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Over on the other side, Elpins face darkened after Erp was gone.

He waved at someone behind him.

“You can leave now.”

Nobody answered him.

There was no sound.

It was as if Elpin was talking to empty air.

However, if one looked closely, one would see something moving in the darkness.

“That was boring.

I thought I could see some action.” Elpin turned the ring on his finger.

He then started drinking again.

He was like this for a reason.

Erp was his older brother, and the two of them grew up together.

He was supposed to be the next Emperor Oogh.

However, the previous emperor changed his mind and let Elpin take the throne.

The relationship between the two brothers got complicated.

Elpin was guarding against Erp all the time.

He had activated his ring because he needed to summon his weapon as soon as something happened.

The secret guards hidden in the dark were also capable enough to withstand an Emperor-stage cultivator.

Elpin had taken all those precautions because of Erp.

“Brother, I hate the idea of declaring war against you one day.

But if that day does come, I wont show you any mercy!” Elpin murmured, sipping his wine.

Erp returned to his room.

He unfolded his fan to examine it.

All nine poisonous needles were still inside.

He carefully removed them and soaked them in the poisonous potion.

“Brother, I know youre waiting for that day.

So am I!

“Lets see who will show his hand first!”

Erp then walked to the window and looked out.

He was already thinking about what to do with Bandora.

The war between the two brothers was inevitable, but it wouldnt happen now.

They wouldnt let their sibling rivalry affect other things.

Both of them focused on the big picture.

“Bandora and Elixir School.

Attacking the principal is too far a stretch.

Without a proper replacement, the pill supply will become chaotic.

We dont want to see that!”

To know if there was a suitable replacement for Bandora, he would need to run some investigation in Elixir School.

By then, the competition held by Elixir School was over.

If he wanted to investigate the school, he would have to make up an excuse.

What should he say

“How about asking Bandora to create some pills for me” Erp received a message after coming up with that plan.

“Bandora has gone into seclusion.

Hows that possible Why now

“It cant be a coincidence!

“Has somebody learned my plan beforehand Who could be the leak”

Erp bit off all his fingernails, but he still couldnt come up with an explanation.

It was so hard to believe!

He was almost on his way to the school when he received the message.

It didnt make sense.

Could Bandora read his mind from afar

Why the seclusion

Bandora was already at the Emperor stage.

Why did she need to cultivate in seclusion

“Has he leaked the news” Erp suspected his brother.

He had to.

It was too much of a coincidence.

Elpin was the only other person who knew he was plotting against Bandora.

He couldnt help but suspect his brother.

“I cant make trouble for Emperor Shwa, Emperor Zea, and Emperor Tzi.

The other emperors are our allies.

“Starwan Tower never gets involved in such things, so theyre out of the picture.

“Bandora is my only choice.”

Erp shook his head.

He took the needles out of the potion, inserted them into the fan, and flapped it in his hand.

The seemingly unintentional movement was the most lethal one.

Once the needles were in the fan, he would flap the fan to dissipate the smell of the poison.

Otherwise, other people could pick up the scent.

Even if they didnt know what was going on, they would become suspicious.

That was why Erp had the habit of flapping the fan from time to time.

Getting rid of the smell was only one of the reasons though.

By waving the fan, other people wouldnt pay much attention to it.

That way, he could fire the poisonous needles without arousing suspicion.

Erp had never done it in front of other people.

He had been saving it for Elpin.

He went to see his brother again.

Like usual, he called out before going in.

“Elpin, I need to talk to you.”

He then entered the hall.

“Youre back.

What do you need” Elpin frowned and felt uneasy.

Did his brother want to catch him off guard

He had just dismissed the secret guards and switched off his ring.

Right now, he was defenseless.

However, he knew he couldnt panic at a moment like this.

If he showed his fear, all would be over.

“Its about Bandora.

She went into seclusion.

You told me to make trouble for Emperor Shwa, but you know thats impossible.

“I was going to take care of Bandora, but like a coincidence, she goes into seclusion,” said Erp.

He sounded like he was concerned, but he was more focused on Elpins reaction.

“Seclusion Now Is it really a coincidence” Elpin was equally confused.

He had no idea what was going on.

He only learned Erps plan just now.

He couldnt understand it.

Was Erp suspecting him

“Yes, its such a coincidence.

We need to adjust our plan.

Lets find a way to influence Viive.

Shes much more useful than Thy.

Its easier than getting rid of Bandora.”

Elpin nodded.

“Ill leave it to you.”


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