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Erp spent the next month visiting Viive.

He tried to win her to his side, but she never took him seriously.

All she could think of was Himmel Soan, the man who had killed her master.

Apart from that, she also tried to run the Baih family.

Nothing else interested her.

She wouldnt even let Erp into the manor.

“Maam, Erp Ooh is here again,” said an elder.

“Why should I care I told you I wont see him!” Viive frowned.

She had insisted several times that she wouldnt see any visitors.

However, she kept receiving such reports, and it irritated her.

Seeing this, the elder immediately apologized.

“Maam, Erp is Emperor Ooghs brother and maybe the future Emperor Oogh.

He must be here for a reason.

Are you sure this is the right way to—”

Viive cut him off by raising her hand.

“Are you telling me to follow your order Do I look like I need your help”

The elder trembled and dropped to his knees.

“No, I didnt mean that! Its just… Your master used to have a close relationship with the Oogh family.

“Distancing ourselves from them now may not be the reasonable thing to do.

Maam, please think about it!”

Viive calmed down a little.

Her tone wasnt as harsh, but it was still rather cold.

“Do you know I can kill you for talking to me like that”

The elder nodded.

He wouldnt be a competent elder if he didnt know that.

However, it was his job to say these unpleasant things.

“I know youll listen to me, which is why I said it.”


I see.” Viives tone softened.

The elder was also her masters brother.

He was Thys closest sibling when he was still alive.

He was also like a teacher to her.

When she was little, this uncle was the one who taught her how to read and cultivate.

That was why she could put up with him for so long.

After an entire month, Viive finally had her rage under control.

She still had to kill the man who had killed her master.

However, she had received news that Himmel Soan had gone to the Dusk Soul Forest.

That man had to have a death wish!

She hated Himmel Soan, but she hadnt lost her mind.

If he wanted to get himself killed in the Dusk Soul Forest, she wasnt that crazy to follow him.

However, if Himmel Soan ever got back alive, she would go after him.

“Viive—I mean, Emperor Baih.” Erp walked in at that moment.

“Did you say that on purpose Viive asked coldly.

“Of course not! Im not that bold!” Erp claimed he didnt address her incorrectly on purpose, but he was deliberate.

He wanted to see what her cultivation level was.

He would negotiate if she was stronger than him.

If not, he would subdue her.

“Youd better be!” Viive snorted.

She knew Erp was probing her, but it wouldnt change anything.

She still had to jump into the trap.

If she didnt demonstrate her power now, he would consider her a weakling.

She was the face of the Baih family now.

Therefore, she would never show weakness in front of others.

“Dont beat around the bush.

Unlike my master, Im very straightforward.

Tell me why youre here.

If Im interested, Ill consider your offer.

Otherwise, theres no need to continue this conversation,” Viive said coldly.

Meeting Erp in person was already doing him a big favor.

If her uncle hadnt been convincing her, she would never have agreed to see him.

Erp was a little embarrassed.

He thought they could exchange pleasantries first.

But the other party was so straightforward.

Maybe that was better since he didnt have much to talk about with her.

“Ill get to the point, then.

The late Emperor Baih had always been close to the Oogh family.

Now that youre the new Emperor Baih, I thought I should drop by and see what your plans are.”

Viive said indifferently, “Yes, my master used to be close to the Oogh family, but what does it have anything to do with me

“Everybody wants something for themselves.

If befriending the Oogh family doesnt benefit me, why should I do it

“If you really want to talk, show me your sincerity!”

Viive rose to her feet.

Erp wasnt sincere, so there was no need to keep the conversation going.

She was going to leave.

“Maam, Im sure we can talk about it!” Viive was so blunt that Erp was taken by surprise.

She wasnt anything like her master.

Thy was a shrewd man.

He would stretch out a conversation and only give consent when he decided it was lucrative enough.

Viive wasnt like that.

She would walk away as soon as things didnt go her way.

How scary!

“Were not conducting business here.

The relationship between the eight emperors isnt maintained that way!

“I know the Oogh family has never seen eye to eye with the Tzi family, and there are two main forces.

You want to have more people on your side.

That means you need something from me.

You shouldnt talk to me like that!”

Viive had seen through everything.

She was very mature for her age.

Even Thy couldnt have handled it better.

Being young didnt mean she was lacking wisdom.


Ill get to the point.

You must hate Himmel Soan to your core, dont you” Erp gave her a knowing look.

Viive frowned.

She didnt like this feeling, but she had to admit she indeed hated Himmel Soan.

“He killed my master.

Of course, I hate him! What does that have anything to do with you”


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