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It was a manifestation of Viives determination.

The divine order of things had recognized it.

Infected by that emotion, all members of the Baih family knelt in her direction.

They chanted, “Long live Emperor Baih!”

Thy had died, and Viive had become the new Emperor Baih.

The news soon spread to all corners of the continent.

No one believed it at first and thought it to be a rumor.

However, nobody came forward to prove otherwise, which meant the news was genuine.

Himmel Soan heard the news as well, but he didnt think much of it.

Dead or alive, Thy had no effect on him.

He only wanted to find Gina.

Since Thy had offended Gina, he had destroyed his cultivation as a punishment.

Once he found Gina, he would let her decide what to do with Thy.

His death had saved Himmel Soan much trouble.

As for Viive, Himmel Soan cared about her even less.

If Viive wanted to take her revenge, he wouldnt stop her.

“Master, are we going to look for your wife” Firey asked curiously.

“Yes, but theres something I need to do before that,” said Himmel Soan with a nod.

Something else

“Are we going to get rid of Viive” Firey asked.

“Why do you think that” Himmel Soan didnt rush to give the answer.

Instead, he asked for Fireys opinion.

She should develop her own thoughts and ideas.

“Master, you destroyed Thys ability, and I think thats the main reason for his suicide.

Viive became the new Emperor Baih out of rage.

It means shes not going to let it pass, and her rage is directed toward you.

“Shes bound to be your enemy.

I think we should take care of her before she takes her revenge!”

That was Fireys opinion.

If she were Himmel Soan, she would have done the things she said.

However, she wasnt with him and couldnt decide for him.

Her opinion was her own.

“You make sense, but I dont think that way.

Although Viive hates me and wants to kill me, I have no ill will toward her.

Shes not trying to kill me now, so shes only a stranger to me.

“And I wont kill a stranger.

Firey, we dont kill innocent people; thats the most important thing!” Himmel Soan patiently explained to Firey.

He had noticed that since they came to this world, Fireys mindset and life philosophy had changed.

Rules on Earth werent compatible here.

To survive in this world, one had to adapt to the local customs.

Himmel Soan wasnt against it, but one had to have moral standards.

If someone killed innocent people and pillaged villages, they would be as bad as heresy cultivators in Himmel Soans eyes.

“Alright! I see!” Firey nodded.

She knew it was for her own good.

“Im going to fetch Lan and Frost because theyre both my pupils.

Im not afraid of Viive, but I dont think shell follow me into the Dusk Soul Forest.

I would hate to see her go after Lan and Frost.

Thats why Im making preparations beforehand,” said Himmel Soan.

Before long, they arrived at Elixir School.

Bandora was waiting for them outside the gate.



“Miss Cien, lets talk inside,” Himmel Soan said.

“Alright.” Bandora let Himmel Soan into her room.

“I presume you heard what happened.”

Bandora was going to make some tea, but he stopped her.

She had to sit down and get to business.

Himmel Soan didnt beat around the bush.

Bandora nodded and said, “I know Thys dead, and Viive Baih is the new Emperor Baih.”

“I caused Thys death.

Now Viive hates me and is trying to get back at me,” said Himmel Soan.


Soan, cant you subdue Viive Youre more than capable of doing that.”

“I can, but I dont have the time.”

He didnt have the time

Bandora found it strange.

Why didnt he have the time Was he on a mission

Even so, he could still use a fraction of his power to deal with Viive.

Even Thy had been defeated by him, so she shouldnt be hard to handle since she was just a new emperor.

Himmel Soan explained before Bandora asked, “Im going into the Dusk Soul Forest again.

It is such a big place that I dont know when Ill be back.

It wont be a surprise if I dont return at all.

Therefore, I dont have the time to handle Viive, nor do I want to.”

Bandora nodded.


Soan was going to the Dusk Soul Forest.

No wonder he said he didnt have the time.

The forest was so dangerous that hardly anybody came back alive.

Why would Mr.

Soan do such a dangerous thing

Was he trying to avoid Viive

Obviously not.

Himmel Soan said he could overpower Viive but didnt have the time to do so.

He was going to the Dusk Soul Forest, which meant he had an important mission there.

“Sir, why are you here” Bandora was perplexed.

If he had made up his mind, what was he doing here

“Its about Lan and Frost.

Theyre both my pupils.

Im leaving, but I cant take them with me.

Viive may come after them, so I hope Miss Cien can lend them a hand.

If something dangerous happens, please save them.”

Himmel Soan cut right to the chase.

Bandora chuckled after the initial surprise.


Soan, youre taking away all my geniuses!”


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