son in his arms, unable to speak a word.

No one in the family dared come closer.

They all hid in their rooms and shut their doors.


A teenage girl dressed in white walked into the courtyard, holding a zither in her arms.

“Viive…” Thy wept when he saw Viive Baih coming in.

“Master, what happened to you” Viive burst into tears.

She couldnt understand why her handsome and talented master was in such a miserable state.

He was her faith and what she wanted to be one day.

She made a promise to herself that she would be as great as him in the future.

She would become an emperor.

However, she had just witnessed the worst moment in her masters life.

How could this happen

Viive felt as if she had been stabbed in the chest.

“Viive, play something for me.

Let me hear you play for one last time,” said Thy, feeling life leaving his body.

“Master!” Viive didnt know what Thy meant at first, but she soon understood.

Thy was dying.

He was going to take his own life.

He committed suicide!

Viive wanted to hold Thys body and cry, but she remembered his last wish.

He wanted to hear her play.

Putting the zither on the ground as tears covered her face, she plucked the strings.

A sad melody filled the entire Baih manor.

In the restricted area in the Tzi family, Emperor Tzis eyes opened.

Lasul had returned and was reporting to him everything that had happened.

Suddenly, Emperor Tzi said, “Thy has killed himself.”

Lasul frowned and blurted out, “Hows that possible”

He then covered his mouth.

The news came from the Patriarch, so it had to be true.

But it was so hard to believe.

Although Thy had lost his ability, Lasul had told him that he would be cured.

There was still hope.

Why did he take his own life

“Its because of his ego.

He might have faked his cultivation, but he was still an emperor.

“He has been struck by one failure after another, and neither you nor Mr.

Soan has taken him seriously.

He lost all his pride.

“He couldnt live with that, so he chose to commit suicide.

I never thought that would be his end.”

Emperor Tzis voice came out of the stone chamber.

Lasul understood why Thy killed himself.

However, he couldnt agree with his decision.

If he were Thy, he would have tried to take revenge.

But Thy wasnt him.

The man was already dead.

There was no need to say anything else.

Before Lasul could digest the piece of information, he was shocked once more by Emperor Tzis next words.

“The Baih family has a new emperor.

Shes Viive Baih, Thys pupil.


Soan turned down the position, so Viive inherited it and became the new emperor.

“The Baih family remains intact.”

That was what Emperor Tzi had sensed.

The Baih family still had an emperor, but it wasnt Thy anymore.

His disciple had taken his spot.

“Viive is only at the Virtualization stage.

How can she be an emperor” Lasul was perplexed.

“In special circumstances like this, the opportunity fell upon her.

However, the Baih family wont be very friendly toward Mr.


Emperor Tzi was concerned.

Things werent so complicated when Thy was still around.

With Viive rising to the position, everything became unpredictable.

“Should we talk to Viive” Lasul asked.

“It wont change anything.

She must be filled with hatred.

Thats also what drove her to the Emperor stage.

If talking worked, she wouldnt have made the breakthrough.”

Lasul frowned.

If that was the case, Himmel Soan and Viive were bound to have a conflict.

A battle between two Emperor-stage cultivators could result in severe consequences.

The aftereffects would spread over the continent, and Stelladom would be in chaos!

That was why Lasul saved Thy and tried to cure him.

He didnt want such conflicts.

Thys suicide would have affected the Baih family as well, but Viive became the new Emperor Baih.

Nothing happened when the new emperor rose to power.

“Just leave it be.

They can take care of their own affairs.

Our job is to look after the Tzi family and keep the Oogh family out of our way!”

In the Baih manor, the music had stopped, but Viives hands were still on the zither.

Her face was still covered by tears, and her black hair had turned snowy white!

“Master, Ill look after the Baih family for you,” Viive said in a trembling voice.

She held the zither and went into a trance-like state.

She knew she was the new emperor, but she didnt care how she became one.

She only knew who had killed her master.

Himmel Soan.

“I swear Ill avenge my master!” Energy suddenly burst out of her body.


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