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“Lan and Frost are students of Elixir School.

Of course, Ill protect them.

With your reminder, Ill be even more careful.

“You have my word, Mr.


As long as Im breathing, I wont let Viive Baih touch them.

Trust me!” Bandora said earnestly.

Although Himmel Soan had taken away two of her most talented students, Bandora wasnt angry.

He was far more capable than her and had even driven Thy to his death.

She admired him wholeheartedly.

She thought it was Elixir Schools honor to have Lan and Frost become Himmel Soans pupils.

Of course, Bandora wouldnt resent the idea.

She felt like a mother who had married her daughters to a capable man.

Himmel Soan hence became affiliated with the school, and nothing could make Bandora happier.

However, if he went into the Dusk Soul Forest, he probably wouldnt come back.

That would put a lot of pressure on the school.

Bandora couldnt imagine what would happen then, but she had faith in Himmel Soan and believed he would return from the forest.

So much was at stake!


Im glad to hear that.

Ill leave my two pupils in your care.

To return the favor, I suggest you visit your library when youre free.

“Thats all.

Firey and I will be on our way.” Himmel Soan left with Firey.

He was going to the Dusk Soul Forest.

The earlier he got there, the sooner he would find Gina.

That was the most important thing to him.

He didnt care about anything else, so he didnt stay in Elixir School for long.

The library

Bandora was perplexed.

She couldnt see how visiting the library could be a way to return her favor.

The two things didnt seem connected at all.

She wanted to ask Himmel Soan what it was about, but before she knew it, he was nowhere to be found.

“In that case, Ill check out the library.

What did he mean by that though” Bandora murmured.

She then headed for the school library.

Once she was there, she looked around and was utterly confused.

Nothing caught her attention.

Everything seemed to be the same as before.

She asked the librarian, “Did Mr.

Soan tell you anything”

The librarian was confused.

At first, he didnt know who Bandora was referring to.

He had been living in the library and knew very little of what was happening outside.

He had no idea who Mr.

Soan was.

“Im talking about the young man dressed in white.

Hes been here quite often recently,” Bandora explained.

“Oh, him.

Miss Cien, whats this about Has he stolen our books” The librarian didnt know what was going on.

If Himmel Soan had stolen some books, he would be held responsible.

He wondered if that was why the principal was here.

Damn it! Why didnt I notice what he had taken Thats why I havent seen him for a few days! Miss Cien must have caught him! thought the librarian.

“Miss Cien, please forgive me! I didnt know he had stolen our books!” The librarian wanted to kneel.

However, what Bandora said surprised him.

“What books He hasnt stolen anything.

He could take whatever books he wanted to.

But I dont think he has taken anything.”

Bandora was confused.

Hadnt Mr.

Soan said anything to the librarian

If not, what did he mean by returning the favor

Bandora was lost in her thoughts.

“He hasnt stolen any books I was so scared!” The librarian was relieved.

He thought he was in big trouble, but as it turned out, nothing had happened.

He then recalled the principals question earlier.

Had that man told him anything

He couldnt remember anything in particular.

“That young gentleman never said anything.

All he did was read in silence.

We never spoke.

Theres something strange, though.

It only took him a few seconds to finish a book.

I told him last time that he would only gain a superficial understanding in that way, but he only smiled and said nothing in return.

“I ignored him after that because I thought with how he read the books, he wouldnt return the following day.

“However, he came back every day after that and flipped through more books.

He was such a freak!” The librarian complained about the young man.

He seemed to have forgotten that the “freak” was the Mr.

Soan that Bandora had mentioned.

Yes, he had completely forgotten about it.

He couldnt stop complaining.

Flipping through books

Bandora was intrigued.

She knew Mr.

Soan wouldnt do that for no reason.

He must be able to read one page at a time and have a photographic memory.

That was how he read and comprehended the books so fast.

But that wasnt the point.

She was here because Mr.

Soan talked about returning the favor before he left.

Bandora still hadnt found an answer.

Just then, a student came in to borrow a book.

“Miss Cien!” The student was shocked.

He hadnt noticed Bandora until he came so close.

Startled, he dropped the book in his hands.

“Wait.” Bandora looked from the student to the book on the floor and frowned.

She activated her spiritual essence and picked up the book without bending down.

She opened it to glance through it.

The student started trembling as if he had made the biggest mistake.

He didnt dare meet Bandoras eyes.

“What happened to this book” Bandora asked as she turned the pages.

“I dropped it by accident! Miss Cien, please forgive me!” the student said gingerly.

“Im talking about the words written in red ink on the pages.

Where did they come from”

The student immediately dropped to his knees, thinking that Bandora was angry at him.

“Miss Cien, please forgive me.

I dont know who wrote them.

They were already there when I picked up the book!

“I wasnt me!”


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