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The crowds attention turned to the boar.

“Oech, are you really roasting the boar”

“Are you sure about this Yes, you can cook the skin, but its hard to cook the entire boar!”

“Whats the matter with the girl How can she stand in the fire and not get burned”

“I didnt think the fire was real at first, but it is! I cant believe it!”

“I told you from the beginning that the fire was real and very hot, but you just wouldnt believe me!”

“Whos that girl She looks like a fire—”

The man choked before he could finish his sentence.

However, there was no one around him.

It happened so suddenly that everybody was shocked.

When the suffocating sensation was gone, the man gasped for air.

“What happened”

“Raimi, what happened to you”

“Are you not feeling well”

Several villagers asked him at the same time.

Raimi blinked and searched his memory.

He became panic-stricken and pointed at Firey.

“It was her! I called her a freak, and she did that to me!”

The crowd stumbled back in fear.

Was the girl really a freak She had to be.

She was standing safely in the middle of a fire!

Raimi almost got killed for calling her a freak.

“Guys, please calm down.

Shes Mr.

Soans daughter.

Theres no need to worry!” Oech tried to explain to the others.

“Soan Isnt that a forbidden surname”

“Where is there a Soan here!”

“Oech, youve been helping him! Dont you remember how we got here”

“If the eight emperors know what youve done, were all going to die!”

“I think we should kill the two Soans!”

“Kill the Soans!”

Things spiraled out of control.

Oech had called Himmel Soan “Mr.

Soan”, and the others all heard him.

He knew they wouldnt listen to him anymore.

Oech looked at Himmel Soan timidly, trying to find a solution.

Himmel Soan remained perfectly calm and didnt react to the shouts at all.

“Yes, Im a Soan.

So what Dont the Soans deserve to live” Himmel Soan smiled.

He had lived here once and had no intention of killing all these people.

The most effective way to convince somebody was to reason with them.

Killing would only create more chaos.

He chose to reason with these people.

“No, they dont!”

However, these people didnt want to accept his reasoning.

Just as they were going to charge at Himmel Soan, a wall of flames suddenly stood in their path.

“This fire is more than enough to turn you into ashes.

Will that make you behave” Firey tore a piece of meat off the boar and spoke to the crowd while chewing on it.

Her words were in stark contrast to her childish voice.

The crowd was astonished.

They were all cultivators and could sense the approaching danger.

They knew they would turn to ashes like Firey suggested if they tried to go through that fire.

No one dared to take a step.

“All the Soans are freaks! Youll only bring us disaster!” Raimi pointed at Firey and shouted.

“Ive warned you once, but if you keep insulting my daughter…” Himmel Soan smirked.

He didnt want to do anything at first, but Firey was his daughter.

He couldnt let these people insult her and call her a freak.

He warned Raimi one last time in this worlds way.

Raimi immediately looked away.

The man looked as fierce as a beast!

Raimi ran away with his tail between his legs, intimidated by Himmel Soan.

The other villagers also did the same.

Only Firey, Oech, and Himmel Soan were still outside.

“I guess the three of us will share the boar,” Oech said awkwardly.

He didnt expect to see this happen.

He had gotten along so well with Himmel Soan, so he couldnt understand why his fellow villagers wouldnt accept the man.

“I dont want to share with them, anyway.

Theres barely enough for me.

The last thing I want is to share with them! Im glad to see them all gone!” Firey angrily waved her hands in the air.

She had wanted to chase those people away, but having spent so much time with Himmel Soan, she had grown calmer than she used to be.

Even without him, she knew what to do.

The scene earlier proved how much she had changed.

“Good job!” Himmel Soan rubbed Fireys head.

He saw how much progress she had made.

She was no longer the impulsive girl anymore.

He was very pleased with her.

“Master, have some meat and tell me how my cooking is!” Firey dragged Himmel Soan to the roasted boar.

“The aroma alone suggests it must be delicious.

Firey, youre getting so much better!”

Himmel Soan only put a small piece of meat in his mouth.

He didnt have any desire for food because eating wasnt necessary to him.

He wouldnt starve if he stopped eating.

Firey was drooling.

She obviously couldnt wait to jump in.

Needless to say, Himmel Soan would leave all the boar to her.

After trying the small piece of meat, he complimented her cooking.

He then turned to Oech.

“Join us.

Its your game, but youre acting like a guest now.”

By the time they finished the boar, the sun had almost set.

Firey patted her stomach in satisfaction.

However, something was brewing in the village.


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